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The Boating Navigation lights for boats battery powered github. Navigation Lights Battery Draw. Thread Tools. Received 9 Likes on 3 Posts. Just wondering, in general, how long you can keep navigation lights and a standard pole anchor light on before your battery will run. I currently have a "dual use" battery in my boat.

I have a battery tester tool, so I guess I could experiment, but just wondering, in general, naviggation much a battery can. View Public Profile. Send a private message to TurboDan. Find More Posts by TurboDan.

Senior Member. Likes: 8. Received Likes on Posts. Re: Navigation Lights Battery Draw. Why would you have your nav lights on if the engine was not running? The anchor light white would typically be the only light left on You would have to see what the wattage of all of the navigation lights for boats battery powered github left on to calculate how long it would take to drain a batt This question and your sigpic makes me think that you might just be a blowboater - fess up.

Send a private message to Elusive. Find More Posts by Elusive. Likes: Plan to do some night fishing, but also drift in the ocean nattery fireworks. I suppose I could keep the engine navigation lights for boats battery powered github at all times, but it's a 2S, so the noise is sometimes an issue. Send a private message to Flot. Find More Posts by Flot. Received 3 Likes on 2 Posts.

Lights will last a long time. I was out for two nights in my navigation lights for boats battery powered github boat for Columbus Day. When I navigation lights for boats battery powered github to go home Sunday the engine cranked right up. It was a little slow to start, but it did turn. I did have two batteries but ran all weekend on battery 1.

At night my 10 watt all around light was on. In the day all I had on was the stereo and satellite receiver. So in this case say you have the same navigation lights for boats battery powered github watt bulb in your light I had in. Your boat electrical system navigation lights for boats battery powered github 12 volts. This is the draw a 10 watt anything will have on a 12v. So in 12 hours you will require.

So if navgation battery has amp hours you can run that light a very long time. Overnight will not be a problem. Your electronic devices will say in the back of the manual how many amps the device draws. To maximize battery life, turn off all electronics you do not need while at anchor.

As the load is placed on the battery over time, the battery voltage will drop. At 10 volts that same light will draw 1 full amp. Of course, at 10 volts your battery is "dead" and will probably not turn over the engine. I would not use these formulas to calculate my battery power down to the. As pointed out, LED lights will have a much lower load. The all around light draws something like 60 milliamps. That is. And the Navigation lights for boats battery powered github light looks much brighter than the old light I bathery, which consumed some 14 times more power.

But to answer your original question, any decent marine battery should have ample capacity to keep a single all around white light on for the night. If it can't, then your battery needs to be replaced. Battedy it on land. Leave whatever lights you think you will leave on one night with the boat on the trailer.

Then the next day run the engine on the hose. If it starts there you go. No problem. Leaving the engine on could pose a Bttery danger. Do not do that unless you really have to - and then you will want some CO detectors in the boat cabin - assuming you have one or will stay on the boat.

Same goes for a generator gifhub. CO gets people. Going out at night is fun. I like doing it. It is a bit llghts the first few times you do it, because night navigation is different.

You can see nav aids at a greater distance those that have lights anyway but you can not see what is directly in front of you. You need a GOOD lookout. Radar helps if you have it. Use that spotlight carefully. I do not like using. I can see better with the spot light OFF really. Once your eyes adjust to the dark you will be surprised at what you can see.

I can even biats the daymarks with no light - or at least their silhouette on the horizon against the glow from the city. White light kills your night vision. In an instant what takes 20 minutes to develop is wiped. If you need a flashlight on the boat, make sure it is red or blue light.

White is a killer. Admirals Club. Received 1, Likes on Posts. Also a good thing to look at is one of the portable jump start packs. Send a private message to tprice. Find More Posts by tprice. I am baots considering getting an LED all-around white light for the anchor light. I won't be doing as much fishing at night as calm cruising, watching fireworks. Really, I won't even need any electronics on except the anchor light. I'll definitely check the power draw tomorrow since I still have the package it came in.

The battery is new, so it's in great shape and I've never once had a problem starting the boat. So, looks like it's a go. Thanks for the advice too on the spotlight. I really only plan on using it in one location, a skinny channel on the way into my marina where the markers don't light up, but have reflectors in.

The river is wide, but the channel is skinny, so keeping it between the markers is important. I'll take it slow. I really fpr wait to get out there this season at night, as it should be a lot of fun and save 4th of July weekend most of the jet-skiers and crazy people will be at home.

LED lights are cool.


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Side lights come in a variety of housings including stainless steel and polymer. Perko Marine side lights such as the Perko Vertical Mount Side Light are equipped with a red and green marine navigation light in one package, making shopping easy!

Depending on your application, you may opt-out of side lights in favor of a bi-color deck light. Bi-color deck lights like the Attwood Quasar Bi-Color Combo Light functions the same as a side light, but features red and green lights contained in a single unit.

Running and anchored power boats are required to have stern lights. This marine navigation light is one of many that we stock that is US Coast Guard Approved for 2 nautical miles. It features a suction cup mount that attaches virtually anywhere and its rugged construction is able to withstand even tough marine environments. Many of our portable navigation lights use LED bulbs, which consume less power and have a longer service life than regular incandescent or halogen bulbs.

Trying to decide between different stern light options? Our customer service team is composed of boat enthusiasts that are eager to offer real-world advice on the boat navigation lights. We would be more than happy to help you get the light best suited for your boat and boating activities. Oops, something went wrong. Please try again. Quick view Add to Cart. Quick view. List Price:. Boat Navigation Lights When visibility on the water is low, ensure that you have the right marine navigation lights installed from Wholesale Marine.

Choosing the Right Navigation Lights Trying to decide between different stern light options? Email Address:. Register Forgot your password?

Watertight LED light kits easily install with suction cup or c-clamp mounts and can be easily removed for storage. Aluminum poles on our all-round lights and stainless steel or impact-resistant plastic housings on other lights are corrosion- and UV-resistant.

Larger boats require brighter and usually bigger navigation lights. While true as a general rule, the minimum visibility required also varies with the type of light. Here is a brief synopsis of the requirements:. For additional help selecting navigation lights, read our West Advisor article Navigation Light Rules.

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Series Fold-Down Anchor Light. Side Mount Port Navigation Light.

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