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Of all the different kinds of fishing boats on the water, jon boats are one of the most common. Available in simple small versions which have no accessories beyond a hull and bench seats, they can serve as incredibly inexpensive yet essentially bulletproof freshwater fishing boats. Larger models can be outfitted with features like livewells, casting decks, and swivel seats, and can serve as basic saltwater fishing boats.

Jon boats even make great platforms for alternate boating adventures, like crabbing with a trot line, waterfowl hunting, or even gator wrangling. What is a Jon Boat? Jon boat manufacturers list registration matter jon boat manufacturers list registration specific purpose you need a jon boat for, all the different makes and jon boat manufacturers list registration do share some basic parameters.

As one might expect, one thing that all of these traits add up to is affordability. Construction Although there are a few fiberglass skiffs out there which could more or less be called jon boats, the vast majority of this genre are constructed from aluminum.

And when it jon boat manufacturers list registration to this type of boat many people would argue that aluminum is unquestionably the better choice. In many cases, jon boats are outfitted with bench seats which do double-duty as structural members.

The same is true for small raised foredecks. Along jon boat manufacturers list registration these, the boat depends on ribs for added structural support. Larger jon boats may have stringers structural supports running fore and aft instead of side to side in addition to ribs, while smaller jons commonly have ridges or channels also running fore and aft in the bottom which add strength and rigidity. In most jon boats the ribs are exposed, and may create uncomfortable tripping-points.

Many people add a sheet of plywood to cover them over and serve as jon boat manufacturers list registration, and on larger, more expensive jon boats the manufacturer may offer either aluminum or ply decking.

While this does increase both weight and cost, many people consider decking a major benefit in a jon boat. In the case of a foot car-topper meant for use rowing in ponds and small coves, the hull may be as thin as 0. You could probably punch through that with the swift poke of an icepick. Look at a ruggedly-built footer designed to carry a 90 or HP outboard, however, and the hull thickness will likely be twice as.

Common sense tells us that thicker is better when it comes to toughness and construction quality, and it is, although you do need to remember that the thicker the aluminum is, the more the boat will weigh. It used to be that riveted boats often leaked after several years of hard use.

However, modern construction methods have mostly solved this problem. The bottom line? Accessories If you want a jon boat but you also want it jazzed up, most manufacturers offer a number of accessories and options. Jon boats used in larger ponds or small lakes commonly have a transom-mounted electric motor, which only costs a few hundred dollars jon boat manufacturers list registration can power the boat at jogging speed for a few hours of running time.

When it comes to gasoline powerplants, again, we see the whole gamut. On very small models, an outboard as small as five or six horsepower is all it takes to get a lightly-loaded boat on plane and cruising. Whatever size powerplant you choose, there is one common thread: because of their light weight and easy-to-plane hulls, jon boats usually require smaller outboards than most other types of boats of the exact same size, especially those built of fiberglass.

That lowers both initial costs, and running expenses. Those in search of a boat with comfy loungers and bucket seats are going to be happier with a pontoon boat than they will with a jon boat. People who want to have the fastest, flashiest boat on the lake should probably spend their time looking at performance boats.

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As a result, any requirement that we ship these products by air, whether because we underestimate demand or because of an interruption in supply from the manufacturers who produce these products or for any other reason, could materially increase our costs. Income loss from continuing operations before income taxes. Risks Associated with Our Business. We indemnify a limited number of retailer customers for damages and costs which may arise if our gear infringe third-party patents or other proprietary rights. To the extent that our business grows, we will need to attract and retain additional qualified management personnel in a timely manner, and we may not be able to do so. Further, there are a number Jon Boat Manufacturers List Email Address of factors which could result in the growth in the eSports or live game streaming markets stagnating, or even decreasing. In thousands.

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