The 7 Best SAT Prep Books [ Edition]
In this SAT books review, we will help you choose among the top-rated SAT books so you can focus on acing your SAT prep exam in Dedicated to saving you time and frustration, our team of educators has spent hundreds of hours reviewing the best SAT prep books for Table of Contents. 13 Best Sat Prep Books in 1 - The Official SAT study guide 2 - Barron�s SAT (29th edition) 3 - SAT Prep Black Book: The Most Effective SAT Strategies Ever Published 4 - Kaplan SAT Prep: 2 Practice Tests + Proven Strategies + Online 5 - Princeton review + practice questions for the New SAT: 6 - McG. Our SAT expert reviewed the best ones on the market�our annual list of the Best SAT Books will help you choose.� Not all SAT prep books are created equal: some you�ll want to use in their entirety (though only a few), others you�ll want to use only parts of, and others you�ll want to steer clear of. This is particularly true now that prices are falling and Kindle versions are available�in some ways, that�s awesome, but it can also encourage students to buy a ton of books without seriously evaluating their quality. To help you maximize your study time (and save your hard-earned cash) I�ve reviewed the options for the best SAT books on the market and graded them from most to least helpful. The best SAT prep books to seal the deal and get a headstart on your academic path. Our reviews are a time-saving read. DO NOT waste time!� Some of the most reliable information about the best SAT books are the reviews and recommendations of those who have used them before. Tutors are great sources of such as they tend to use different materials and they have met a lot of students who have used different study materials as well. Of course, teachers and students are reliable sources as well.

Updated Jan 11, 16 Min Read. Yet, when they are faced with the vast array of options, they would also say choosing one is difficult. All students who feel they need additional test prep should peruse the multitude of options available.

Believe me, this can be a daunting task. Basically, all SAT prep books have valuable information to offer. Students just have to know their purpose and needs when choosing a book so their SAT test prep experience is worthwhile. Below is a list of 7 widely popular SAT test prep books with content explanations and handy lists of pros and cons to help you best choose which book is right for you.

They maximize on their theory of cracking the test-taking code by explaining that one must approach the SAT very differently than other tests. They lay out the strategies and provide the techniques that help test takers gain confidence and perform well on the SAT.

These techniques are also aimed at creating a steady pace on the test. Pacing is important so students will not overthink on any one question, diminishing their confidence and jeopardizing their ability to complete the test in the given time frame. Read more user reviews on Amazon. Check price on Amazon. As the creator of the SAT, the College Board is the gold standard when it comes to practice tests and sample questions. Test preppers can be certain they are getting a genuine SAT testing experience with all 8 practice tests in this book.

The authenticity of the practice tests makes this resource essential for all students preparing to take the SAT. Additionally, all 8 practice tests can be found online through Khan Academy. Video answer explanations are also a plus in this format. In addition to the valuable practice tests found in the book, the College Board has included over pages of details that offer test taking tips for successfully navigating the test, including targeted sample questions for each type of SAT question.

Barrett explains further that the critical factor when taking the SAT is knowing the purpose of each question. Knowing the purpose will then guide the student to the correct answer. Because Barrett realizes each test taker approaches the test with different skills, experiences, and expectations, he often re-explains information, hoping to reach all readers and arm them with the tools they need to successfully navigate the SAT. Maintaining his focus on the specifics of the test, Barrett leaves no room for providing practice tests.

Instead, he sings the praises of the authentic practice tests produced by the College Board and warns no other sample test is recommended. This book is published by The Princeton Review, offering straightforward, basic SAT information such as the structure and makeup of the test.

It provides 10 practice tests with answer keys, scoring guides, and answer explanations. It also offers 9 essay prompts with self-scoring reports. The answer explanations usually identify the purpose of the question and offer tips on how students should approach each type of question. As its name suggests, this SAT prep book focuses exclusively on the Reading portion of the test.

It is a collection of sample reading passages and practice questions complete with a full chapter devoted to breaking down the makeup and content of each of the 9 types of critical reading questions. Additionally, the 5th edition has added new comprehensive explanations to practice questions. The author of this book, Erica Meltzer, chooses to dedicate the book to teaching students how to prepare for, approach, and successfully move through the critical reading portion of the SAT; therefore, she does not include practice tests.

This SAT prep book makes some pretty bold assertions and promises. Additionally, a money back guarantee is promised if a student does not improve his or her SAT score after using this book. With that said, SAT Prep Plus, offers 2 full-length practice tests and an online component with 3 more. Students find the practice tests to be of decent quality compared to similar prep books. The math section is especially well-done with 15 chapters devoted to breaking the math content into manageable chunks that cover each type of math question found on the SAT.

This book also offers an adequate amount of basic strategies for success. Meltzer includes basic grammar refresher pages and an SAT Writing Cheat Sheet for test preppers to review and reference while working through the book. Additionally, the design of the book is a good breakdown of specific areas and skills that can quickly be referenced if a student is looking for material on a specific type of question or skill.

The book also contains 1 practice test and answers; however, Meltzer explains from the onset that this book is designed to complement the Official SAT Study Guide, published by the College Board.

Table of Contents 1. Pros Access to ample SAT practice tests � 8 in all when you factor in the additional online test prep. Best detail and understandability of explanations among all SAT prep books. Most students who embrace the test-taking strategies in this book gain a proficient familiarity with the test.

This level of comfort, along with some practical strategies, could boost confidence and improve scores. Cons The tests in this book are actually harder than SAT tests. While the book gives good strategies in other disciplines, the Math section is the weak link of the book. Check price on Amazon 2. This authenticity makes their test prep a genuine experience every time. This resource has an online component that offers free online practice tests as well as video explanations through Khan Academy.

Additionally, the College Board website has an abundance of other useful information to enhance the practice tests in the book. While most of the information in the book, can be found online for free, having the book gives students a single resource without having to download, print, and organize a massive number of pages.

Cons The strategy and test-taking tips section of this book is lacking when compared to other resources. Students requiring more than full-length test practice will need an additional test prep resource that provides a deeper look into understanding the anatomy of the test. Check price on Amazon 3. Pros: This book provides a variety of practical strategies that do not assume all test takers are the same. This book offers extremely detailed answer explanations: a vital resource for individual test prep.

Barrett is straightforward about the fact that students should use the College Board test prep resources in conjunction with his book. Barrett goes the extra mile and explains how to sift through what is most useful, and not so useful, regarding the College Board resources.

This book does not contain full-length practice tests. Check price on Amazon 4. Pros This publication offers ample full-length tests and essay prompts complete with scoring aides. Test takers value the quality of the questions, noting they are realistic compared to other prep books.

This book does not weigh the test prepper down with copious amounts of information which can sometimes be overwhelming.

Cons Purchasers have noted they see very few differences in the version compared to the , which offers nothing new to owners of the edition. While the questions are deemed realistic, they are not authentic SAT Good Books 10 Year Old Boy 30 test questions from the College Board.

Strategy-seeking test preppers will be disappointed in the lack of test-taking advice and approaches. Check price on Amazon 5. Pros Meltzer leaves nothing out when it comes to information needed to understand the details of the critical reading test, allowing students who struggle with this portion of the test to likely improve their scores. The Critical Reader contains specific information about more obscure concepts on the Reading test such as deciphering paired passages and approaching passages with graphs and charts.

Meltzer includes 2 valuable indexes that organize the reading questions on all practice SAT tests found in the Official SAT Study Guide, one by category and one by test.

This resource helps students identify the types of questions they are missing and focus on strategies to improve in those areas. Cons Meltzer does not include actual practices tests; therefore, an additional source is required. This book is huge and can be quite daunting. Students need to be exceptionally focused and self-motivated to navigate through its pages.

Check price on Amazon 6. Pros This SAT prep book offers a lot more test information, strategies, and practice material for the Essay portion of the SAT than most other prep guides. This book is a great source if you are looking for additional information, detail, and practice on the Math portions of the SAT.

Cons Students who test in the upper range might not find Good Books Educational Trust Network this book to be particularly useful because the strategies provided are rather basic. Although this text has an online component with access to more practice tests, the amount of practice the book has to offer is just ok. Check price on Amazon 7. Pros This text is an in-depth source concentrating on one specific area of the SAT.

The Ultimate Guide to Grammar, 5th Edition delivers solid prep material for students who desire this level of focus.

One index lists questions by category and the other lists them by test. This resource helps students identify the types of questions they are missing and concentrate on those areas. This book provides ample resources including sample questions with explanations and solid strategies for students wishing to improve their SAT Writing score. Cons Practice questions at the end of chapters do not provide explanations, only answers. There are a number of typos and errors in the book as well as some grievous grammar errors on review pages.

Some books provide straightforward, basic information and some are much more focused. Starting with a book that is too detailed could be frustrating and basically useless. Likewise, starting with a book that is too basic will fail to offer the higher-level information some students need. Ask yourself if you prefer a book source or online materials. Some of the books might not be as thorough as others but offer awesome online resources. Likewise, some prep books offer very few or no online components.

Know your budget and mission. Books range in price, and some can be quite expensive. Ask yourself if you want the best all-around prep book for your needs regardless of price, or if you are more interested in getting the best value. Not Prep for SAT?


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