Front page - Skeeter Boat Center BASS BOAT COVERS BY NATIONAL BOAT COVERS. National Boat Covers is the #1 online retailer of bass boat covers to fit all sizes and styles. For bass boats ranging in size from 11 to 29 feet long, National Boat Covers always offers a variety of high-quality covers in a range of price points. Anglers Edge Marine is an international Marine Dealership Based in Pennsylvania. Anglers Edge sells boats at a flat rate with no commission for private sellers and yacht brokers around the globe. We have a nearly 30 years in the industry and specialize in high end pleasure and sport fishing boats. Our reputation online says it all about how we operate. Great boat, originally bought the boat with a EFI, but after the first time on the water brought it back to Bass pro Shops and had them repower with the Optimax, then I changed the prop from the original 24 Laser to the 25 Tempest, what a difference, gained 10 mph.
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Gatorglenn - IN. Caskey B - IA. Geno - OH. Hunter - AR. Bassgod - OK. Bassmann - NJ. Chasbeaux - LA. Redeyefighter - IN. Springcraw - AR. Drivingmad44 - MA. Decot - OH. MinnKota Huck - OK. Fro - NC. RDStalder - TX. Wayne P - VA. JerryC - NJ. Toofuss - IA. Humminbird electronics, MinnKota TNBrown - TN. Polenhand - MA. Lowrance electronics, MinnKota TM. Cajunboy92 - LA. Duroc - LA. Trash Boat - NH. Merc prop, Lowrance electronics, MinnKota JeremyT - NC.

Action Andy - ON. Logan - AL. NHBill - NH. Cha - IL. Lowrance electronics, Motorguide 46 TM. Rgomulinski15 - FL. Alexanderapearce - GA. Ken P - Manitoba. Royjroptimax - CA. Jfielder67 - OK. Tracker - KY. MinnKota I-Pilot Terrova. Vapor - TN. Mike H - CO. Enrico - PA. John T - LA. Boats - VA. MinnKota Power Drive u2. Gale M - AR. DLeblanc - LA. Rob - IL. Lowrance 51, Motorguide Bruce P - TN. Merc prop, Humminbird , Motorguide TM. Diode01 - CA. Tk31 - TN. Motorguide Derob - GA.

Bob R - VA. Rebel - MN. Motorguide 46 TM. Kevin - LA. Jarvis - TX. K3ithrtaylor - MA. Gobrowntruck21 - OH. H20 Hammer - WI. V18 Allfish. X51 at bow, Motorguide Will do 44 mph with 1 person and empty. Chris J - NC. Pro Team Spiffey - NC. Thruster TM. Team Adcahb - FL.

Stock prop, Humminbird , Lowrance X47,. Sandav - PA. Pro Team TXW. Motorguide Pro Trailer takes. Trolling motor a little. Shesasassy - NC. Phuccinnutt - ON. Tournament V Have spare. Spdrcr - GA. Pro Crappie Cheech - IL. Not a fast boat nor is it big. Wish it had bigger decks. Stores, tows easily and fishes two. Has 13 gal. Would be nice to treat this boat to better electronics.

Lowrance C, Motorguide Pro. Travis - NH. Lowrance C, Motorguide Pro Jim R - NH. Bassoholic - KY. Merc SS prop, hydraulic jackplate, Lowrance.

Trevor - Sask. Highly recommend this boat to any diehards that can. Amazing on rough. Dwanash - MO. Yellowviper - WI. PT Way under. I recommend switching to a 24V. Rico G - PA. Bought it new with a 90 Mer and had the opportunity. Have been on some big water with it and it takes its.

I would like to know if anyone. The Garmins. Dan - KY. Lowrance X47, MinnKota 12V. TboneBob - CA. I need to. Chris - MN. George - South Africa. Michael V - ON. Starting to think I need a new ride. Skip - ON. Deep V Robrote - DE. Deserttrout - CA. Combo by Tracker. Will pay a. John C - TX. MMaveal - MI. V Spec.

Great outfit, just like it came from the dealer. High Five prop, Humminbird electronics, MinnKota. Lunker-R-Us - MA. Good luck to all and happy. Black Max. Joec - GA. Wide View, MinnKota Maxxum. Lunkers-R-us - MA. BBC and new to boating. Bass fishing for quite a few. This site is fantastic with lots of information and. Mike - TX. It is a Tracker 23 fiberglass cuddy cabin It is a beautiful boat but I can't find any info. Mike B - KY. Tournament V. SS prop, manual jackplate, Eagle depth finder.

Fishingman - AL. I am guessing the speed in the low. Manual jackplate, Pinpoint , , Motorguide. Crappieciller - MI. Pro Series.

Pro Series Deputydawg - TN. ProCrappie Humminbird electronics, Motorguide Bubsbaitbox - AZ. Pro Only a demo ride on. I have questions connecting. Humminbird electronics, MinnKota PowerDrive. Trackervin - CT. Humminbird Spivy30 - WI. Waterfoul - MI. Maxxum Lowrance X, Motorgude DCRich - KY. I will step up to a longer boat one day, but for now this. Fish - IL. Tournament TX. Old boat completely redone and sure knows. Benny M - AL.

FMJ - NH. Lowrance electronics, Motorguide TM. Flounderhead59 - IL. I want to change it to a jet and hope the 50 will be.

The only reason I have a 17" prop is the. Scott - GA. MinnKota Edge Gstepp22 - WV. Would like. Any and all help would be. Lowrance X96, Motorguide 46 , 42" shaft. Kickbasskid - DC. No complaints except. Pandpfarms - CO. Julius - GA. Kenny P - AR. Dan - MO. With gear and warmer weather I only.

Eagle electronics, Motorguide TM. JGBasser - IA. Chris - NJ. The sensor. Garmin Andy C - ON. Outdoorsman75 - IL. Ryan - NJ. MinnKota Powerdrive Sawblade - GA. MinnKota 55 AT. DC - CO. Humminbird C, Motorguide Aaron - OR. No choke in sub zero, great running. Just a little shy compared to some of the big. Grapeape87 - IN. The existing one is starting to dry rot and. Bassplayer54 - CA. Pro Team TX. Ronamyth - NJ. GlobalMap Joe - LA. The main one in.

There is a 3-way aerator switch on the instrument panel. Humminbird , Matrix 27, M27, Pro ,. Chatter-rat-l - MD. Raker prop, jackplate, Humminbird Pro Angler,. Superchugbug - CA. Charles C - Australia. Las Vegas, a personal import into Australia, a top. Had a minor. I mounted motor to 2nd. I don't know. Michael - VA.

Good little. Luvmymerc - MO. The 2nd trip out. I got the boat so cheap that I. I rebuilt the XR2 myself,. Now it runs like a scalded dog and. This is the 6th or 7th boat I have owned. Blayman - NY. SCSims - KY. Humminbird , Motorguide Josh - PA. Rickgudnason - TX. Polebrother - CA. When there's only one person in the boat. When there are 2 or 3.

Have worked with the dealer but. Has anyone. Brent N - MN. All my. Gets a little scary running out in. People always look at me funny at the.

Kinster - WI. Handles rough water well and is nice. It's the standard package from. Track with a Merc. It runs 49 mph on the GPS.

I'll be updating the trolling motor a little weak for my. Stock prop, Lowrance X67C. Bummerbaits - SC. Runs about WOT with the 50 Merc on it. Just found some cracks in the hull, so hopefully I can. RoyS - FL. Is there any way to keep water from. Rapture prop, Lowrance X47, Eagle Fishmark ,. Motorguide TM. First was a. Added a stainless prop, first time out was satisfied with. Wide open seemed a.

Some minor issues after. BCar - NY. Keeps me. I fish tournaments with it and have never had a. Some things are now starting to wear. Very happy. Merc prop, MinnKota Pat M - CA. Pro Guide V No leaks! Need info from those who have added. Collins - MS. I filled the boat with water. There is also a leak in the center of the hull down. Can somebody please tell me how to fix these.

Billvet6 - IN. Powerdrive 70 Univ. I have been well. Jim S - DE. Motorguide 24 volt Gr8shot - SC. MinnKota M TM. CXL1 - WI. Boat has been fish a lot including annual 10 day trips. This boat has been good. William - VA. Motorguide Pro Series Dlctcg - CT. Lowrance X47, Motorguide TM. MinnKota Deckmate 40 anchor system. Aluminum prop, Motorguide TM. Wells 3 - IN. Basstracker 3. My father bought it new. I have added. Spent three days polishing the aluminum. Have completely. Tweaked it a little to get.

I need a new windshield, the one. After that, the only thing. I love the old boat but a 16' is not. I'm gonna buy a nice used 18''. I get compliments every time I take. No one can believe how nice my Bass Tracker.

Bassin Fool - NY. Dry ride in ruff water all around a. I've had mine now for three seasons. I've beat it pretty goos on the. I've got my dents and scrapes. I can't understand why you don't see. GregH - MD. MinnKota AT Steve - NY. Rehlers - OH. Turbo prop, Eagle Magna, Eagle , Motorguide. JasonR - AZ.

Tomsandy - ND. Pro Guide Factory prop. It first. Mark - CA. Cracked hull and cracked. Now it leaks again, same weld. Tracker is taking it back for. Silvereagle6 - MO. Motorguide X54 TM. Humminbird Wide Paramount, Humminbird ,. Zipfour - AL. MinnKota 50AT. Now, problem is the wood. Would like to. Tracker under that "Limited Lifetime Warranty" on the. Bigdawg - WI. ProTeam I love fishing from the big platforms front. Eagle Fish Easy 2, Humminbird Tourney ,. Tournament FS. Until I saw it.

Has dual console, dual livewells, all the. If anyone else has a boat similar to this let's. StephenDawg - IN. MinnKota AP Pro Deep-V The boat has 2 people and tackle.

The motor will top out at rpm. It also runs as loud as a 2 cycle motor and. Is any one. Deltafish - CA. It is too heavy. Causes the back to sit too low,. Other than. Jeff - TX. Standard Motorguide is a little weak,. Will drain. Jeff - MI. Anyone else. Where can I find. Jerred - SD. Motorguide 48 TM. I have had many problems with it. I've gone through 3 cranking batteries all.

My dash cracked once while under. My psi. My bilge pump. Tracker is in the process. There are many nit-noid problems,. I'm trying to find out if my Sterling Center Console Bass Boat Rate problems are isolated or if. Please e-mail. Dan - TN. Debated for some time. Power Series - was not pleased with hole shot or top. Now, no comparison, tremendous increased. I am very. Joe - PA. Larry - TX. Crazedfisherman - OH. Deep V Motor is mounted in 2nd bolt hole. I use it. It by no means is the fastest boat on the water but it.

For an aluminum boat you can't. Wendell - WV. Minnkota autopilot. I stripped it to bare aluminum. I am happy with the. I feel it gets me to the fish quieter and less.

It also. I added a Macks. This will help. I would. Hgmeyer - IL. Boat is setup for multi-species fishing, used for bass. Courtland - NC. Elken - ID. Tracker Pro 60 TM. I like the all-welded. Revolution hull. Mitz - RI. Really the only things I would like. Other than that. Humminbird electronics, MotorGuide TM. Mtn Raider - NC. I have replaced both solenoids and it still takes spells. Have to swap connections to raise motor when. Humminbird, Garmin Fishfinder ,.

Joval - OK. Fishes well,. Basstracker 34 - MN. Guide Special V Minnkota 50 PD Bow Mount. Got it 5 years ago. It was a big step up. CaptJack - OH. Pro Team SE. Very pleased with the engine performance and smooth,. These bars come pre-installed and are bolted to the inner frame of your back rest behind a removable, upholstered panel.

This will prevent damage to the fiberglass. Line the seat cushion up with the installed back rest and determine the spacing between the seat and back rest. The hinge that is attached to the bottom of each seat cushion allows you to adjust the seat forward or back depending on the depth of your platform.

There is a matching vinyl piece that is installed with each hinge, determine the location and screw the hinge and the vinyl to the platform. The vinyl piece will hide the aluminum hinge once it is installed. If you have a center fold down seat, determine where you want it to mount and install it with the attached hinge and vinyl piece just like you did with the bucket seat cushion. Remove the attached stainless steel mounting bolts with a phillips head screw driver.

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