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Boat Lights. Boat lighting is an integral part of keeping your safe both onboard and on the water. Every vessel needs to be well equipped with various kinds of boat lights from cabin lighting, navigational lighting, spotlights, and flashlights. If the boat is smaller that 13 meters ( feet), the boat must have a red, green and all-around lights. These three lights will be found on the bow (2 lights) and aft (1 light) of the boat. A bi-colored boating navigation light is for the bow and the all-around navigation light will be on the back or center of the boat . This vast selection of LED lights is perfect for any boat lighting or marine lighting need. These LED lights can be used for many applications, such as interior boat cabin lights, LED dome lights, puck lights, underwater boat lights, underwater dock lights, transom lights, and spreader lights.

Features: Soft rubber cover with green led lights for boats 80 molded-in gas. Great Selection of Boat Lights and Unmatched Customer Service Our marine lights are manufactured and engineered to be corrosion resistant and made to the highest standards. Not suitable for underwater use saltwater The lights are not dimmable. Other boat owners use them as an illuminating instrument on the water while fishing at night. It is energy efficient because this LED voats only consumes around 1. Yes, LED lights are safer to use than the incandescent bulbs because they do not overheat even when used for longer periods.

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