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The boat is a 1-man boat but it takes 2 to load and unload it. The handles in the front are great but there are no handles on the back and the bottom is smooth (slips easy). After scratching it up on the concrete, I decided to purchase a small, cheap trailer by Haul Master to handle it.� It's sturdy enough I can throw my cast net for bait off of and I don't have to worry about other boaters wetting me or flipping me over while on the water. Harris Cruiser Series Pontoon Boats | Smaller Pontoon Boat for watersports or fishing. Benefit from advanced design in a compact form with our Cruiser series pontoon boats. Select features and accessories for watersports or fishing.� We manufacture a full line of mini pontoon fishing boats that range in size from 6 to 16 feet. Compact pontoon boats built with aluminum welded sub-frames. Small Pontoon Boats Small Boats Jon Boat Boat Dock Gone Fishing Fishing Boats Fishing Tips Catfish Fishing Plywood Boat. Personal Pontoon Lil Sport Pontoon Boats Mid Mini Pontoon Boat Compact Small Aluminum Marine Inflatable Rescue Bass Crappie Catfish Fish Pontoon Boat For Fishing And Tubing Recipe Trolling Lake Front Pond River Fishing Fisherman Private Personal. Inflatable fishing pontoon boats have enjoyed great success over the past 30 years. There�s some exceptional models to choose from that are well suited to still water fishing trips. They needn�t cost the earth either. Even buying new you�ll get an excellent 8-foot fishing pontoon with many accessories, and importantly � a comfortable seat, for only a few hundred dollars.� Due largely to the rocker-shape of these one man pontoon boats they are extremely agile. Apart from catarafts, these fishing pontoons have less of the tube in the water per foot of tube, which means less water resistance. The reduced resistance means that it�s possible to turn in a tight circle, allowing we fishermen to quickly position ourselves in the right spot for the hot action in the water.

Check Latest Price. Boat Safe is a community supported site. We may earn comission from links on this page, but we have confidence in all recommended products. An inflatable pontoon boat is a must-have accessory for avid anglers, waterway explorers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

But which one should you buy? Inflatable pontoon boats come in a wide range of sizes, with different designs and features, geared towards very specific tasks. The vast majority of these inflatable boats are designed for fisherman, with comfortable seats for long hours of fishing, rod holders, and ample stowage space. Some are designed to accommodate an outboard motor, others have oars.

So which one do you need? Classic Accessories is a great go-to brand for outdoor vehicles and recreation equipment, and though the brand is more famously known for their outdoor furniture covers, they know a thing or two about manufacturing tough and durable pontoon boats.

One of the best options in their range is the Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat. Designed for solo fishing trips, Fishing Boat Manufacturers Youtube the Colorado has everything you need, including ample storage space with a plethora of mesh pockets, adaptable rod holder mounts, a sophisticated anchor system, detachable patches, a foldable padded seat, comfortable foot rests, and a motor mount with two positions to make the most of your trolling motor.

Built from 9 ft pontoons, this single-seater watercraft has a lb capacity and more than enough space for casual trips. The frame is a constructed from powder-coated steel tubing, and the pontoons are built out of heavy-duty abrasion-resistant PVC and Nylon. This boat is ideal for avid fishermen who want a sturdy and reliable inflatable pontoon boat that sits high in the water and comes with a reasonable price tag.

Next, we have a more compact inflatable fishing pontoon boat from Classic Accessories. This is the Roanoke model, a small and lightweight 8 ft pontoon boat made from strong and sturdy materials and equipped with a no-nonsense attitude. Based around a powder-coated steel frame and supported by two PCV and Nylon pontoons that can withstand high heat and extreme cold, this compact pontoon boat has everything you need. It rides high in the water for added visibility, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a comfortable ride with a high vantage point�all at an incredibly low price point.

The Outcast Fish Cat 13 is an excellent inflatable pontoon boat for two people. This two-manned vessel is tougher and more durable than many others on the market, suitable for more dangerous conditions and stronger currents.

Other cool features include a motor mount, optional oar types, and a swivel chair. All in, this pontoon boat weighs a total of lbs. In short, this is the premium version of the already successful Colorado model that we mentioned above. The actual pontoons are manufactured from PVC and Nylon, with rot resistant threads and reinforced critical seams. What makes this boat special is the abundance of special features. These include 20 pockets or storage, drink holders, a six-way-mountable rod holder, a two position integrated anchor system, removable storage and gear bags, a stowable transport wheel, bladder repair kits, brass oar locks, a two-position motor mount, and a padded swivel chair.

This is a premium product, but a great option for those who want a practical, versatile, and long-lasting inflatable pontoon boat. Arguably one of the best inflatable pontoon boats on the market is the Sea Eagle Frameless Pro. Instead, the boat features a U-shaped pontoon with a fabric floor. The lack of a frame makes this pontoon boat incredibly light and easy to transport.

The clever hull design allows the boat to have a maximum capacity of lbs. The Frameless Pro features a degree swivel seat, two rod holders and mounts, raised oar locks, and a motor mount that can accommodate engines of up to 3 horsepower. The Cumberland Float Tube is a compact tube that consists of a hydrodynamic shaped hull made out of a U-shaped pontoon. It features a high chair for improved visibility and comfortable boating, and a wide range of comfort and fishing accessories, including zippered cargo pockets, drinks holders, two rod Single Person Pontoon Fishing Boat Us holders, a seat-back pocket, and a large mesh storage platform.

Manufactured from a strong PVC and mesh material, the Float Tube is tough enough for most types of casual fishing and moderate weather conditions. Altogether, it weighs only 14 lbs. Our next offering is another product from Sea Eagle. This inflatable pontoon fishing boat is a deluxe model kitted out for two-people. Manufactured from Denier reinforced PVC and held together by a unique and patented folding aluminum frame arrangement, which is strong enough to carry up to lbs and provide more than enough stability for standing or sitting.

Equipped with a casting bar, raised oar locks, four rod holders, and carry handles, this could be the king of all pontoon boats. It can accommodate a 3 horsepower gas engine for those who require motor-assisted power, and the whole thing can be assembled in just under 10 minutes. Manufactured from a strong and durable blend of PVC materials, with AireCell vinyl, the Fish Cat IR weighs in at only 68 lbs but has a maximum load capacity of up to lbs.

The standing area is constructing from a piece steel frame that feature a small chair and a lean bar for casting whilst standing. The Bucks Bags brand name has been developing quality outdoor products since Bucks Bags have got a number of excellent inflatable pontoon boats in their collection but we like their High Adventure 9-foot model best.

The spacious cargo deck houses a battery well, a dual anchor system, and motor mount, with plenty of room for all of your equipment and gear. All in all, it can accommodate a hefty maximum load of lbs. In fact, it takes less than 30 minutes to put together and can collapsed down in no time at all. It is heavier than other offerings on this list though, with a weight of lbs. Still, it is much bigger than others. Inflatable pontoon boats can be inflated and deflated easily, and the frames can usually be assembled and deconstructed in minutes.

The most common users of inflatable pontoon boats are anglers who prefer to fish from the middle of the water rather than being restricted to the bank. If you need space, a larger decked boat will be ideal for you. However, if you need something small and compact to navigate smaller waterways, a small single-seater might be best for you. Similarly, if you prefer to cast whilst standing, a dedicated fly-fishing pontoon will suit you best.

Wildlife photographers, Pontoon Fishing Boat With Motor Pump ornithologists, and waterway explorers can all benefit from the easy maneuverability and stealthy nature of a pontoon boat. These smaller boats are easy to transport, and fast to assemble and disassemble. The majority of them are designed with plenty of pockets and storage space, with rod holders and other fishing accessories.

Some even have motor mounts for trolling motors. A 2 man inflatable pontoon boat is a great choice for those who prefer to fish with a friend. In fact, most anglers leave these fully assembled and trailer them to their destinations. They offer greater stability and durability, and can accommodate larger motors.

This kind of inflatable pontoon boat is better suited for more serious anglers. While almost all inflatable pontoon fishing boats are portable, there are some that are designed specifically for quick assembly and easy transportation. These kind of boats can easily collapse down into a carry bag and can be carried on your back. These boats are great for fishing in really remote places, but that portability compromises a lot of features.

Fishing float tubes are not inflatable pontoon boats, but there are a couple that are tube-pontoon hybrids. These hybrids feature a U-shaped pontoon with a chair for the angler to sit in, with their legs dangling in the water.

The tube is powered by leg power, with the angler kicking to steer and power the craft�though some have oars and oar locks. These are great boats for calm, flat waters, and for anglers who want something small and hassle-free to cruise around the water on.

Almost all pontoons used on inflatable pontoon boats are manufactured from heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant PVC materials which have been designed to resist the extremes of hot and cold weather, and endure any potential risks of being submerged over long periods of time.

Many pontoons are also treated with a strong outer layer of Nylon for added protection. The internal air-bladders are tough and durable, with punctures rarely being reported.

The only thing we recommend noting when it comes to buying a pontoon boat is how the materials are bonded together: with glues, thermo-bonding, or sewn. The majority of low-cost inflatable fishing pontoon craft have a deck that is supported by a metal frame. Cheaper options use powder-coated mild steel, which is strong and long-lasting but weighs quite a lot.

More expensive choices may feature an aluminum frame, which is lighter and more durable. These frames are usually designed to be slotted and fitted together easily for quick assembly and disassembly. Aluminum frames are even better, but usually more expensive. Some argue that the best inflatable pontoon boat type is the frameless kind. Instead, they have a series of extra air bladders that support an inflatable deck.

The extra air allows for a greater maximum load capacity, and the lack of a rigid frame makes the boat more maneuverable and durable in white water conditions. Plus, with no frame to assemble, it makes storage easy and improves portability. The downside is the price. These are more expensive, but they are worth the extra expense.

Here are some of the often overlooked features that fishing pontoon boats can have that might be useful to you:. Luckily, most personal pontoon boat models have plenty of pockets available, and special recesses and storage areas. Some pontoon boats come equipped with degree swivel seats to give you unfettered access to your surroundings, allowing you to fish and cast wherever you want to, without any hassle.

A swivel seat might not seem like much, but it could drastically improve your fishing experience. Rod holders are must have inflatable pontoon boat accessories. Multiple positing setting are more desirable. Make sure to check before buying! Safety first! Even if your desired pontoon fishing boat has a motor mount, be sure to check that it can accommodate your motor. Many small one man pontoon boats can only handle a trolling motor of up to 3 horsepower, so do check the specs before investing. Lastly, make sure you check the dimensions of your pontoon boat.

Ask yourself if it will easily fit in the trunk of your car, or whether it will fit on your trailer. Pay attention to the sizes and make sure you can easily transport and store your new boat.

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