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We guide them to the best restaurant or cafe to visit at their preferred area. Another reason which makes us unique is our listings are curated via a rating system by local food lovers who visit our domain.

Search Products. Search Dishes. Apart from the usual 9-course Chinese meal, or perhaps even ordering in a restaurant, there Map Of Steamboat Springs Restaurants is no doubt that Steamboat actually brings us closer together as family or friends. Each and everyone, putting in their favourite ingredients into soup the love most, sharing the joy and happiness together and finally, indulging into some sinful meat, fish, tofu and many more.

Furthermore, the are no limitations to what you can put into a pot of soup as the options are extremely wide. It ranges from the regular fish balls to vegetables, thinly sliced meat to seafood, some even a whole piece of chicken.

The question is, which steamboat restaurants provide the best steamboat? Thank you so much for the rating. Liked what you read? Like or share it to your friends! Facebook Twitter.

Got A Question? Ask Us. Tips Alcoholic drinks available but not included in the buffet pricing. Things to expect Tight and intense space with barely and room for walking. Fat One Steamboat buffet View restaurant No. Report this restaurant.

Lucky Sichuan Lucky Sichuan is widely regarded by patrons for its authentic Sichuan cuisine that are wallet-friendly too. Tips You can always ask to add the level of spiciness in your soup.

Things to expect Unique and authentic dishes. Lucky Sichuan View restaurant No. Yezi The Roof The steamboat here in Yezi will bring you a totally new experience as you dine on some of the freshest and quality ingredients.

Tips You can opt for an outdoor seating as well. Things to expect Warm environment and a spectacular view. Best Lemon Cheesecakes in PJ. Tips Might want to arrive earlier if you do not wish to wait for a table.

Preferably before 7pm. Slow service. Things to expect Pretty spacious place with a somewhat oily floor, good service and lots to choose from. Two Pesos Steamboat Two Pesos is one of the latest addition to the steamboat enterprise. Tips Arrive early, best before 6.

Things to expect Individual set steamboat with your own set of burner not attached to the table and pretty tight dining space. Tips Reservations and credit cards accepted. Things to expect A spacious place with pretty decent service. Sukiya No one can deny that Sukiya is one of the best, if not most commonly visited steamboat or shabu-shabu place. Tips Lunch is cheaper. Tips Unfortunately, the soup-base has to be paid for.

But we assure you, its worth it! Things to expect A clean and spacious environment with plenty of balls to choose from. Best with Cold herbal tea made in-house. Tips If you don't want to have your own individual pot, you have the option of sharing one instead. Things to expect The set portion could Steamboat Quay Car Park Names be more generous, but you could always order from the al a carte menu.

Tips It is usually crowded after pm. Tips There is a private room that can be booked. Things to expect Quick service and attentive staff. Red Inn Hot Pot What better way to digest your food to make room for more than singing your heart out? Tips There is a bar at the entrance of the restaurant if you feel like having a drink. Things to expect Car park is fairly easy to find as the area isn't a busy one.

Best with Meatballs they're homemade. Nuromen Cafe PJ All thing beef hotpot is one you will enjoy. Tips Crowded during dinner hours. Tips Cash and card accepted. Shabu Gion Shabu Gion offers authentic Japanese hotpot experience with fresh ingredients.

Yezi Steamboat does exactly what it says on the tin. Yezi, means coconut in Chinese. Inspired by a steamboat restaurant in Shenzhen, China, this steamboat place is attributed with their coconut-based broth in their bubbling pot! Definitely not for the faint of heart or stomach. Another all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant.

Just like The Garden BBQ Buffet Steamboat, this place excels not just at their big and bold hot pots- they provide grill and bbq methods too! Or to say, a combination of all the above. Be sure to dive into their wide arrays of BBQ meat, fresh-from-the-tank seafood and veggie skewers while waiting for the broth of your choice: either chicken or Tomyam broth to boil.

Shasa Shabu Steamboat is one of the modern steamboat joints in KL. You can tell by its refined interior, complete with a conveyer belt that snakes its way around the restaurant carrying more than 40 various ingredients, including 24 different styles of meatballs for you to conquer.

Their options for broth bases include Miso, Chicken, Herbal and Tomyam. Fret not! Their pork bone broth and duck broth are non-spicy and equally good too! Lots of sauces and condiments are provided too to accompany your selection of ingredients as well. This Hong Kong style steamboat place is right on the money. Think handmade fish balls, quail eggs, black fungus mushrooms, rice cakes and mussels.

Or a combination of the above boiled right into a delicious boiling broth of your choice. And for a small tip, try their milky white pork-bone soup, cooked for more than 8 hours before serving, totally palate-tantalizing. Check out the location list here. There are many another delicious steamboat restaurants in KL. Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comment below. If we missed out any good ones, feel free to suggest them to us too!

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This restaurant serves you the best steamboat menu so that there is no reason for steamboat lovers to look any further.

There are a variety of dishes that you can look out for and the service is truly exceptional. Another point worth mentioning is the New Zealand Lamb slices and Australia Beef slices you can feast on! Besides its established steamboat menu, you will be craving for their smoke duck breast and abalone slices.

These are among the famous mouthwatering delicacies here. At only RM20 per head, the quality of the food is surprisingly good, they have lamb, beef, and seafood such as squid, prawn and clam, all served in their signature tomyam udang soup. Most of them are made fresh and are acceptable by all ages. A perfect place for anyone who is looking to have a pleasant dinner with their friends and family. This establishment is a heaven for all steamboat lovers. Here, they serve diverse selection of fresh seafood, such as lobster, snappers, and siakap that is going to taste awesome in the steamboat.

The steamboat itself is good, but the grill ingredients that they offer can still challenge your tastebuds � this gives you something worthy to boast about this place when you pay a visit here. It goes without saying: come hungry. That cheese add-on gives so much flavour, with a creamy finish to your grilled food.

The next best steamboat in KL is undeniably Dragbit. You can also order up to two different choices as the steamboat bowl has two compartments to cater for that. Dragbit has everything that you would expect from a quality steamboat restaurant. The menu covers a wide variety of meat, vegetables and many other exciting dishes. You can choose to have your drinks to come in the tower form, they also serve western delight. This steamboat spot is a fuss-free, all-you-can-eat restaurant that serves a wide variety of steamboat ingredients and fresh seafood such as crabs, grouper, and even mantis shrimps.

Besides cooking your food in the broth, you can also opt to fry or grill your food. Do give them a try! If you are seeking fresh seafood steamboat, then you are on the right track. What surprises a lot of people here is the affordable price of the food they sell here.

From seafood items such as fish, crabs, prawns, clams, squid, jellyfish and many more. Additionally, they also offer a good selection of marinated meat, frozen products and vegetables. To compliment, 4 types of broths are available; chicken, spicy, super spicy and Steamboat Buffet Johor Bahru 90 tom yam.

Last but not least, an array of simple desserts and fruits are also offered. Having been around for over 30 years, you can always rely on Seoul Garden for your BBQ steamboat fix! They have a huge variety of delicious meat and seafood items to fill your tummy, with a wide assortment of soup namely kimchi, tomyam and ginseng. The highlight of Seoul Garden is its large variety of raw marinated meat ranging from common flavours such as BBQ Chicken to interesting flavours such as Coffee Chicken.

Going premium will let you have additional selection such as salmon, squid, lamb, and salami.

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