Mini Tunnel Hull Boat Plans | Small to Big Boat Plans Jun 03, �� Tunnel hull Jon boat design. The ability to traverse shallow waters isn�t a feature that all boats possess. In order to use a boat in shallow water the boat must have a shallow draft and preferably a flat bottom.. Jon boats are shallow draft, flat bottom boats that are made for a myriad of inland shallow waterway tasks, from utility work to fishing and myboat264 boatplansted Reading Time: 7 mins. Sep 11, �� Liberator Boats, 21 Liberator - Website If you want classic design, solid build and a hull that can handle any power, this is a great boat. Built in Crowley Texas, the 21 Liberator is known to drive very well and can handle some chop, making it ideal for a variety of myboat264 boatplansted Reading Time: 8 mins. This exciting new Exhilarator Mini Power Boat is as fun as it looks. With its light weight and tunnel hull, this boat is ready to race. All you need is a 50 HP outboard motor and a need for speed. We do recommend a 50 for serious racers only, not for recreational use. A Missing: jsp.
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About the Plans: I am not a naval architect, or an engineer, or even a draftsman. I am a forester by education, a furniture-maker by profession now retired , and a boat-builder, sailor and racer by inclination. I have built a number of boats over the last 35 years or so: from the 8-foot hydroplane I built when I was fourteen, to a foot sailboat built in the s, and a bunch of tunnel and v-bottom raceboats since I design my boats on a "computer aided design" CAD program on my computer.

Once the basic lines have been developed, I draw the plans full-size on a loft table to ensure all curves are fair. Corrections made in the loft plan are then carried back to the CAD drawings and the plans are finalized. The resulting plans are NOT a set of blueprints or full-size drawings. The plans are in part a collection of digital scale drawings of all the major parts which the builder can print out on regular printer paper.

Pre-printed drawings shipped via postal mail are also available. The drawings include all necessary measurements so that the builder can expand them full-size -- onto paper templates if desired, or better yet right onto the plywood.

The plans package, available via direct download or by postal mail, includes sixteen measured drawings; a scantling list; and some notes on wood, hardware and other materials needed to complete your boat and set it up for recreational boating or sanctioned racing.

Also, I provide extensive online construction notes , including dozens of photos, which will guide you through the entire building process. And, I will be just an email away if you have questions. You can pay online through Paypal you do not need a Paypal account , or you may send a check or money order. The Dillon Pro Tunnel. Continue Shopping. Jeff Larson 19 wins in his Dillon Pro Tunnel.

Dillon Racing Stuff : T-shirts, sweatshirts, and more He screams as they slice into his outstretched arms.

Todd dives in and lifts Tyler up, and Danny hoists his pound son into the boat as if he were still a small child.

He hollers to a passing boater to call Tyler is missing most of his right hand, and the fingers on his left hand have been slashed open and raw. Newly unattached bits of tendon and muscle flap in the wind. Danny says no.

The raw nerves scream, a feeling of ice cold and searing heat where his fingers used to be. Tyler and Danny step off the boat onto the dock together. Blood is streaming out of deep lacerations on his head, face and neck � an inch higher, his head would have been bashed in.

His hands took the brunt of the damage. Waiting for Tyler to come out of surgery, Danny pulls his wife, Linda, into the hallway. There was no alcohol on the boat, according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife accident report, and Danny had more than hours of boat operation experience. Texas flats boats, also known as tunnel vee boats, are popular for fishing along the Texas Gulf Coast because they can move in as little as six inches of water, while the tunnel vee shape in the hull allows the vessels to move quickly.

But in recent years, Texas Parks and Wildlife boating law administrator Cody Jones says, the state agency has had growing concerns about these boats. In fact, the boats have a design flaw, according to a study commissioned by the U.

Coast Guard in , that makes them abruptly turn degrees with little to no warning before the reversal. In the days that followed the accident, Tyler was in and out of surgery and lay in a hospital bed in between operations.

Cleve Ford, owner of Dargel Boats Inc. The flats boat is defectively designed and unreasonably dangerous, the Twardowskis maintain. Laddie Livingston, a Houston lawyer representing Waypoint Marine and P3 Aquatics, the dealership that sold Todd the boat, told the Houston Press he has directed his clients not to comment on pending litigation.

All of the parties responded to the lawsuit with general denials of responsibility. However, despite what Cleve Ford says, critics say there have been numerous issues involving various makes and models of tunnel vee boats. They insist the real issue is the Texas flats boat design, not the people running the boats.

The U. Coast Guard, charged with dealing with problematic boat designs, oversees safety regulations but maintains that builders are responsible for making safe boats, as noted in a Coast Guard boating safety circular issued earlier this year. This approach has led to an industry in which, for the most part, the manufacturers supervise themselves.

No one else will step in. Over the years, the Twardowskis spent countless hours on the water together. Danny, the superintendent of Waller ISD, and Linda, a dental hygienist, raised their kids to hunt and fish. He saved for years to buy the boat designed to move easily through the shallow waters along the Texas Gulf Coast. He chose the model, designed the layout of the storage chests and had the hull painted lime green, dubbing the vessel Spooled You.

Danny had heard that tunnel vee boats could swap ends, but Todd checked with the dealer when he placed his order, and was told that was an issue only on smaller crafts. When the boat arrived, in November , Todd took the family out on Corpus Christi Bay, even though it was freezing outside. Danny or Todd would sit at the console and drive while Tyler sat on the bench stationed directly in front of the console.

Todd ribbed him about throwing it back, and their mom, Linda, snapped photos and texted them to Danny. Tyler had the fish stuffed, and it hangs on the wall in his bedroom today. Before June , they spent hours on the boat, tooling through the shallow water near Corpus Christi, and there was never a hint of trouble. It never occurred to anyone that this could be a problem, Todd says now. But Steve Hicks, a marine master technician with Meeks Marine in Kemah, says the flats hulls are known in the industry for sliding on the water and going into spins.

Since then the Coast Guard has overseen manufacturing and safety regulations. Then, the proposed regulation must be backed up by statistics proving a nationwide issue and approved by the National Boating Safety Advisory Council. Basic concepts, such as requiring children to wear life jackets, have been authorized, but more complicated issues, like whether all boats should be required to have propeller guards, were ultimately scrapped.

The Coast Guard is also stretched too thin to be more of a presence in the recreational boat industry. In a November report, Coast Guard officials told the federal Government Accountability Office that they were regulating only certain aspects of the recreational boat industry because they were shorthanded. Manufacturers are left to police themselves. At the same time, the states cannot create any safety regulations more strict than what the Coast Guard has on its books, and they are prohibited from enacting any rules about manufacturing, because those regulations would cross state lines.

But Ford says the recreational boating industry already labors under substantial regulations from the Coast Guard. It goes back to usually there is a separate issue, other than just the boat at fault. The boat whirled on the spot and the force tossed the San Antonio teenager into the water. There was a sharp thud as the propellers hit her. The driver, Robert Copeland, dove off the boat and pulled Kali from the water, but she never regained consciousness.

Gorzell went online and appealed to people for information about any similar incidents involving Texas flats boats. He got a flood of similiar stories about tunnel vee boats abruptly swapping ends the same way. Gorzell went to the state. It did. Jones went to Maryland to observe the testing. Each vessel was equipped with remote controls so the engineers could conduct the tests without having to be on the boat.

The engineers put the boats through their paces, running them over the water in ten-minute stretches, recording how each vessel handled hard turns at up to 25 mph � routine maneuvers for most craft, according to the CED Technologies report.

When the speed increased, the boats tended to slip a little, losing traction. Once the engineers added pounds of weight on the bow, the vessels began to skid over the water. The bow dipped below the water while the stern briefly became airborne, Tunnel Hull Flats Boat Plans List the propeller blades spinning furiously as the back end slammed down. The movement looked almost graceful on the water, but instruments placed on the craft recorded g-forces that would tug people toward the center of the boat before slamming into them, and throwing them out unless they could find something to hold onto.

The center of gravity on these boats is farther forward than in most hull designs, so when weight is placed on the bow, by passengers or gear, the crafts become increasingly likely to launch into unexpected tight turns, the report observes. Considering how quickly the boats lurched out of control, the severity of the spins, the lack of handles or railings, and the low height of the gunnel, the boats are too dangerous to be on the water without serious alterations and warnings posted on the vessels, according to the report.

But the Coast Guard disagreed.

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