RD Sharma , Textbook Solutions for Class 8 Math RD Sharma Solutions for Class 8 Maths Exercise Chapter 10 Direct and Inverse Variations are provided here. In Exercise , we shall study problems based on inverse variations (if two quantities are linked in such a way that if one quantity increases, the corresponding quantity decreases and vice-versa, such a variation is called inverse variation). Access answers to Maths RD Sharma Solutions For Class 8 Chapter 13 Profit, Loss, Discount and Value Added Tax (VAT) EXERCISE PAGE NO: 1. A student buys a pen for Rs 90 and sells it for Rs Find his gain and gain percent. Solution: We know that the cost price of pen = Rs Missing: image. RD Sharma Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 10 � Direct and Inverse Variations Men x Time (months) 9 7 We know k = xy ? 9 = x ? 7 x = (?9)/7 = So, � = Men ? extra men are required to finish the job in 7 months. 8. men can finish a stock of food in 35 days. How many more men should join.

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This text book is based on the latest syllabus prescribed by the CBSE. The text has been divided into two volumes. At the end of each chapter an exercise consisting of Multiple Choice Questions MCQs , Summary for quick revision of concepts and formulae have been given. Sharma is Currently working as Head of Dept. Sc Hons. This chapter comes under Geometry section and deals with the polygon shape and its related problems.

Maths RD Sharma Solutions for Class 8th offered by us will surely help students in solving these problems easily. This chapter includes 1 exercise with 5 questions in total. It comprises of 1 exercise which includes the basic questions related to the quadrilaterals.

By solving this exercise, students will be able to improve their knowledge on quadrilaterals and its construction. A total of 3 exercises with 55 questions are given in this chapter. This chapter basically covers some special types of quadrilaterals and its associated problems. The problems are solved by professional and experienced math experts in order to facilitate students.

This chapter includes problems related to the practical geometry such as the construction of different shapes as according to the given measurement, how to write steps of construction etc. Along with this, this chapter will also teach how to use different tools of geometry for constructing different shapes.

It comprises 5 exercises in total. The chapter visualizing shapes covers the topics related to 3D shapes, scale drawing, geometrical solids etc. There are 2 exercises in the chapter with 12 questions in total.

Area of Trapezium and Polygon includes 3 exercises in total. In this chapter, students will learn how to find the area of trapezium and different polygons by using concerning formulas.

There are 4 exercises in this chapter. First and second exercise comprises questions based on volume of cuboids and cube. In the 4th exercise, students will have to prove some given equations. There are 2 exercises in this chapter where students will be able to find out the important formulas to find surface area and volume of right circular cylinder.

Surface area is divided into 2 parts i. In this chapter, students will have to solve 62 questions in total. This chapter Classification and Tabulation of Data helps students to know how to classify data and arrange the same in a tabular form. It comprises 2 exercises with 20 questions in total.

Students can easily download this solution and understand the concepts in a much better way. This chapter involves 1 exercise with 12 questions. Here, students will be able to learn about histograms and how to represent data graphically as histograms. This chapter involves ever single detail related to the histograms so that students can learn this concept smoothly. This chapter deals with the questions related to the pictorial representation of data as pie chart.

It includes 1 exercise with 17 questions. Along with the pictorial representation, this chapter also teaches students how to solve different problems by using data given in circle graphs. Only 1 exercise is given in this chapter.

This chapter mainly deals with problem related to probability. The solution includes several solved exercises along with detailed explanations given by our experts to further help students practice solving equations in a more fun way.

The RD Sharma solutions that we are offering will enable students to improve their math skills as well as prepare effectively for the exams. All solutions are prepared by our experts for helping you to appear for the exam.

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