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Nitro Bpat The standard carpeted hatch between the bucket seats provides for easy passage to the aft fishing deck. Nitro Z The large hatch in the center of the aft deck opens to access the oil injection tank, batteries and charger.

The Nitro Z20 maximizes fishing space with a sq. The Nitro Z20 can diy jon boat launch 500 packaged with a hp outboard ttailer the base package or for guys who want to go big, she can have a hp basw clamped to the stern. The Nitro ZV 18 pictured above in heavier conditions.

Notice how the deep V hull design cuts through the chop while keeping passengers safe and dry. Nitro ZV The gallon livewell holds guidew removable baitwell bucket pictured. Nitro ZV The integrated cup and tool holder next to the helm station is a clever feature that offers easy access to essential gear.

Also note the volt power adapter located bqss next to the tool panel. Nitro ZV The third additional seat in the back not only folds down nitr can also be relocated to another desired location in the cockpit. Notice the additional pedestal holes on both the sole and the aft casting deck.

Nitro ZV The built-in three-tier rod holder with organizers is held up by two gas assist arms. Notice on the hatch that the hardware contains dual locks on each side for security. An indent on the bulkhead is hand sized and allows the operator to easily lift the hatch without pinching fingers. She has a freeboard of Nitro ZV Added storage is found directly beneath the portside console.

We like how the builder incorporated a footrest for boatt ergonomics and comfort. Also notice how the patented net holder slides through the front bulkhead holding the net securely in place. Nitro ZV When all hatches are closed a flush raised platform that at traiiler two bodies can comfortably move around on is created.

Nitro ZV An optional self-draining bow cooler is available on the port side with a removable tray for easy access and disposal. Nitro ZV The builder designed diy jon boat launch 500 recess on the foredeck for the trolling motor foot control, increasing user stability. We also like that nitro bass boat trailer guides bow panel not only contains a trolling motor receptacle, but an anchor light and trim switch.

Special new 2-piece mounting bracket for I-Beam trailers. Trailer Winches. I've been at ramps you wouldn't believe like one that was so narrow, you had to load and unload at an angle AND it was shallow. These guides are attached to your trailer and help guide your vessel onto the trailer to avoid wear and tear on your boat and trailers and avoid costly accidents. Fuel Systems.


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