CBSE Syllabus for Class 10 Science is provided here for students to know the prescribed topics, examination details and components of internal assessment for th. NCERT Class 10 Science Syllabus is the stepping stone to exam preparation. It provides a brief introduction of the units, chapters covered and time allocated for each unit. Science being a vast subject requires a proper strategic plan for study. So, it is crucial that as the session begins students must go through the syllabus. Here we have provided the latest NCERT Class 10 Science Syllabus for academic year. Most of the questions in the Class 10 Science exam are asked from the syllabus itself. So, while studying students must stick to the syllabus and refer to it every time.� We have provided the NCERT Class 10 Science Syllabus in PDF for free downloading. Student can click on the link below to get the syllabus PDF. Download NCERT Syllabus for Class 10 Science PDF. NEET Chemistry Syllabus - Candidates can download NEET Chemistry Syllabus pdf from this page. It has been released by NTA online at myboat085 boatplans� Candidates can check NEET chemistry syllabus covered in Class 11th from below. Unit 1 � Some basic concepts of Chemistry. General Introduction � Importance and Scope of chemistry.� Unit 10 � Haloalkanes and Haloarenes. Haloalkanes: Nomenclature, nature of C-X bond, physical and chemical properties, mechanism of substitution reactions. Optical rotation. Haloarenes: Nature of C-X bond, substitution reactions (directive influence of halogen for monosubstituted compounds only). Uses and environment effects of � dichloromethane, tri chloromethane, tetra chloromethane, iodoform, freons, DDT.

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