Best Center Console Boats ideas | center console boats, center console, boat May 17, �� Re: how to build a steering console A friend installed a nice console made out of mahogany on his 13' BW when he refurbished the boat. Attached is a pic of that boat w/ console. BTW - the boat is about 30 years old. The boat was in pretty rough shape and did an amazing job refurbishing it as it looks better than new! This original DUSKY has been updated to a modified V hull boat to make her one of the driest and smoothest-riding 17 foot boats available. Best of all, she�s a Dusky hull, which means she�s built with the same strength and rugged integrity as all of our offshore boat and inshore boat models. Stainless Steel Hinge Hatch Door Holder - L Shaped Support Bracket. 8 Console Door / Hatch / Tackle / Boat Storage / CDF (20" x 12").
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We're still attempting really toilsomeIT, have been examples of renouned boats that can be customarily built by hobbyists as well as people who consoole boats.

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Boating Guides. Boat Buyer's Guide. Boat Seller's Guide. Joined Aug 31, Messages Re: how to build a steering console A friend installed a nice console made out of mahogany on his 13' BW when he refurbished the boat. BTW - the boat is about 30 years old. The boat was in pretty rough shape and did an amazing job refurbishing it as it looks better than new!

JPG Joined Mar 26, Messages 23, Re: how to build a steering console Bamboo said:. A friend installed a nice console made out of mahogany on his 13' BW when he refurbished the boat. Marcq Petty Officer 1st Class. Joined Jul 30, Messages Joined Jan 14, Messages Re: how to build a steering console I built a console in my Whaler and have been extreamly happy with it.

I used exterior plywood with stainless screws and glue. It seems to be holding up nicely and BWs are definitely not the smoothest riding boat in the ocean.

Re: how to build a steering console I asked him what he used on the floor and he believes it is called "sea-grip" or something like that. If you need the vendor name he said he could look through his reciepts. Either of these two options would work fine. The downside is that they both would look a lot like a WW-II fighter plane canopies, not the sleekest of designs. The third option is the one that would look the best but be harder to fabricate.

The side wings and front panel are cut as a single piece and then heated and bent to the right angles. As I said, it is a little harder to fabricate but the techniques are easily mastered. Any of the three options will require several of the following techniques to produce an acceptable job. Plexiglas can be cut to size using table saws, band saws or hand held saber saws.

Table saws should use carbide blades and all blades should be fairly fine toothed. If you do, it will melt and reform behind the blade. Cut slightly off the line to allow a little room to clean up the edge. Plexiglas comes with protective paper on both sides; leave it on until the last possible moment to reduce the possibility of scratching or damaging the surface.

No matter how fine a blade or smooth a cut you made with the saw, the edge will need finishing. If left unfinished, the raw edges will eventually form micro-cracks that will develop into full-blown cracks. Start by sanding the cut edge. Start with 80 grit and sand out the saw marks. End up with at least grit wet or dry. This edge should look smooth but matt. You are not done yet. The final polishing should be done with a buffing compound, like Tripoli Compound.

Buff and polish the edge until it is as Diy Fiberglass Boat Repair Valve smooth and shiny as the surface of the Plexiglas. You need to be extremely careful in drilling holes in Plexiglas; one wrong move could ruin your expensive piece of plastic.

The first thing to note is that fastener holes will need to be drilled oversize. Plexiglas expands and contracts with changes in temperature and too tight a fastener hole will crack the Plexiglas. You also have to be careful with the drill itself. A normal drill tends to dig in, grab and crack the Plexiglas. I have also used normal drills in battery power drills at an extremely slow speed with success. Never use countersunk fasteners in Plexiglas. The countersunk head wedges in the plastic as it expands and contract and will soon develop cracks around the hole.

Pan head screws and washers are the best way to go,. Plexiglas can be heated and bent to shape. Aircraft bubble canopies are an extreme example. For our design a simple straight bend is required. The easiest way to do this is to use a Plastrip Heater. They are placed on top of the area to be bent and plugged in. It will take at least 30 minutes to heat the plastic to the point you can safely bend it. Once heated the plastic side wing can be bent to the required angle.

Be sure to make a template or gauge to show exactly how far to bend the plastic, this is the tricky part. By-the-way, you will need to remove the protective paper coverings before bending the plastic. These are some basic techniques used when working with plastics.

You may not need a windshield but you could apply these ideas to any number of other boat projects that will use Plexiglas or Lexan. Good Luck! Log In. Keep it Clean.

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