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Login New User. Sign Up. Coass Password? New User? Continue with Google Continue with Facebook. Gender Male Female. Create Account. Already Have an Account? You also saw how print culture created the possibility of new forms of literature.

In this chapter we will study the history of one such form � the novel � a history that is closely connected Ncert Solutions Class 10th Outcomes Of Democracy Text to the making of modern ways of thinking. We will first look at the history of the novel in the West, and then see how this form developed in some of the regions of India.

As you will see, hitsory their differences, there were many commonalites of focus between novels written in different parts of the world. Page 2 Ncert class 10th history notes llc, Society and History Novels, Society and History Histroy VIII Novels, Society and History In the previous chapter you read about the rise of print culture and how new forms of communication reshaped the way people thought about themselves or related to each.

India and the Contemporary World The novel is a modern form of literature. It is born from print, a mechanical invention. We cannot think of the novel without the printed book. In ancient times, as you have seen Chapter 7manuscripts were handwritten. These circulated among very few people. In contrast, because of being printed, novels were widely read and became popular very quickly.

At this time big cities like London were growing rapidly and becoming connected to small towns and rural areas through print and improved communications. Novels produced a number of common interests among their scattered and varied readers. As readers were drawn into the story and identified with the lives of fictitious characters, they could think about issues such as the relationship between love and marriage, the proper conduct nvert men and women, and so on.

The novel first took firm root in England and France. Novels began to be written from the seventeenth centurybut they really flowered from the eighteenth nores. New groups of lower-middle-class people such as ncert class 10th history notes llc and clerks, along with Ncert Notes For Class 10th Sst the traditional aristocratic and gentlemanly classes in England and France now formed the new readership for novels.

As readership grew and the market for books expanded, the earnings of authors increased. This freed them from financial dependence on the patronage of aristocrats, ncert class 10th history notes llc gave them historh to experiment with different literary styles.

The novel allowed flexibility in the form of writing. Walter Scott remembered and collected popular Scottish ballads which he used in his historical novels about the wars between Scottish clans. The epistolary novel, on the other hand, used the private and personal form of letters to tell its story.

Initially, novels did not come cheap. They were supposed to set the standard for proper behaviour Ncert class 10th history notes llc � Written in the form of a series of letters Page 3 Novels, Society and History Novels, Society and History Chapter VIII Novels, Society and History In the previous chapter you read about the rise of print culture and how new forms of communication reshaped the way people thought about themselves or related to each.

They were supposed to set the standard for proper behaviour Epistolary � Written in the form of a series of letters Novels, Society and History issued in six volumes priced at three shillings each � which was more than what a labourer earned in a week.

But soon, people had easier access to books with claws introduction of ncert class 10th history notes llc libraries in Technological improvements in printing brought down the ncert class 10th history notes llc of books and innovations in marketing led to expanded sales.

In France, publishers found that they could make super profits by hiring out novels by the hour. The novel was one of the first mass-produced items to be sold. There were several reasons for its popularity. The worlds created by novels were absorbing and believable, and seemingly real. Besides, novels allowed individuals the pleasure of reading in private, as well as the joy of publicly reading or discussing stories with friends or relatives.

In rural areas people would collect to hear one of them reading a novel aloud, often becoming deeply involved in the lives of the characters. They rushed out to the parish church and began to ring the church bells!

Magazines were attractive since they were illustrated and cheap. Serialisation allowed readers to relish the suspense, discuss llc characters of a novel and live for weeks with their stories � like viewers of television soaps today!

New words Serialised � A format ncert class 10th history notes llc which the story is published in instalments, each part in a new issue of a journal Fig. Libraries were well ncert class 10th history notes llc. Year Round.

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Chapter 4: The Age of Industrialisation. These questions are designed to test the students' knowledge and give them a chance of self-assessment by analysing their weak areas.

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