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Avalon Pontoon Boats is a world-leading manufacturer of award-winning luxury pontoon boats that is wvalon to the Art of the Pontoon. For over 48 years Avalon has been passionate about creating Artistic pontoon designs, rigorous high quality, and outstanding customer service.

Take a look at all of our models and you will see a Work of Art for every budget, all of which include our Lifetime hull warranty and 10 Year bow to stern warranty for all other components.

But the most comprehensive award was the recent John G. Thodis Michigan Manufacturer of the Year Award for excellence in manufacturing. This award recognizes Avalon as the number one company in Michigan for being the most positive force in fishihg industry, outstanding employee relations, satisfied customers and contribution to its community.

Choose from inexpensive Boutique high quality models you fully personalize, to the distinct look of the Zvalon models. Or choose a Master Collection masterpiece that xvalon loaded with features and Style! The Avalon build process bozt with Midwest crafters that have building pontoons for years lovee the latest computer aided equipment.

CAD computer designs create precision patterns, then all hand welded pontoon structure and connecting materials are made avalon gs fishing pontoon boat love exclusively designed rollers and presses as well computer aided water jet cutting equipment.

Additional Computer driven cutters create precise vinyl avalon gs fishing pontoon boat love components, foam shapes, and Star Board composite components. Bending equipment exclusively designed for Avalon create the unique designs and seamless areas only seen on Avalon pontoons. Our commitment to Art of the Pontoon creates a palette of offerings for every activity. First choose your performance level.

Then choose your comfort design. Check out our comparison tools to find the perfect boat. All Rights Reserved. Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy. Avalon Excalibur. Avalon Catalina Platinum. View Our Models. Find a Dealer. Play Video. Michigan Manufacturer of the Year.

Upcoming Avalon gs fishing pontoon boat love Shows There are no upcoming events at this time. Find your dream Pontoon. Master Collection. Our World class Flagship Pontoon Boat. Key Features:. View Models. Catalina Platinum. Signature Avalon gs fishing pontoon boat love. Boutique Collection.

The perfect pontoon boat for small lakes or sunset cruises. Perfect for small lakes or sunset cruises. Our Technology. Engine Performance Test. Which pontoon boat is right for me? Model Comparison Tool. Brochure Download. The Boag of the Pontoon. Build Your Boat. Find Ponton Dealer. Boat Series.

Boat Category. Why Avalon?


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Add some fishing to the bow of your cruising pontoon. CBF has two fishing chairs in the bow area of the pontoon outside of the front walls. The aft portion of the pontoon contains a rear corner seating area and two sundecks. If Trout Fishing Pontoon Boat Review cruising is your aim but you want a fishing-equipped space, then choose Rear Fish.

Either way, you get fishing stations with rotating chairs, livewell, and rod holders. Either way, you get a fishfinder, fishing stations with rotating chairs, livewell, and rod holders. All Rights Reserved. Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy. Fishing Pontoon Boats. One of our Pontoon specialist or a local dealer near you will contact you to help configure the boat that matches your exact needs. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Read Reviews. Model Details. GS Quad Fish. GS Rear Fish. Center Console Fish. GS Quad Lounger. GS Elite Windshield. Build Your Boat. Find A Dealer. Play Video. Boat Series. Boat Category. Why Avalon? We mostly like the one at the very bottom of the page on their website: Avalon Pontoons Its called a Deco Ambassador. I've never had a pontoon just jetskis and a deckboat so I don't really know what to look for.

We have a big family and like to entertain but would this work well to pull a tube like our deckboat? I don't really know much about Avalon. Last edited by bravo2 on Wed Sep 03, am, edited 1 time in total. I must have visited 4 or 5 different places in the Houston area before I decided on my 25' Xcursion. It just had better features for less money, and it looks and feels quality. When I asked the sales manager why they only had 1 Avalon in stock, he said they decided to drop the product and focus on Xcursion because they seemed to sell much better.

If this is the whole story, I have no idea. Good luck! Voltage gauge quit - they sent me a new one - no questions asked, free. Leaking around the front fishing seats - they sent me four tubes of premium silicone caulk - free, no questions asked.

When that still didn't solve the problem, they sent free - aluminum to underskin that area of the deck. Problem solved. Their dealer base is just not as good as some of the other manufacturers.

They stock hundreds of pontoons. I'd like to see how large they'd be if they were closer to the middle of the U. Our family inlaws have a low end 22'. It's poorly built from top to bottom but gets them around. The high end models seem fine. They are more floating living rooms.

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