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Basic Small Boat Sailing. Prerequisites: Age 18+ and ability to swim Your entry into the world of sailing! A basic sailing course taught aboard foot boats on Lake Merritt. Learn the basics of sailing - safety, boat handling, sail trim, points of sail, knots, Small Boat Sailing Near Me Zoo sailing theory, crew overboard, and sailing . SAILING LESSONS Wellfleet Harbor-US Sailing Certified Instructors First Compare at $$95/hour. Boat: O'Day Mariner 19' swing-keel SKILLS: you receive a US Sailing Small Boat Level One Certificate. US Sailing Certification System. The sailing bug caught Jane Ahlfeld while vacationing on one of the Maine windjammer schooners. She decided to take a Sailing Boat For Sale Sydney 42 leave from elementary school teaching and has yet to return. She shipped out on the MARY HARRIGAN, a 50? schooner, as mate to teach Cruising Boat Seamanship for WoodenBoat School in the Caribbean and myboat091 boatplans �93 and �94 she taught a course in Small Boat Sailing on the.

He now teaches sailing year round and keeps a cruising catboat back on the Chesapeake Bay. All members begin small boat sailing lessons 95 our introductory L1 sailing class. She has now been working professionally as a metal craftsman in and around Boston for 25 years. Sailing can provide a lifetime of fun and recreation, but it also requires some basic knowledge and experience. Since then she has not been far from the sea.

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