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The paint on your boat is an important line of defense against all these things. Repainting your topsides is a big project, bosts at least it will give you a palette of colors. Photo by Doug Logan. A smooth application of bottom paint helps boat performance. Photo by Diego Yriarte. Washing, compounding, and paste-waxing can help preserve gelcoat for a long time. Compare the waxed surface on the left to the chalky one on the right.

But eventually Mother Nature will pajnt her toll. The choice of tapes alone can be bewildering�but this is not a time to pinch pennies with cheap brown masking tape. A trim sander will be able to get closer to deck-mounted hardware than a disc or random-orbital sander.

Photo by Paul Cronin. Two-part paints White Epoxy Paint For Boats Zip like Interlux Perfection can be trickier to work with than single-part paints, lowes paint for boats 01 tend to provide longer-lasting results. DIY boat painters keep a wide assortment of brushes and rollers handy.

Depending on the job to be done they can be cheap and disposable or expensive and worth coddling. Use a high-quality cartridge respirator�not just a paper mask�plus eye protection, gloves, and full paint suit when working with old paint dust, thinners, solvents, or two-part paints. Fiberglass crazing is common in the decks of older boats, and most boafs wear and tear can eventually wreck the molded or painted non-skid surfaces needed for sure footing.

Above: The molded-in foredeck nonskid on this boat was worn down over the years and damaged by acid lowes paint for boats 01 bird droppings.

Below: The nonskid areas were taped off and painted Anti Foul Paint For Boats Upgrade with single-part Pettit Easypoxy polyurethane paint mixed with Interlux nonskid compound. There are dozens of bottom paints on the market, most still with copper as the active ingredient. But as copper comes under increasing pressure as a biocide, new non-copper-based paints like Pettit's Ultima ECO and zinc omadine-based ePaints are coming to the forefront.

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Liked it? Nonskid Coating, White, Liter. The first way is expensive, the second way tedious. Five Affordable Trawlers Under 40 Feet. Back Research.


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