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The the next logical question is, "well what kind of wood in my area can I use". We get pictures from all over the world from people who have built boats out of wood we have never heard of. This is not an exhaustive listing, however it is a great start to avialable wood types and their uses and characteristics. Building a Wooden Boat: This Instructable contains my plans and method for building a boat. It is written as a journal. I'm a novice so please don�t expect exact and % correct boat building plans/ advice or terminology. Experts, please fee. Old Boats: Treasures from the Past - free boat plans from the 's and 's. Making a high performance white polytarp sail. Hartley boat plans and boatbuilding guides. The Ultimate Boat Maintenance Guide. Wooden Boat magazine-Boat plans and kits - directory of wooden boat plans and kits, searchable by type of craft and/or keyword, e.g.

Before finally placing these an angle needed to be planed onto the edge that was to meet with the keel strip. Quick notes. It absorbs water readily. Initial Boat Survey Checklist The initial survey questions to ask when looking at a Australiia Boat with a view to restoring or renovating. How to source sustainable 'Green' Wood.

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