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If you want to use your jon boat on rivers or lakes where there may be more chop to deal with, then a modified V-hull Used Aluminum Boats For Sale Florida Win New Jersey Wood Boats For Sale Germany may be your best bet. This design includes a V area in the front of the hull, rather than the traditional flat bottom traditional jon boat design. Realistically, if you are planning on boating on waters that do have a fair amount of wave action, then a jon boat may not be the best option. Aug 17, �� How do you know if a jon boat is safe for the Used Fishing Boats For Sale Chicago Login size of the lake, as in being worried about getting tipped over by waves from other boats and stuff like that? Is a 14 ft ok, or does it need to be like 16 ft or larger? Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. SoFlaBassAddict Posted August 15, Because of this, Jon Boats are great not only for lakes but also and especially rivers, bayous, and inlets. Hunting Jon Boats are very versatile when it comes to hunting.

Additionally, these seats can also make sitting for long hours a lot more comfortable and doable. Andy Taylor 9 Posted August 15, Do you like this content? Suitable for small boats and trucks Dual-purpose � joon as a seat and a cooler lid Comfortable, with padding 3 inches thick No-sink afe and removable cushion Easy installation with snaps Long and wide enough to seat are jon boats good for lakes jobs or two people. Coho Salmon. The differences between a mod V and a flat bottom Jon boat are subtle but they make a huge difference when it comes to performance in areas like large lakes.

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