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Wherever you go, opting for a weekday lunch buffet will save you a lot of money. All-you-can-eat hotpot buffets are typically expensive on weekends.

Shi Li Fang used to be my favourite budget steamboat haunt� until they started charging for dipping sauces. For bigger eaters, you may need to top up with some ala carte meats. The ala carte portions are way more generous.

I like the non-spicy specialty chicken meat and prawn paste. Popular soup bases include ma la and tomato, and you can top up a few dollars for the chicken collagen soup.

Shabu Sai is chain with 6 outlets located in shopping malls all across Singapore. They have a decent selection of meat and vegetables, and aside from the usual sukiyaki and tonkotsu, often have seasonal soup flavours. They recently hopped on the collagen hotpot bandwagon � collagen soup is served as white puddings that melt when placed over rot thai buffet steamboat and grill 201. Here, you can choose from 7 soup bases, which include the popular collagen, tom yum and even bakuteh.

There are also cooked dishes like salted egg popcorn chicken, fried mochi and Korean wings. Hao Lai Wu is rot thai buffet steamboat and grill 201 closest to a hawker centre, but even though it is not in a mall, it is a restaurant.

Judging from the many online videos and photos of the impressive seafood selection, rot thai buffet steamboat and grill 201 seems like a really good deal. There are fresh prawns, clams and even mud crabs! Although the general food selection is not the best, Suki-ya is another one of my favourite cheap steamboat restaurants.

I particularly like the sukiyaki soup and chicken meat. After 6. Suki-ya is also currently on Eatigo, which offers discounts during off-peak hours. Terms and rot thai buffet steamboat and grill 201 apply. Since Rot thai buffet steamboat and grill 201 Garden is a casual Korean restaurant, it makes sense that the soup bases include the spicy Kimchi Jjigae and milky Saengseon Tang fish soup.

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Would come again next time! Where can you enjoy the best value buffet in Singapore? Tomatoes soup is a must order. Expect to see people indulging in the delicacy all year-round. Raw ingredients are pre-sliced into thin sections that will cook quickly and consistently in the simmering broth, which is maintained at a gentle boiling temperature. Cuisines: American , Cafe , Contemporary, Soups.

Main points:

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