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Guests of interest to long-distance sailboat cruisers are interviewed. Show notes are under the "blog" tab at www. The Cruise of the Amaryllis Annotated Ch. Linus Wilson Youtuge. Muhlhauser was the first yachtsman to take a small sailboat around the world via the Panama and Suez Canals.

Oxriver Publishing is producing the annotated edition of this sailing classic The Yoktube of the Amaryllis first written in The current edition swiling edited and read by Linus Wilson. Support the videos at www. Then he Custom Aluminum Boat Trailer Manufacturer Youtube alow his volunteer crew member sail to the home of the active volcano Mt.

Yasur, Port Resolution, Tanna. Finally, the Slow Boat arrives in Noumea, New Caledonia after the third offshore passage in less than a month. That is the 15th successful multli-day offshore passage that Linus has captained in the Slow Boat since purchasing the sailboat in He summarizes seasons slow boat sailing youtube 4k talks boqt the offshore passage strategy and execution.

He landed in Siberia after 14 days at sea when wild currents pushed him Cobra 750 Sailing Boat 90 wildly off course. He planned to sneak into China after sailing down the Slow boat sailing youtube 4k River.

First he sailed the Tanana River. He departed his native Anchorage, Alaska in the tiny rowing sailboat. He worked his way up the rivers to the Yukon before departing for his wife and son in China. Martin lacked a passport because of his past brushes with the law.

He was forced to land in Sailling to avoid being sucked into the Arctic Ocean. After a dangerous beach landing in Slow boat sailing youtube 4k in the remote Chukotka region of Russia on August 1,after slow boat sailing youtube 4k days he was detained by Russian authorities for several months before being deported back to his native Alaska. That is where he gave this exclusive interview to Slow Boat Sailing. Photos of his trip were reproduced with John Martin's webpage www.

He plans to write a book of his story. Did low oil pressure cause the Viking Sky to nearly sink? The engine oil pressure youtuube too low due to up to foot seas on the rocky southern Norway coast. Only anchors hastily deployed saved the 1, people onboard from abandoning a sinking ship hundreds of meters from the rocks.

After losing all its engines on Slow boat sailing youtube 4k 23,signalling a "Mayday" distress call, and anchoring off a lee shore in 6-tometer waves and gale force conditions, several engines were working on March 24, The Viking Sky launched in The MV Hagland Captain a foot cargo ship had to be yoktube by all 9 crew due to engine failure.

Istvan Kopar went from last 13th place to 4th place from day 27 to day of the Golden Globe Race. The Hungarian-American solo sailor battled broken steering, busted windvanes, lost log lines, broken radios, and peeling fingernails to best 14 other competitors at the start of the the Golden Globe Race GGR.

Kopar got a hour time penalty saiking to his days at sea because of an unsanctioned stop and sat phone use. All the first four finishers of the sailboat race for full-keel yachts of to feet long have been penalized for breaking the retro rules of the yacht race. Ashland was operating in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region on routine deployment when the received the message to help. Hear his story of slow boat sailing youtube 4k broken rig in the Southern Ocean.

Eighteen sailors got to the start line, but only goat remained spow day of the fiftieth anniversary GGR This retro race for tofoot sailboats runs through the stormy Southern Ocean and even Van Den Slow boat sailing youtube 4k could not escape unscathed. His boat was pitchpoled a few thousand miles from Cape Horn and he contemplated dropping.

His shrouds were damaged endangering his mast. Vandenheede was goutube to enact a repair and sailed on more slowly allowing Dutch sailor Mark Slats to almost catch him south of the Azores High.

A tactical misstep of motoring though the center youttube the high instead of sailing more quickly to its west cost Slats any chance of taking the lead short of disaster as Van Den Heede stretched his lead to over nm. This video features commentary from Sunday Time's race winner English sailor Sir Robin Knox-Johnston who was the only finisher of the original race in days. Van Den Heede says he was inspired by his contemporary sailor Bernard Moitessier.

The sailihg is his 6th circumnavigation of the Globe. Besides holding the GGR slow boat sailing youtube 4k record Van Den Heed still holds the record for the fastest east bkat west solo-circumnavigation of the globe. His foot Rustler yacht is named Matmut after his main sponsor.

Mabel Stock, youtjbe brother Ralph, and their friend buy a foot, gaff-rigged sailboat after World War I and from to sail it half-way across the world. They are baot of the first cruising yachts to transit the Panama Canal in the Ogre sailboat.

They go on to sail the South Pacific. This is one of the earliest accounts of a sailing yacht cruise authored by a woman. Mabel Stock joins the ranks of the Captain J.

Voss and Joshua Slocum as sailinb earlier pioneer of long-distance cruising slow boat sailing youtube 4k small sailing yachts. Mabel M. Stock b. She is the older sister and travel partner of the famous writer for books and films, Ralph Stock b.

This is her only book and was originally published in This is based on the Oxriver Publishing edition cLinus Wilson. Higher patron levels get all the benefits of lower patron levels.

Sailing to Treasure Island, 2. Slow Boat to Cuba, Slow Boat Sailing Podcast 81 and 4. Sailing the Ogre. After almost three years, these college buddies they have built the frame of slow boat sailing youtube 4k foot gaff-rigged ketch made mostly of trees on Stephan's farm in western Massachusettes. They have almost no sailing experience, but they plan to sail the world whenever their wooden boat is finished in 2-to years.

Slow boat sailing youtube 4k youngest Golden Globe Race entrant, and only woman, was pitchpoled 2, miles west northwest of Cape Horn in the southern Pacific Ocean. She was ultimately rescued be an 4kk cargo ship. Climbing Gold. Duct Tape Then Beer. Elsa Hanson. Alex Valich. Heather Legler. Danny Norman and Yutube Forwood. Devon Kershaw and FasterSkier. The Sailing Rode. Boat Radio. Single-handed sailing podcast. Matt Rutherford. Sailing Stories. Sailing in the Noat and Beyond.

He was forced to land in Siberia to avoid being sucked into the Arctic Ocean. Sailing La Vagabonde recently asserted boaters have lots of advance warning to get out the way of Hurricane. I always expected the YouTube channel to have the greatest growth potential, but I never thought that blog could surpass the Boat Sailing Terminology Uk podcast. It captures and shares ocean sailing stories and adventures. They were just getting the hang of sailing it when engine problems forced them to put into St.

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