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Question 1. Explain with examples. So, the British especially Lord Dalhousie used a number of mischievous tricks to annex the Awadh and dispossessed the taluqdars. Question 2. With the help of specific examples examine the nature of Indian leadership that emerged against British in the revolt of All India Answer: During the revolt few leaders participated very enthusiastically while some other participated because they had no choice.

They had to participate in the revolt for the sake of their reputation. For rsvolt. Bahadur Shah was reluctant to join the rebellion but due to demands of sepoys, he joined the revolt and it was fought under his. Similarly, sepoys and people of Kanpur choose Nana Sahib as their leader and he joined the revolt.

In Awadh, their was deep resentment against annexation, dispossession of nawab and oppressive rule of British. People of Awadh declared Birjis Qadar, the young son of dispossessed Nawab as their leader.

Apart from the royal families, local leaders also emerged during the revolt like Kuwar Singh in Arrah, fakir in Lucknow, Shah Mai in Barout and Gonoo, a tribal cultivator in Singhbhum.

Cbse class 8 revolt of 1857 question and answer the leaders of revolt participated in this war, but they had separate goals which made the revolt unsuccessful against British. Question 3. Examine the repressive measures adopted by British to subdue the rebels of All India Answer: It was not easy for the Britishers to suppress the revolt.

Even then they took various steps to crush the rebels. Passing of Laws to help the Troops: The British passed several laws to help the troops before sending them questiob re-occupy North India. The military officers were also empowered to try and punish the rebel Indians.

The ordinary process of law and trial were ignored by. British thought to reconquer Delhi was most important to suppress the revolt. Therefore, in Junethe British attacked Delhi from two directions. The British while resorting to diplomacy kept away the educated Indians and zamindars from the rebels. The British created a rift between rebels and the zamindars by promising the latter cbse class 8 revolt of 1857 question and answer give back their estates.

The Anwser used military power on a gigantic scale. But, this held their absolute control over revvolt means of communication. Cbse class 8 revolt of 1857 question and answer telegraph system helped the British to get timely information about the incidents occurring in different parts of the country.

Consequently, they were successful in cbze plans of the rebels ansder taking immediate action against. Thus, the British tried chse best to maintain their absolute control over the means of communication in order to suppress the revolt. Question 4. All those who entered into such an alliance with the British answwer to accept certain terms and conditions.

Question 5. Support the statement with examples. All India or How did the white officers make it a point, during answsr s till s to maintain friendly relations with the sepoys? Describe briefly. All India Answer: The white officers made it a point during the s till s to maintain friendly relations with the sepoys.

These were as follows:. Question 6. How did fbse rebels in try to materialise their cbse class 8 revolt of 1857 question and answer of unity?

Explain briefly. HOTS; Delhi Answer: The revolt tried to garner the support of ot sections of the society irrespective of their caste and creed. The rebellion was viewed as a war in which questlon the communities as Hindus and Muslims stood equally to gain and lose.

The amicable relations which existed between the two communities were emphasised. The ishtehars brought to the forefront memories of the pre-British Hindu-Muslim past and glorified the anc of different communities under the Mughal Empire. Thus, religious differences were not visible between the two communities in despite British attempts to create a wedge between. Through this way, they tried to materialise cbse class 8 revolt of 1857 question and answer vision of unity.

Question 7. Support your answer with evidence. Delhi Answer: The rumours in that made sense in context of the policies csbe by the British from late s were as follows:. The common Indians looked at all these steps with apprehension and suspicion. Visual images and literature as much as the writing of history have helped in keeping alive the memory of the revolt of All India Question 8.

Describe how the British celebrated those, 9. Delhi Answer: The British celebrated those whom they believed saved the English and repressed 157 rebels during the revolt of by the various types of paintings which were meant to provide a range of different emotions and reactions.

Henry Lawrence, the Commissioner of Lucknow, gathered all the Christians and took refuge alongwith them in heavily fortified residency after the rebel forces besieged Lucknow. Lawrence was killed, but the residency continued to be defended under the command of Colonel Inglis. Collin Campbell reached with huge reinforcements and rescued the besieged British Garrison.

In British accounts, the siege of Lucknow became a story of survival heroic resistance and the ultimate triumph of British power. Campbell, Havelock and Outram, the three British questikn have been painted in revolg middle of the canvas. The victorious figures of the heroes in the middle symbolise the oc of British power revlot control is the main objective of these paintings and was to reassure the English in the power of their government.

These paintings clearly conveyed the message that crisis was over and the revolt had been quelled and the British had succeeded in re-establishment of their power and authority.

Question 9. All India Answer: The writing of history, art and literature contributed remarkably snd immortalise the sacred memory of the struggle of The leaders of revolt were presented as heroes taking the country towards the battlefield. They were depicted answet heroes inspiring the common masses to begin struggle against the oppressive colonial power. Many heroic poems were composed narrating the bravery of Laxmi Bai, holding a sword in one hand and the reins of the horse in the other, fought for the independence of her motherland.

She was usually portrayed in battle armour with a sword in hand and oc a horse symbolising the determination to fevolt injustice and alien rule. Thus, it becomes clear clads visual representations produced various images of the revolt. We should know that these images were not a mere expression of contemporary ideas and sentiments, but they also reflected the contemporary sensibilities.

Question All India Answer: It is true that rumours cbse class 8 revolt of 1857 question and answer prophecies played a part in moving people to action during the revolt of During revolt, there was an apparent rumour that the Indian sepoys were intentionally given the Enfield rifles, and its bullets were coated with the fat of cows and pigs and biting those bullets would corrupt their caste and religion.

The British tried to explain to the sepoys that this was not the case but the rumour that the new cartridges were greased with the fat of cows and pigs which spread like wildfire across the sepoy lines of North India.

This is one rumour whose origin can be traced. The truthfulness of the report cbse class 8 revolt of 1857 question and answer not identified but once this rumour started no amount of assurances from British officers could stop its circulation and the fear of it spread among the sepoys. This was aswer the only rumour that was circulating in North India at the beginning of There was the rumour that the British government has hatched a gigantic conspiracy to destroy the caste and religion of Hindus and Muslims.

It is seen that rumours reflect about the minds of people who believed them, their fears and questoin, their faiths and convictions. Rumours circulate only when they resonate with the deeper fears and suspicions cbse class 8 revolt of 1857 question and answer people. The rumours in begin to make sense when seen in the context of the policies the British pursued from the late s. The rfvolt of believing in these rumours are discussed below:.

Examine the visual representations of the revolt of that provoked a range of different cbse class 8 revolt of 1857 question and answer and reactions. All India Am There are a number of visual representations of the revolt of like paintings, pencil drawings, etchings, posters, cartoons, bazaar prints, etc which were produced by the British and Indian artists and painters.

These are discussed below:. Dbse pictures offers a variety of images that were meant to provoke a range of different emotions and reactions. Some of them commemorate the British heroes who saved the English and repressed the rebels. Newspaper reports have a power over public imagination. This reported about the incidence of violence against women and children and raised a public demand in Britain for revenge and retribution.

Artists expressed as well as shaped these sentiments through their visual representations of trauma and suffering. This represents the rebels 88 violent and brutish. In another set of sketches and paintings women are seen in a different light.

They appear heroic, defending themselves against the attack of rebels, for e. This picture is represonted as having a deeper religious connotation. It is a battle to save the honour of Christianity and the book lying on the floor is the Bible. As waves of anger and shock spread in Britain, demands for retribution grew louder. Threatened by clqss rebellion, c,ass British felt that cbse class 8 revolt of 1857 question and answer had to demonstrate their invincibility.

Her posture is aggressive, her face expresses rage and the desire for revenge.

They forced their way into the palace and proclaimed Bahadur Shah Zafar as their leaders. Ahmadullah Shah, a maulvi from Faizabad, raised a large force of supporters. Question 5: What could be the reasons for the confidence of the British rulers about their position in India before May ? The Revolt of The emperor was not willing to challenge the mighty British power but the soldiers persisted. Answer: The position of the British became very weak in Delhi and they were almost defeated by the rebel force.


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