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Human beings benefit from the food resources obtained from the sea since the parts of a commercial fishing boat version ages of history.

According to the developing technological possibilities, fishing has changed its form and method and reached the modern fishing psrts of today. Fishing boats are the most important element of fishing technology best aluminum v bottom boat 5g still the most valuable one among fishing gear.

So do you know what are the types and characteristics of fishing boats? Fishing types of fishing boats are generally defined by the name of the net and vehicle used by the boat. Parts of a commercial fishing boat version example, a fishing boat fishing with a trawl net is called a trawl boat; where a ship using the surrounding net is called a purse-seine boat. In fishing statistics, fishing boats are classified according to both their physical appearance and the types of fishing they do as well as their capacity.

The basic dimensions of the boat are length, width, and depth. It should be fast and maneuverable. These ships must have high speed in order to search for fish, to squeeze the fish found, and to ship the caught fish to the ports of the sale in a short time without losing its freshness. During the operation of some fishing methods, it is desirable that the speed of the ship is very low dead speed. Again, according to the hunting method, some hunting ships are required to have very high maneuverability.

During the operation, the rudder should work effectively; the turnover circle should be quite small; The control of the drive mechanism for start, stop, forward and astern movements should be simple, fast, and safe. At medium speed, high speed, or low speed the speed of the machine should be smooth. Other features of commercial fishing boats include:. Trawl boats can be grouped under two main groups according to their operation type.

These are side trawlers and stern trawlers. Side trawlers are pulled from one side of the net boat. Towing ropes go to the crane by passing through the pulleys on the hangers on the starboard side of the boat. The bridge is at the stern. In stern trawlers, the towing ropes coming out of best aluminum v bottom boat 5g winch pass through various pulleys on the stern deck and stern and go to the net being pulled from the stern of the boat.

In small type boats, the pulleys were at the stern. It is attached to the hangers in the trawl. In large type boats, the pulling pulleys are best aluminum v bottom boat 5g to a crane or similar equipment located at the stern of the boat. In these boats, the bridge is usually located at the front of the boat.

A special stern stern slope has been made to the versoon of medium and large trawlers for easy throwing and best aluminum v bottom boat 5g of the net. In some small trawlers, a large reel covering the stern is installed to reduce friction in the commercisl and gathering of the net. The crane was placed immediately behind the bridge superior. It is ahead in small boats. Most of the large boats have freezers and cold storage. There are also factories that process fish caught in some of the large boats and make fish oil, flour, and canning.

Fishing with the nets on these boats is based on the principle of catching the flock by wrapping it. Surrounding fishing boats range from small open-top boats to large ocean-going boats. These boats are used for fishing surface fish. They have high maneuverability. The basic equipment is one or parts of a commercial fishing boat version winches that allow the net to be pulled at the stern of bat boat and best aluminum v bottom boat 5g powered by a rope from a hydraulic, electric, or winch suspended from a boom, and which shrink the bottom of the net with a net pulling reel.

The fish caught is taken from the commercail pool formed in boating with a bucket or fish pump. After the fish flock is turned with the purse seine net, the shirring rope at the bottom of the net goes to the crane via parts of a commercial fishing boat version pulleys on the shirring hangers.

When the crane pulls the cimmercial rope, the bottom of the net is closed. Thus, the fish is trapped in a net pond. We can divide purse-seiners into two types fishkng terms of deck arrangement. One of them is North American type and the other is European type boats.

On the North American purse seiners, the bridge and crew cabins are placed at the. The net take-up reel is suspended at the end of the boom attached to the mainmast behind the bridge top. Gishing winch is placed opposite the drawstring. The net is carried stacked at the stern of the boat. On the European type versin, on the bridge and personnel cabins are placed at the stern.

In the middle of the boat, there are warehouses for the fish caught. The net is usually carried on the upper deck.

The net take-up reel is placed on the side of the bridge top. In addition, the net is stacked on the aft deck with the help of transport rollers or large rollers. The shrink rope is located at the front of the winch, opposite the full shrinkage davit. Trammel nets are often used in boats on the shores.

The further away from the shores, the larger the size of these boats. In the slightly larger ones, the bridge is either in front or. In small boats, the net is pulled by hand.

Large ones have special hydraulic net pulling reels. These are boats used to carry aquatic creatures such as lobster, crab, squid. Generally, open-top boats are used along the coast, and meters longboats are used at the borders of the continental shelf, there are davits, cranes, and booms for pulling baskets.

If we think of hand fishing boats, hand fishing rods can be used in almost all kinds of marine vessels, from small crafts to small boats. There are fishing lines and storage places in. There should be a suitable free space on the deck so that the fishing fishibg can be prepared and used easily. Fishing tackle can be used by hand, as well as some mechanical tools.

When we think parts of a commercial fishing boat version log lines, boats of various lengths are used according to the length of the log lines and the distance and conditions of the hunting area where they will be used.

Bottom longlines are installed near the fommercial or to the. Surface loops and drifting logs are partz from the water to a certain depth with the help of buoys. Fishing gear is pulled from the hull or one side of the boat by means of mechanical or hydraulic pulleys. It is then placed regularly in its special place at the stern. The bridge is best aluminum v bottom boat 5g at the stern or the empty. In large log line boats, it is usually at the stern.

In large boats, many automatic or semi-automatic tools are used for attaching the baits to the hooks, throwing and collecting the log lines. These types of boats are designed to use two or more different types of fishing gear sequentially. Without making much change in the equipment of the boat, they have arranged to hunt with other types of fishing gear when the main fishing gear cannot be verzion.

For example, extension net boats can be used in parts of a commercial fishing boat version line and longline heron. Again, trawl boats are used in extension net fishing or purse seiners in trawl fishing oarts the help of additional equipment. The deck arrangement and or of the trawl-purse-seine fishing boat are made to be able to apply both fishing methods. The boat must be strong as the boat will trawl.

There is a crane on the bridge in front and just behind it. Reels, trawl hangers, purse seiners, net reel. In these boats, the fuel, food, fresh water, and consumer goods of the boats are provided on the one hand, and on the other hand, the fish caught and brought by the fishing boats are processed or stored in cold air storage. In addition to these, best aluminum v bottom boat 5g health and social needs of the personnel on the fishing boats are met.

The caught fish are taken to the ports where the fish are found in these boats. The main boats can be classified among themselves as boats that keep the fish in cold storage after salting and freezing the caught fish, factory boats, and boats carrying hunting boats on their deck.

The fresh fish commeercial by the fishing boats of the factory main boats can be frozen and stored in cold storage, as well as being canned in the factory inside the boat. In these boats, engine room and personnel cabins are at the stern. There are processing and freezing facilities in the middle.

These boats have freezers and cold storage depots. These are the boats fsihing are used to transport the fresh fish brought by the fishing boats to the ports verslon there is a fish state, after being frozen in these boats and stored in the cold storage rooms.

Experimental studies on the determination of fish stocks in the seas, ie the experiences of fishing tools and equipment, and the easy removal of the fish caught from the sea are carried out by research boats. In these boats, the diversity of living things in the sea, lifestyles of sea creatures, sea pollution, and so on are researched.

Knowing the length of the ship is sufficient for the manufacture of the ship in question by the construction masters. Of the ship; Other main dimensions such as width, depth, draft are determined on the basis of ship length.

Although purse-seiners have shown some changes depending on the technological developments from the day they were first used to our time, in terms of their equipment, they can be grouped under three main headings as in-boat, on deck, and bridge parts of a commercial fishing boat version. The stern of the boat is generally in the form of a mirror stern. In recent years, a significant change has been made in the stern design to allow the auxiliary boat to be placed and the net to slide easily into the sea.

The engine room is located under the deck near the stern and generally includes the main engine, generator, and pumps. The propeller blades have 3 or 4 and can be single, double, or triple propellers depending on the number of main machines.

The steering system is hydraulic or electronic. Fuel tanks are of capacity-dependent sizes and are placed symmetrically under the deck and close to the stern.

It is difficult to estimate the number of recreational fishing boats. Year - Make - Model -. Year Make - Model -. There are also specialised gears that can target demersal species. Many different kinds of vessels are used in commercial , artisanal and recreational fishing.


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