Canal and river cruiser boats for sale - myboat124 boatplans A fish-and-ski boat can either be based on a freshwater fishing boat or on a runabout. In either case, the original design has been modified to make the boats more versatile; a fishing boat with some family features like a tall windshield and comfortable seating, or a runabout with angling features like rod holders, a live well and a trolling. Four Rivers Layout Boats has been producing fiberglass waterfowl hunting boats since We offer 6 models to choose from and can custom build one for you.
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For wake surfing, the twin propellers help a boat track straight and they create a symmetrical wake for surfing on each side. Obviously, this drive cannot be trimmed up as can conventional drives when going into skinny water or when being trailered. Outboard-powered boats have been used for skiing for decades. Today, outboard-powered boats are also used for wakeboarding.

Outboard powered boats are lighter and are much easier to maintain in a saltwater environment. Historically, outboard-powered boats had only small appendages to each side of the outboard engine that made launch watersports difficult.

However, today most sportboat builders have designed port and starboard swim platforms that offer almost as much launching space as that found on a conventional sterndrive. In these boats, enthusiasts can slip into the water astern or to the sides. For the last decade, jet boats have become increasingly popular. While one might think that these buyers are coming from PWC owners Good Boats For Lakes Llc trading up, most of the buyers are coming from traditional sportboats.

Jet boats are famous for getting on plane faster than virtually any other boat in the size range. Since they have no external propeller there are safe for people in the water. That, together with the fact that they produce a large wake, particularly if their stern is loaded, makes them a prime candidate for casual wakeboarding and wake surfing. Slow-Speed Operation even settings which meant even with the reverse bucket in neutral the boats often wandered.

New bucket designs have virtually eliminated wandering and in fact, some models even have an adjustment at the helm for positive neutral. Bucket List. With its Rotax engines, Bombardier uses two features to improve slow-speed maneuverability. Additionally, a bucket abaft the jet pump directs the water laterally when maneuvering at slow speeds.

This makes the boat much more responsive around the docks. Companies such as Chaparral and Scarab are using the Rotax engines and pumps and in select models that are equipped with a full complement of wakeboarding and wake surfing gear to make their boats more attractive to a wider audience.

Total Control. Yamaha has its own line of jetboats with twin engines. To make the boats more maneuverable at slow speeds, they are equipped with the Connext helm and Drive Control. The Connext system lets the driver stay on top of all engine functions as well as the ballast system. Catch the Wave. The sport of wake surfing and boarding has grown so much in popularity, for some, it has become a lifestyle. It was only natural that wakeboarders would come from the ranks of snow and skateboarders.

These aficionados are young and tuned into the specialized towboat brands. Ski boat builders realized earlier than others how popular wake sports could get and quickly did whatever they could with their inboard boats to induce more wake. Wakeboarding and wake surfing have surpassed skiing as the most popular activities on a rope behind a boat.

Today most specialized wake surfing and boarding boats are equipped with devices to create larger wakes usually in the form of ballast systems or trim-tab-like foils. Wake surfers however want the big wake so they can actually ride the wave.

Tubing is the least specialized of all the water sports, and because it appears to require little skill for the rider besides hanging on, it is the most popular of all four of these watersports. Surprisingly, while people towed car inner tubes 75 years ago, it was not until recently that all of the spectacular plastic tubing products were developed. They come in all shapes and sizes and hold anywhere from one to six or more riders.

Because tubing looks so simple most participants do not realize that it can be dangerous just like any other watersport. The operator of the tow vehicle must be careful not to swing the tuber into an obstruction or another boat.

The person being towed must be aware of what is going on in front and to the sides and take preventative action if something looks amiss.

Virtually any boat -- even personal watercraft -- can tow a tube, so the emphasis here is less on the type of boat employed and more on the experience and skill of the person driving the tow boat. In all cases, you will want a boat with a fast 0-to-plane hole-shot time. Skiing and wakeboarding require strength and the slower the planing time the stronger and more skilled must be the person being towed. Many entry-level sportboats come standard with 3. This is the smallest engine generally used in sterndrive sport boats because it keeps down the price of the boat.

For serious skiing or wakeboarding, particularly if the skier or rider is inexperienced, or if the owner plans to carry a crowd aboard, a larger engine is recommended. The next largest is a 4. The newest entry into the MerCruiser stern drive series is a 4. In past years, a 5. The seemingly ageless cid small-block V-8 was an industry standard for decades, but now MerCruiser has the MX 6. The MerCruiser 8. Remember, an under-powered boat -- no matter what the brand -- is the worst boat you can have.

Generally speaking, the specialized inboard ski and wake boats are all adequately powered. Their buyers are not looking for the lowest price, and the builders would not risk the reputation of their brand with an underpowered boat. Typically the smallest engine these companies offer is a 5. It is not uncommon to see these boats powered by engines developing hp. With that kind of power, the engine will deliver lots of torque at the low end where skiers and wake boarders need it.

Wake surfing should only be done from an inboard, jet, or Forward Drive sterndrive boat. Wakeboarding can be done behind a specialized inboard, sterndrive, or jet boat, and in all cases, they should have water ballast bags for best wake. Waterskiing can be done from any boat, but for best results, a smooth wake is preferred.

Tubing can be done from any of the boats listed, including PWCs and pontoon boats. Mission Possible Like virtually all things in boating, if the "mission" of the boat is narrowly defined, the decision about which boat to pick becomes much easier.

With the growth in popularity of extreme tow sports, wake surfing has become a popular tow-behind watersport. Evolution of the towboat Most people started skiing behind general-purpose sportboats or runabouts, either powered by a sterndrive or outboard engine.

This Four Winns sterndrive sportboat is rigged up for serious wakeboarding. Note the four speakers facing aft to energize the wakeboarder and his riding fans.

Sea Ray now makes an inboard-powered wake boat � the SLX-W � that combines the attributes of boutique wakeboat boats with the seakeeping abilities of larger sportboats. In this image, we show the freeboard that this boat has which means she can be used in large lakes and coastal locations, something that is a weak point for many specialized brands.

The Glastron GTS is an example of a runabout packaged with watersports-focused accessories including a tow arch and extended swim platform. Extended swim platforms extend beyond the sterndrive prop which makes it safe for swimmers to slip off into the water. Of course, the engine should always be off when people are in the water. General-Purpose Sportboats Sportboats are far more versatile than specialized towboats, and while the smaller models are best used in small lakes and rivers, the larger ones can handle coastal conditions.

Power Choices Inboard Power Virtually all boats built specifically for skiing and wakeboarding have a single inboard engine. This MasterCraft specialized wakeboat has the traditional placement of the inboard engine in the middle of the cockpit the girl is sitting on it.

The Super Air Nautique shows the advantage of a V-drive transmission for the cockpit layout, as the engine is in the stern and not Best Led Strip Lights For Boats Ltd in the middle of the cockpit. Inherent Safety Because the propeller of an inboard boat is under the boat and not abaft the transom, inboard boats have a definite safety advantage. Because they throw little wake, traditional inboard-powered boats like this Ski Nautique are favored for towing slalom skiers. Sterndrives The broad appeal of stern-drive-powered runabouts, especially in fresh water, see many enthusiasts using them for wakeboarding, but their wakes are still on the large side for water skiing.

This Regal sportboat is designed for towing sports as well as general-purpose boating and can be used in boat protected and open water locations. To see our test, click here. This Regal displaces a lot of water, causing a good-sized wake. The Forward Drive is still positioned at the rear of the boat, but with the props face toward the bow, reducing the chance of anyone ever accidentally kicking them.

Outboard Power Outboard-powered boats have been used for skiing for decades. The Regal 33 XO, even though it has twin outboard power, has large swim platforms both port and starboard for launching watersports.

Note the walkway in front of the engines and small outboard well. With her large swim platform and aft-facing lounge on the stern, the Four Winns HD OB could be a good boat for wakeboarding. Jet Boats For the last decade, jet boats have become increasingly popular. So, for hunting you will probably need a boat that is a good water traveler.

However the boat must be equally as good in shallows and in marsh areas as well as being able to offer stealth. A good duck hunting shallow water riverboat is one that can go over any obstacle, including logs and marsh grass, while also having both speed and is easy maneuverability as well. For this type of performance you need either a standard flat-bottomed Jon boat or one with a modified v-hull. The Excel F4 Pro Hull shallow water aluminum boat is specifically built for duck hunting though is a great shallow water all-rounder.

The F4 comes in 2 different sizes either 17 foot or 18 foot. There are currently only 2 models available but Excel Marine are in the process of rolling out 3 additional models to add to the range. This is all you need to power this lightweight flat-bottomed boat. When it comes to basic hull design both the 17 foot and 18 foot models have similar specs as follows:.

This boat has a variety of floor plans to choose from with the option of having a single or dual gun storage unit. For stealth and camouflage you can camouflage any Jon boat yourself though , you can pick different colors to match your environment. And, when duck hunting gets monotonous, you can rely on the F4 shallow for backwater fishing as well. A utility river boat should be able to do just about everything.

It should be one that can be used in every shallow water environment be it rivers, creeks, lakes, canals or water reservoirs. As such the design should be one that highly focuses on storage, weight capacity , stability and easy maneuverability. Utility boats have a variety of uses that go beyond water-based maintenance and which include; fishing, hunting, camping, cargo and passenger transport, as well as first responder rescue.

The Inlander is a hybrid boat that takes its designs from a blend of different hull types mainly from the skiff, sled , and Jon. This hybrid design makes it a great multi-purpose boat with a wide variety of unique capabilities.

This excellent river boat has a modified v-hull, and a wide stance for increased payload, along with a blunt bow and high sides. You get both superior comfort and high speed with this utility vessel even when compared to a flat bottom skiff or Jon boat. The Elastec Inlander has speeds of up to 46 mph and can be paired with a mini-barge if you want more capacity.

The barge is an essential cargo area that can be used to haul even the heaviest of materials. The idea of how to have fun on the water varies from person to person. There are wave riders, anglers, and cruisers, whitewater lovers and those we prefer calm water. There are canoers , Jon boat lovers and kayak enthusiasts. So which type of boat is best for shallow river leisure use?

Well, apart from your budget, it is your passion which will determine the kind of watercraft that would suit you best. Water sports lovers are thrilled by the speed and high-performance motorboats offer while cruising down a river for occasional fishing may require a Jon boat or flat-bottomed skiff.

For leisurely cruises down a calm river, lake or even in the ocean a canoe or kayak could also be a good choice. Although we have included a great skiff below I urge you to read the articles that look at the differences between a jon boat vs canoe and a kayak vs jon boat so you can see which one of these style of vessels is a better fit for you.

It also has lots of storage space and a very respectable weight capacity of lbs. The boat is very light, weighing in at only lbs, and is super easy to handle with cushioned seats that can be removed to create more space for gear. Although Carolina Skiff claim the 18 JVX can accommodate up to 7 persons with that amount of people onboard it would be a tight squeeze even with the seats removed.

Rivers can often be quite treacherous to navigate especially if they are rocky. Not just recreational and utility boats encounter this problem but rescue boats also need to go over rocks and very shallow surfaces. The best shallow water boat designs, therefore, are built to avoid obstacles as much as possible by having a shallow draft while also being able to withstand heavy knocks on rocky surfaces.

This is one reason for fitting canoes with keels. If you like to run rivers in style then a drift boat is an excellent shallow water river boat choice. There are very many boats that can handle sliding over rocky riverbeds and some of the best are built by ReconCraft. ReconCraft build boats for the military so you know their craft are among the best in the world. These extreme shallow water boats are built to be tough but lightweight enough to be able to maneuver shallow river waters and lakes with speed and ease.

They can go over any shoal or rocks easily and without taking damage. Nothing can stand in the way of the reinforced aluminum on these watercraft vessels. A ReconCraft boat has a unique hull shape that funnels water for its jet intake giving it a very minimal draw as it sucks up the water it needs for propulsion.

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