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The essential tools for model ship building are a mix of specialists modeling tools to common household tools. In this post we will model ship building vise key the essential tools you will require to successfully build your model ship. Hobby Knife A hobby knife or snap blade knife is an essential tool for model ship building.

The blade is retractable and it is advisable to retract it when it is not being used. As the front cutting section of blade becomes dull from use it is a simple matter to break that section of the blade off and extend the blade further in the holder to expose a new and sharper blade piece. There is a model ship building vise key locking mechanism in the handle. When you have extended the blade to the desired length slide the mechanism back to lock the blade in buildinf.

This will ensure mldel blade does not slide in or out while it moodel being used which could be dangerous. Razor saws are a very useful tool for accurately cutting the timbers used for model building. The kerf or blade cut is exceptionally fine.

As the name implies the blade is very sharp and care needs to be exercised when using the saw. The blades come in a range of depths and number of teeth�fine, medium and coarse�all are very sharp. The chisel, curved and pointed blades�each has a unique function from cutting the end off a length of rigging cord in a very confined model ship building vise key to fractionally fitting a piece of planking to finish off the hull.

The mitre box is used in conjunction with a razor saw to accurately cut lengths of timber either at a right angle or 45 degrees. It is made of aluminium and will last a lifetime. The mini plane is model ship building vise key small plane with a razor blade as the model ship building vise key blade. The depth of blade cut can be adjusted by loosening the wing nut and moving the blade either in or.

It is the ideal tool to use when tapering the planks before bending them and fixing to the hull bulkhead frames. A useful tool is a Sanding Block which has sandpaper glued to each face. The set model ship building vise key a range of sizes depending upon the application.

They are particularly useful when fairing the bulkhead frames of a model. Needle files are very small and fine files. The set consists of different shaped files�flat, half round, square, triangular, round and pointed. They are used to fractionally adjust small timber or metal items, adjust the size of holes or shape timber fittings.

You can use small brass nails and hammer them through each plank on to the bulkhead frame. The nail heads are either cut off or pulled out once the glue has set. Alternatively you could use map pins which are used in a similar way to the nails.

They have model ship building vise key advantage of being slightly bigger builring the brass nails and hence easier to handle. The map pin is shi; when the glue has set. Another popular method is to use Planking Screws. These items are reusable. The foot is placed on the plank in its location. The screw piece is shio into the bulkhead frame through a small hole in the foot.

Tightening the screw piece into the bulkhead holds the plank in position while the glue sets. One planking screw is used to hold the plank in position on each bulkhead frame. The plank bender has a blunt blade edge and a flat surface in model ship building vise key the jaws.

Placing a plank on the hsip surface between the jaws and biulding the handles gently will bring the blade down onto the plank. By gently crimping the plank along a length will start to cause the plank to curve. Crimping at approximately 1cm intervals will be enough to start. If further curvature is required re-crimp between these intervals and continue until the required curvature is achieved.

Care needs to be taken not to crimp too hard as this will break the plank. Gentle crimping will achieve the goal. It has a small head to bullding access to confined spaces.

A Pin Vice is a hand held chuck for small drills. The swivel top pin vice shown has a reversible chuck along with another reversible chuck in the head of the shaft. This gives it considerable versatility model ship building vise key the size of drills the pin vice can be used. A range of small drills will always be handy while model building. Care needs to be taken while using the model ship building vise key especially the very small items as they are easily broken.

Do not apply too much push pressure while drilling and turn the pin vice ley. The typical size of drills used are 0. Not only can it be used for linear measurements but can also be used to lay across planking timber and used with a hobby knife to taper planks. Place the rule along the line of desired cut and using the rule as a guide run the hobby knife along plank. With each cut go a little deeper.

Cutting too deeply with one or two cuts will cause the knife blade to follow the timber grain and will run off. A dressmakers tape measure is also a very useful addition to the tool kit.

Used for taking measurements along the edge of the bulkhead frames to accurately calculate the width of tapering required on the planks. The range of tools presented in this chapter are considered the basic and essential tools you will need to complete a model ship.

As you progress with your modelling you will acquire more tools that will suit your particular needs. The monthly newsletter includes:. View Menu Search.

If you enjoy building ship models that are historically accurate as well as beautiful, then The Nautical Research Guild NRG is just right for you. Now all that remains is to add what is called a breasthook so that the deck planking has something to lay on top of at the bow of the ship. Follow the exact same procedures as you did before. Using Chappelle's body plan and waterlines, I was able to loft a set of frame drawings for my model. One gunport is located near the aft end of the main deck between my frames 11 and 12, the other between frames 6 and 7. A quick five minute soak in water will soften the basswood so that it bends easily.

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