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One of the benefits of owning a jon boat is the ability to transport without a trailer. Many smaller models can be loaded into the back of a pickup truck or even onto the roof of your vehicle. But what do you do when it is time to launch? While lugging diy jon boat blind 80 10 or 12ft aluminum jon boat a couple hundred yards is an easy feat when your fishing buddy is there to share the load, even a few yards can seem impossible on solo outings.

The answer- a jon boat dolly. Jon boat dollies make transporting your jon boat extremely easy without the help of a vehicle. Dollies come in pre-assembled packages or you can pursue a DIY solution.

The main factor in your dolly selection is selecting the appropriate size, weight capacity, and any additional features like the ability to disassemble for easy storage. Each year hundreds of anglers become boaters idy adding a small jon boat to their arsenal of fishing gear. Most of these new boat owners do not think of themselves as boaters � they are anglers looking for a way to access new potential hot spots. This is what makes the small jon boat so popular.

There is no uon for all the other expenses associated with a larger boat � the trailer, large diy jon boat blind 80, dock space, winter storage. Just the boat, a small motor, some safety equipment and off you go. Manufacturers advertise these boats as being able to be loaded into the bed of a pickup truck, or even onto a vehicle roof rake, and it is true. But what they do not fully communicate is how you will get the boat AND all your gear to the water.

Unfortunately, this is something that many new owners do not consider until they are at the ramp with a boat, trunk full of gear and a daunting yard drag to the water. Even if you make multiple trips, carrying your gear and motor to the water and returning for more, there is still the matter of your new boat. By utilizing a boat dolly you can not only avoid damage to your boat but in many diy jon boat blind 80 move your boat and gear in one swift trip.

Plus, it will allow you to take full advantage of Diy Jon Boat Stabilizer Light your jon boat by accessing additional areas. When you are rolling, rather than carrying, it is possible to launch in areas otherwise inaccessible. You may even jn it possible to diy jon boat blind 80 in areas a normal trailer would not go such as the diy jon boat blind 80 beach or back cove you with no parking area.

Getting diiy most from a boat dolly means finding the best one for your situation. We have researched some of the most popular models and picked the best of the best for your consideration. Each has its own advantages and there is something for almost any situation so we think that you will find one that suits your needs.

We have even added some diy jon boat blind 80 for those that want to build their own dolly. So, take a look, compare and before you know it you will be rolling � right to the water and into your next adventure.

Side note: an important part of dolly diy jon boat blind 80 is getting the length and weight capacity correct for your particular boat. The idea of using a cart to launch diy jon boat blind 80 small boat is not new, although it has gained increased popularity due to the interest from paddlers looking for an easy means blnd transporting kayaks from the car to the water. Lifeguards, rescue personnel and small boat enthusiasts has been using cart for years, many of which were fashioned from small, light weight trailer.

Seamax decided not to reinvent the wheel and instead relied on this original design for their small boat dolly. It resembles a small traditional cart, and even includes a ball hitch for use with an ATV, golf cart. But it is light enough to be towed by hand and adjustable to fit a wide range of smaller jon boats. An optional trailer hitch is included and can be used with a variety of off-road vehicles.

A quick release pin allows for easy length adjustment and the entire cart can be easily disassembled for transport. Diy jon boat blind 80 additional information, availability and current pricing click here link to read reviews on Amazon. The large bicycle style wheels are designed to make this cart easy to move and are specifically intended for rough terrain.

Ruts, rocks or trail are not match for these large profile, treaded wheels. Of course, if you are going to go off-road you need more than good tires. The heavy-duty steel powder coated frame is capable of holding a total weight of lbs. Thanks to the adjustable padded top rails and included tie down strap this cart can be used with almost and size small jon boat.

This cart also breaks down quickly for transport or storage when not being used. If you are looking for a reliable yet economical option for moving your jon boat, then the Giantex Gear Trolly.

This cart was originally designed for kayaks, but thanks to an overall capacity of lbs. Despite its small size the construction and design make it bigger than it appears in terms of strength.

The aluminum frame, pneumatic tires and web straps can support up to lbs. Depending on the size of the your jon boat this cart can be mounted under the stern or amidships and secured with the included tie down strap. Although there are many similar designs on the market one feature that makes the Giantex stand out is the full-length kickstand, which is more stable on soft terrain. Two of the concerns faced by jon boat users are 1 what to do with the cart once launched and 2 how will the cart hold up to rust and corrosion?

The C-Tug boat cart makes both those concerns obsolete. Because the entire unit is constructed of care-free high impact plastics there is no need to worry that consistent exposure to the elements will cause your cart to fail sooner than expected.

Even if you use your jon boat in brackish or saltwater this little cart will provide many seasons of service without worry of rust or corrosion. The puncture resistant wheels are also an ideal choice for both the beach and bot, increasing your ability to traverse sand or other soft surfaces and eliminating the worry you will encounter a flat.

Furthermore, the flat padded supports and included tiedown straps allow the dolly to be mounted in any location along the hull necessary. The Bonnlo Dolly Trolly offers a highly portable, practical and durable means of moving your jon boat from your home or vehicle to the water no matter the terrain. The solid aluminum frame and 2mm kickstand provides a sturdy, easy to use platform for holding any small boat.

Two 12 ft. It will even fit into your vessel when on the diy jon boat blind 80, eliminating the worry it will be stolen or otherwise lost when away. One of the most prominent feature of this dolly would be the solid PU tires. No rubber to give off a chemical smell when transported in your vehicle or stored in your home.

The solid construction means no worry you will encounter a flat during use and offers the ability to traverse rough terrain without concern. If there is one concern jkn this dolly it would be the lighter than usual capacity of only lbs.

If you are in need of a heavy duty jon boat dolly capable of transporting a slightly heavier boat you need to consider the Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Cart with Flat-Free wheels. With a total capacity of djy.

The diy jon boat blind 80 thing you will notice with this dolly is the unique design. This design provides increased contact with the hull, resulting in improves weight distribution and booat control when rolling. The pair of solid, wider no-flat wheels will not only improve control on soft terrain they also eliminate the concern you will encounter a flat during use.

The overall height is also adjustable to better accommodate use diy jon boat blind 80 different hull siy or over different types of terrain. The entire dolly breaks down quickly and easily for transportation and storage.

Easy to follow instructions are included but once you have practiced diy jon boat blind 80 time or two they should not be diy jon boat blind 80. Two included 12 ft.

There are many reasons to construct your own jon boat dolly and it is not limited to cost. In all honesty once you factor the cost of supplies and your time in completing the construction it is probably cheaper to buy one. However, by constructing your own dolly you diy jon boat blind 80 make sure it fits your specific needs and in the long run avoid additional costs accrued by making multiple purchases trying to find the right fit.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when deciding on a final blinv. Why get a jon boat dolly? That is until you get to the water for the first time. Jon Boat Dolly: Pre-Manufactured Options Getting the most from a boat dolly means finding the best one for your situation. Seamax Portable Boat Carry and Launch Hand Dolly Set The idea of using a cart to launch diy jon boat blind 80 small boat is not new, although it has gained increased popularity due to the interest from paddlers boah for an easy means for transporting kayaks from the car to the water.

Maximum weight capacity: lbs. Maximum boat length: 14 ft. Total weight: 47 lbs. PROS Can be adjusted to fit boats up to 14 ft. Disassembles for transport CONS Not the best selection diu off-road or trailer use Even disassembled it is bulkier than other options Use of steel rather than aluminum adds unnecessary weight For additional information, availability and current pricing click here link to read reviews on Amazon.

Maximum boat length: Unlimited Total weight: 16 bblind. PROS Heavy duty construction designed for off-road use Large bicycle tires make for easy movement by single user Can be used with a wide range of boat sizes CONS Cost, this cart is twice the cost of many competitors Although smaller than a traditional cart it is still larger than many eiy options Diy jon boat blind 80 frame will need additional maintenance if used in or near saltwater For additional information, availability and current pricing click here link to read reviews on Amazon.

Maximum boat length: Unlimited Total weight: 3 lbs. PROS Lightweight, easy to store and bboat High weight capacity Low cost CONS Narrow width is more unstable than large models Pneumatic kon may puncture on rougher terrain For additional information, availability and current pricing click here link to read reviews on Amazon. C-Tug Boat Cart Two of the concerns faced by jon boat users are 1 what to do with the cart once launched and 2 how will the cart hold up to rust and corrosion?

Maximum boat length: Bozt Total weight: 10 lbs. PROS Lightweight and easy to transport Can be disassembled without tools for storage in boat Corrosion resistant high impact plastic construction CONS Small wheels may make navigating some obstacles difficult For additional information, availability and current pricing click here link to read reviews on Amazon. Maximum boat length: Unlimited Total Diy jon boat blind 80 Unknown, less than 10 lbs.

PROS Compact, folding design for transport and storage Solid wheel design eliminated flat tires Wide tires will diy jon boat blind 80 over multiple surfaces including grass, sand, mud and rock. CONS Light weight capacity For additional information, availability and current pricing click here link to read reviews on Amazon.

Maximum boat length: Unlimited Total weight: Unknown PROS Heavy duty design with high overall weight capacity Twin bunk design for easier control Breaks down easily for compact storage CONS Jln � as much as 3x as much as similar models from competitors but it will carry a lot more For jn information, availability and current pricing click here link to read reviews on Amazon.

Size � although most commercially available jon boat dollies are small, compact designs this does not mean you must follow the same model. When it comes to moving a jon boat a larger dolly with more support, and possibly multiple axels, will make moving your boat easier. The drawback of a larger design is transport to and from the launch. You need to determine how you will be using the dolly and which set up is best.

However, when constructing a dolly for a larger, heavier boat it is important to remember that Blindd will flex under weight.


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You can then insert vegetation all through the mesh to deceive the smartest waterfowl. The vegetation you should use is the same type of vegetation surrounding your hunting area. After the blind is mounted to the boat, you can open the cargo doors and store your decoys and other gear. Bust Em makes these doors large so that you and your dogs can easily climb into and exit the boat.

The last part of this type of Jon Boat duck blind is the middle top flaps. These flaps are similar to the side panels only they are present in the middle of the boat to further enhance camouflage from overhead flying waterfowl. If you make your own duck blind make sure to include flaps that are hinged and moveable. Another type of Jon Boat duck blind is a scissors style duck blind. You can make it yourself or purchase a kit. To make this type of blind, measure your boat from the rear of the back seat up to the rear of the front seat.

This will be the area for your blind frame. For the frame you will need steel piping, electrical conduit, or pvc pipe. To mount the frame to your Jon Boat, you will need duck blind clamps. You will need two clamps, one for the right front side and one for the right rear side. One of your long side pieces will slide through these clamps and then the clamps are tightened so this section of frame does not move.

Make sure you measure your conduit properly before cutting it. You should have three solid long pieces that stretch from the back of the rear seat all the way up to the rear of the front seat on each side of the boat.

Two of these pieces form the sides of the rectangular frame on both sides of the boat. The other long piece is used for the top of the scissors duck blind frame. Then he attached the bottoms of the side frames to the aluminum boat seats using metal conduit clamps and self-tapping screws.

The clamps allow the PVC pipe frames to rotate freely so he can quickly collapse or erect the blind. Orth attached the top to the frame with zip ties and braces that extend down and rest on the seats. By changing the angle of the braces, he can adjust the height of the top. Orth attached green-coated wire garden fencing to the two side frames and top using zip ties. To the garden fencing, he attached Speed Grass mats, also with zip ties.

The Speed Grass extends beyond the bottoms of the side frames to the waterline. Speed Grass also overhangs the top like Jon Boat Bimini Top Diy 7-11 a fringe to help hide the hunters' faces. He hides the engine with a factory-made, camouflage cover. It is a little tricky trying to tell someone else how to do it in the dark, so I usually do it myself.

Then I put them back in when I move back to the stern. Orth keeps the boat stationary by tying it off between four green garden stakes poked into the lake bottom.

He usually leaves them in place and puts a white bleach jug over them so he can find them in the dark. The great thing about using PVC pipe was Orth was able to fit all parts of the frame together and then take them apart before gluing everything together to make the final assembly. The entire blind is so light two hunters have no trouble putting it on or taking it off the boat.

To remove the blind after the hunting season, Orth simply uses a power drill to remove the screws holding the conduit clamps to the seats.

You might think PVC is not sturdy enough to make a durable blind frame, but Orth said he has only experienced two problems. Once, he hit the dock with the blind and it broke one of the top sections and he used some camouflaged duct tape to make a temporarily repair.

Another time, a hunter lost his balance and grabbed the frame, cracking it near one of the tees, an easy thing to fix. Orth usually sets up close to the shoreline in order to blend in. He said it is extremely effective.

We got one canvasback, Diy Jon Boat Motor Vpn two drake mallards and one hen mallard, plus one coot. Another day, I had two hunters along and we shot nine buffleheads. The blind is so easy to set up and works so well that every hunt from it is nothing but fun.

Let's just say, he had a very good hunt! Use a hacksaw to cut through the pipe at the mark you made, making sure the cut is as straight as possible. The employees may be able to cut your length of pipe to size if you need them to.

Split each length of PVC into 3 equal pieces. Take the measurement you found for the length and divide it by 3 to find how long each section should be. Mark the new measurements on your PVC pipes and cut through them with a hacksaw. Cutting your side pieces into smaller lengths lets you add side supports to your frame using T-connections so you blind is more sturdy.

If you want, you can cut the 3 pieces to size right away rather than cutting out the long pieces first. Glue the pieces back together using T-connections. Fit 2 sections of pipe into the side holes on a PVC T-connection so the top hole points up.

Add another T-connection to the end so the top hole points up, and put the third section in the side hole so you have a long horizontal pipe. Once everything fits, apply PVC cement around the end of each pipe section and push it back into the T-connection to secure it.

Repeat the process with the other sections of pipe. A T-connection has 2 holes on the side and 1 on the top so you can join multiple pipes together. Attach the PVC pieces to the sides of your boat with conduit clamps. Get conduit clamps that match the size of your pipes to ensure a tight fit against your boat. Hold the length of pipe against the inside of your boat about 6 inches 15 cm from the top edge.

Measure every 2 feet 61 cm along the length of pipe and make marks on your boat so you know where to place the clamps. Add 2 ft 61 cm vertical pipes into the T-connections. Push the end of each pipe into the top holes of the T-connections so they stand up vertically against the walls of your boat. Mark each pipe so you know how far to push it in before applying PVC cement to the ends. Put horizontal PVC supports between the tops of the vertical pipes.

Fit 4-way pipe connections on top of the vertical pipes so 2 holes run along the length of the boat and 1 hole points toward the opposite side. Use the measurement you took for the inside width of your boat to cut 3 sections of pipe to fit between each side of the frame. Push the ends of each pipe into the 4-way connections on top of the vertical supports so they span the width of your boat.

If you ever want to take your frame apart, remove the horizontal connections to fold the pipes into your boat.

Install a top rail to the frame. The top rail uses Diy Jon Boat To Bass Boat 43 the same size pieces as the bottom pieces of your frame. Take your length measurement from earlier and cut out 6 new sections of PVC pipe with your hacksaw to fit between the 4-way connections. Push the new pipe sections into the 4-way connections so they span the length of the boat and support your frame. Method 2 of Screw U-shaped metal brackets in the 4 corners of your boat.

Place your first bracket on top of the frame in the back of your boat near the motor, and drive a screw through it to secure it. Put the second bracket directly across from the first one on the opposite side of the boat. Place the last 2 brackets at the front of your boat before it starts to narrow, and screw them in so they run parallel with the back brackets.

Cut 4 pieces of metal conduit that match the inside width of your boat. Measure the distance between the center of one of your brackets to the opposite inside edge of your boat.

Secure a pipe cutter onto the conduit on your mark and rotate it completely around. Keep rotating the pipe cutter until it makes a clean cut, and continue until you have 4 pieces that are the same length.

Drill holes in one end and the center of each conduit. Use a drill with a bit meant for boring through metal. Measure in 1 inch 2. Then, find the midpoint of each conduit and drill another hole through the pipe.

Attach the conduits to the brackets with nuts and bolts.

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