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These instructions are for the crafting of a small Styrofoam shup ship. This is a fun craft that actually floats. It will take some time and plenty of patience, but rest assured that the time you put into it is well worth it.

The hull is the watertight body of a ship or boat. The Bow front of the ship Creating the Template 1. This is used only as a reference. Cutting 1. Carefully cut the outside triangles away by cutting along the solid line drawn.

This can be done using a razor blade or kitchen knife. Shaping Piratw more accurate representation of the bow of the boat, shaping can be. The captain's cabin is the raised section located at the rear of the ship. Measuring 1. Installing 1. The front of the captain's cabin will rest along this line. Use glue to secure the cabin to the top side of the boat. Pressure may need to be added during the drying time of the glue. The forecastle deck is the raised section located at the bow front of building a wooden pirate ship 70 ship.

This dashed line will line buildung with the dashed line qooden drawn on the hull. Turn both pieces upside down keeping the dashed lines aligned.

Carefully cut along the lines drawn in pkrate previous step. Use glue building a wooden pirate ship 70 attach this section to the top of the hull at the bow. The Mast The mast is a tall, vertical beam which supports the sails.

Measuring and Cutting 1. Designate one end to be the top and one end to be the w. This will help attach the sail yard to the mast in the next steps. The Sail Building a wooden pirate ship 70 The sail yard is the horizontal beams on a mast from which the sails are set. This will help attach the sail yard to the mast in the next step. Attaching the Sail Yard to the Mast 1.

Connect the two notches together and align as best you. Apply buliding dab of hot glue wpoden the intersection and adjust accordingly before the hot glue sets up. Allow for the glue to dry before applying more glue. Apply enough glue to withstand the high winds and high seas. Use adult supervision. The sales can be made buikding of a variety of things. An old t-shirt was used for the making of this ship.

Designate one of the sides to be the top. Installing the Sail to the Sail Yard In building a wooden pirate ship 70 case of attaching this sail, a stapler is used. Other methods of attaching the sail can be. This is a fast and easy way. Take buildijg sail and drape it over the sail yard with the notch splitting the mast. Fold back the flaps on the back. Allow for enough buildiing to staple it. Using the stapler, staple the folded back flaps to the front part of the sail.

Place two staples near the mast on each side building a wooden pirate ship 70 two on the outside of wpoden sail. Use the stapler to attach two staples on the bottom outside edge of the sail. This will be used for rigging in the next step. Installing the Mast into the Hull 1. This is your mast with the sail yard attached. Building a wooden pirate ship 70 mast should go at least halfway down into the Styrofoam.

For extra support, additional glue may need to be added at the base of the mast. Rigging 1. Unfold a paper clip and bend it in half, as seen building a wooden pirate ship 70. Stick the paper clips building a wooden pirate ship 70 the outside of the boat slightly behind the mast.

This sjip used to tie down the sail. Using fishing line or any kinds of string, attach pifate separate strings from the staples in the bottom of the sail to the paper clips. Make sure the string is tight and double knot the knots. Accessories Have fun with this boat.

Try to make it as realistic as you. A few accessories on this ship are the bowsprit, flag off the back, and a name on the. Bowsprit The bowsprit is the piece of wood sticking out the front of the boat. Flag The flag is made out of black construction paper and stapled around an unbent paper clip.

Take the final product out to a pond and watch it sail in the wind! I bet you could also add a small RC car motor to the mainstaff and make the boat remote controlled! Reply 8 years ago on Introduction. Introduction: How to Build a Pirate Ship. Did you make this project? Share it with us!

I Made It! How buildijg Bike-A-Line! Reply Woocen. Kaptain Kool 9 years ago on Step 7.

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