The Bering 77 is one of the most luxurious of all expedition yachts in the Expedition Series. With a range of 4, nautical miles and a maximum speed of 11 knots, this luxury expedition yacht proves to be one of the best, most preferred in the Expedition Series. Jan 08, �� Read about some of the top expedition yachts and long range cruiser yachts in the world. Yachts. Boatbuilder Profile: Outer Reef Yachts. The trawler builder is creating its first planing-hull yacht under Summit MotorYachts brand. By Patrick Sciacca. Yachts. Explorer Yachts 60 - Foot Worldwide Search Results. Find 60 - foot explorer and expedition search results for around the world below. Click an image to see specifications, images and price. Make points:

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All these yachts are built for power, safety and comfort. Its impressive facilities and equipment include a dedicated helicopter hanger, CAP helipad, twin The Register Top 10 largest sailing yachts in the world. The exterior design, penned by Meccano Engineeringcombines best expedition yacht builders 75 and straight lines ycaht Rosetti's supply vessel characteristics. Exterior designer Timur Bozca said the concept had been inspired by "rocket ship designs" and said the yacht would be "as comfortable in the Med as she would be buildees the Arctic Circle. Planet Nine

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