Free boat plans � Build your own Nigel Irens 14ft rowing and sailing skiff - Practical Boat Owner The full-sized printed plans mentioned in the articles are available for $50 from designer Chris Franklin at cpfwesterly@myboat344 boatplans and instructions for the Salt Bay Skiff are available as digital downloads of Getting Started #7 and Getting Started #8, available from The WoodenBoat Store for $ each.. Is there a boat you�d like to know more about? Jun 16, �� Designed for shallow, protected waters, the flat-bottom Lumber Yard Skiff is available from Walter Baron, owner of Old Wharf Dory Company in Wellfleet, Mass., as either a bare hull or a turnkey boat. He also sells plans for $ These , , and foot plywood boats (based on the Brockway skiffs) are simple, rugged and easy to build. Jan 06, �� I'm going to build a small wood skiff and have been looking at some plans. One I am interested in is a 14' flat bottom design. The max bottom width is /4", max beam is 42" and the sides are 12". From the transom the boat is straight for 8', then it starts the curve to the bow. I plan to use a 10hp motor and guess the top speed will be.

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My friend John modified a Salt Bay by installing airtight tanks along the sides to provide flotation in the event of a capsize or swamping.

Closed-cell foam blocks, tied down between the frames or under the thwarts would also keep the boat afloat. Sailing downwind in a good breeze is the fastest way to go, topping out between 4 and 5 knots.

What really matters is that it moves fast enough to feel like I can get somewhere. Keep in mind that much of it was bought secondhand or salvaged. The Salt Bay Skiff was easy to build, inexpensive, and car-toppable, but is also pleasing to the eye, and impressively functional.

But for those who own one, it often represents a first step into boatbuilding and boating. I could not think of a better companion for such a milestone. Torin Lee lives in Portland, Oregon, and wears a few hats at a local solar installation company. On summer weekends he teaches at the Willamette Sailing Club. He learned to sail in college, racing Flying Junior dinghies.

Have you built one that you think other Small Boats Magazine readers would enjoy? Please email us! We welcome your comments about this article. This was intolerable to a fishing addict like myself.

We covered it in epoxy-saturated fiberglass to make what has become the most-used boat in our collection. I have one in my barn at this time, but a friend built it, so I have no plans. I need a set of plans for the mast, boom, and sails, also names of sailmakers. Thanks, Jerry. Your email address will not be published. In his time, he was quite well It was introduced in Getting Started in Boats, Volumes 7 and 8, supplements to issues of�.

But conditions were worse than ever. The wind had continued to increase, and again and again I was knocked down, releasing the sheets and regaining control only with the utmost�. Spring is our time to recommission our fleet of four trailers, so I recently made the rounds to check the condition of lights, tires, axles, and bearings.

I found that�. The digital plans for the bandsaw include thorough instructions with over photographs, complete materials and cut lists, PDF print-ready, full-size templates of key parts, and Sketchup 3D digital models. The WS works quickly and is easy to use. The face of the horizontal sharpening wheel provides more sharpening surface than that of a vertical wheel system. The kit comes�. In , doctors discovered James had a vocal-cord cancer. Glottic cancers respond well to radiation treatment and are almost always curable, but the health scare was a wake-up call for�.

The MerryMac catboat tends to make the blood hum with a sense of adventure and challenge. Its owners claim that it has always been so since the first of about�. My trials in a local lake proved that the boat trailered, launched, and performed remarkably well.

The Tango Skiff has interesting hull extensions that create an attention-grabbing geometry aft of the transom. The additional running surface and buoyancy of the extensions appealed to me because of�. Inspired by�. Search for:. Photographs and video by Jay Hideki Horita of Outdoor Asian On the starboard side, amidships, you can see the tongue that holds the leeboard in place.

Share this article. Join The Conversation We welcome your comments about this article. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Adventures Lessons from Penobscot Bay But conditions were worse than ever. Technique Maintaining Trailer Bearings Spring is our time to recommission our fleet of four trailers, so I recently made the rounds to check the condition of lights, tires, axles, and bearings.

Related More Boat Profile. Boat Profile Albion Pacific Power Dory My trials in a local lake proved that the boat trailered, launched, and performed remarkably well. Boat Profile Tango 13 The Tango Skiff has interesting hull extensions that create an attention-grabbing geometry aft of the transom.

View All. It began production in with its foot Classic, and the boat is still going strong. The Royal Lowell design has plenty of freeboard for an added feeling of safety in the cockpit, and the round chine, full-keel fiberglass hull is rugged and seaworthy. The company uses Nida-Core construction for the deck and transom to give high-load areas extra strength.

The company offers many options, including a swing-back storage seat, quart cooler seat with brackets and cushion, bow dodger, and flush-mounted stainless-steel rod holders.

Long Point Tom Hill is well known among amateur wooden-boat builders who have used his plans to build a variety of small craft, including canoes, dories and skiffs. At a little less than 16 feet, the boat has high sides and a tall bow for added seaworthiness.

Hill recommends a hp Honda long shaft , and he cautions against overpowering the boat. The hp outboard drives the skiff along comfortably at 20 knots in the right water.

The topsides are constructed of glued lapstrake plywood, and the garboards lower planks are quite wide, facilitating the building process. Plans from Thomas J. Hill Design Build, Burlington, Vt. These , , and foot plywood boats based on the Brockway skiffs are simple, rugged and easy to build. The footer requires just three sheets of 8-foot meranti plywood, and Baron says he can finish a bare hull in about 40 hours. A tricked out footer would come equipped with flotation, a short foredeck, side decks, interior coaming, a center console, cedar floorboards, and a fiberglass-sheathed exterior hull.

Pulsifer Hampton Like the West Point Skiff, the diesel-powered Pulsifer Hampton is built using traditional strip planking construction with native white pine, oak and cedar custom-sawn and dried at the shop. Dick Pulsifer, owner of Richard S. Pulsifer, Boat Builder in Brunswick, Maine, chooses bronze, Monel and stainless-steel fasteners to assemble the foot hull, and a hp Yanmar 3YM30 to spin the big, four-bladed wheel.

At a cruising speed of 8 to 10 knots, the engine burns about a half-gallon of fuel per hour. The boat is built to take on open waters, within reason. Seaway 20 Seaway Boats started back in the s with a traditional lobster boat, appropriate for a company from Maine. Over the years, it has expanded its product line to boats up to 29 feet, including three versions of the Seaway Skiff, the 13, 16 and the These fiberglass boats are built with high sides and ample beam for load-carrying capacity, and they are available as a bare skiff or fitted out with a variety of optional features.

The Seaway 20 has a fine entry and flattens aft for better stability and handling, whereas the 16 is flat-bottomed and more at home in protected waters. Options for the Seaway 20 include storage seats, center console steering, casting platforms and leaning posts.

Hand wanted a boat with a tall, easy entry and moderate beam narrowing at the transom to provide seaworthiness and efficient handling at low and medium speeds. Designer Harry Bryan took the best from Hand and incorporated it into the center console Handy Billy 21 in Southport Island Marine in Southport, Maine, began building it in fiberglass in The Tohatsu 4-stroke is situated in a compartment aft with a foam-cored top to deaden engine noise.

The builder uses vinylester resin in laying up the foam-cored hull, and vacuum bagging assures quality. The hull design is typical of the Down East-style workboats built a century ago and also is available in a foot version.

Standard features include non-skid decks, center console, wiring for running lights and the bilge pump, and PVC rub and spray rails. Options include helm and console seating, integral fuel tank and dodger, among others.

The boats are custom-built to order and have a high level of finish to maximize aesthetics and reduce routine maintenance. The builder uses the cold-molded process, keeping weight down without compromising on strength. Layers of cedar veneer are formed over the mold and epoxied, then vacuum bagged. The skiff will easily plane when equipped with the recommended hp outboard. West Point Skiff Nichols Boat Builder in Phippsburg, Maine, is a one-man shop run by builder Richard Nichols, who uses traditional strip planking construction with custom-sawn native white pine and oak for his , , and foot West Point Skiffs.

Details matter to Nichols, so it can take about three months to complete an footer. The bronze fasteners and steam-bent, quarter-sawn oak frames are hallmarks of traditional wooden-boat building. The optional bronze steering wheel for the Teleflex steering system is a salty touch. The and footers are most popular. All models have a vee-entry and bottoms that flatten aft, providing stability and allowing for modest power.

Phone: Pulsifer, Boat Builder, Brunswick, Maine. Digital Boat Show. Under 40'. Vessels 40''. Boater's University. Marine Services. Great Lakes. International News.

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