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Hurricane R Fishing Deck. Price: $ Boat location: Cape Coral, Florida, United States. Ships to� my phone number is I live in Bull Shoals Arkansas could you please call me and let me know if this boat is still available I am very interested in purchasing your boat I can come and pick it up. reply. Charlie - Sun, 06/16/ - pm. I am interested in this boat. Please give me a call at Thanks!. Hurricane is a deck boat brand that�s not only worth your time and money but has opportunities to be what you need in your ideal deck boat. You can purchase your Hurricane with all the bells and whistles you need. Or, you can purchase add-on accessories later. Either way, here are some amazing upgrades. Hurricane Deck Boats: Various Models. When I wanted to purchase my first deck boat, I not only wanted to go with a brand with a good warranty and good customer support, but one offering a variety of models.� The Centre Console is a classic fishing boat with a deck boat twist, featuring ample space with customization to ensure you get all you need out of your next fishing expedition. Hurricane Deck Boat Accessories. IMAGE. PRODUCT. Hurricane Deck Boats-Top Selling Deck Boat in America- Discover why their Features, Benefits and Demonstrations set them a part from most other types of.

Hurricane Boats are supposed to be sturdy and comfortable. Still, all good captains should keep their eyes peeled for these ten common issues. That being said, Hurricane boats are definitely great boats, but all brands have their strength and weaknesses.

Yet, sometimes Hurricane boats are experiencing this problem. Why is this? We can speculate that it has something to do with the grade of stainless steel used in these boats. There are over different grades of stainless steel, which vary in their corrosion resistance. Imagine how much worse it could be out on the water. They find that for one reason or another, their toilet will not flush. This reduces it to a more manageable slurry-like consistency that makes it easier for the pump to flush it into the holding tank.

The problems occur when the macerator pump is either not powerful enough or malfunctions, leaving you with a smelly mess. Either way, this is a common issue with Hurricane Boats, and you should check your toilet before making any long voyages. Under the seat storage in Hurricane Boats are designed to drain away any excess water. However, many captains notice clogs that cannot be cleared away with fishing wire or compressed air. This could become a real issue for you if you are caught in a storm or dock your boat during heavy rains.

Nobody wants to spend all that time bailing water out of their boat before they use it, right? Be aware that this is a problem in some Hurricane Boats and stay vigilant for any clogs in the drainage system.

Sometimes, the captain of a Hurricane Boat will flip on the switch to the freshwater pump and�nothing. In this case, I regret to inform you that your Hurricane Boat came with a defective fresh water pump.

Some Hurricane Boat captains report cracks in their dashboard, which they experience even without removing the dash. So, what causes it? Fluctuations in temperature most likely cause it. Rapid heating and cooling, excessive exposure to direct sunlight, or any other temperature-related reason could cause.

Fine, but is it covered by your warranty? It seems that Hurricane Boats have a limit on their warranties for cosmetic defects. Another common issue with Hurricane Boats is their tendency to wander. Many captains have mentioned that their vessel tends to veer off course when traveling at idle speed between and RPM.

This is such a widespread issue that many Hurricane Boat owners use trim tabs on their boats to correct the issue. Some captains report that the trim tabs do not fully resolve the issue, though, so be aware that it may only improve the wandering at idle speeds. For some owners, this issue is too annoying for them to bear, so they actually opt to trade in their boats for another model or make it all together.

The captains of these boats have come up with three most likely culprits in their experience. The first could be that the floater is stuck. On the back of your fuel gauge, make sure that the pink wire is not grounded.

If all else fails, the problem might be your fuel sending unit. If this is the case, you better hope your model comes with an easy access panel. The tank replenishes continuously, using the water around the boat to aerate and circulate the tank to maintain a healthy habitat.

In many cases where this is an issue, it happens within a couple of years of purchase, well within the limited lifetime warranty�unless it can be considered a cosmetic defect. They may even send you a new boat, as they did for one captain whose gel coating was cracked on their transom.

The Hurricane has a ten-year warranty on the hull, which is great�because you might need it. Pay special attention to your boat when washing it or transporting it for any cracks � closely inspect anything that looks like a scratch. Some captains report hull cracks after only 80 hours on the water with their Hurricane.

They take special care when docking, and the boats affected have not received any blows to the hull. A few owners speculate that it might be plain old fashioned cutting corners. Maybe the factory skimped on resin and fiberglass when building a few of the Hurricanes or the day was too humid. Skip to content Hurricane Boats are supposed to be sturdy and comfortable. Table of Contents. Was this article helpful? Click to share Did you find wrong information or was something missing?

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