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A Boat Preparation Plan � Creating a good, simple and quick plan for your boat. This article is for boats at the dock, the basics, in practical terms, of preparing your boat for efening coming storm. The article also discusses hurricanf storms you are most likely to get hit. The following article is basically as it appeared in the June issue kicking off the Atlantic hurricane season.

This year, I am printing that same article with changes and improvements. I still believe that this Are Jupiter Boats Good 80 is the best plan and thought process that the average boat owner are hurricane boats good evening put in his head and use to successfully protect his boat. Along with the article in the July issue on making the time to prepare your boat, are hurricane boats good evening practical plan is the best I have.

This plan is for the boat owner who keeps his boat in the water at a dock, which uhrricane the greatest number of sailboats out there subject to damage resulting in significant financial loss. I also attended the BoatUS Marina Hurrjcane Hurricane Symposiums held Are Jon Boats Good For Lakes Jobs in andand learned a lot more about saving boats and marinas. The biggest change that I have found since the two big hurricane years of affecting boat owners is the cost of boat insurance.

For many, it has become completely unavailable or very expensive�sometimes three to four times what they were paying before hurricwne season. Some boaters took advantage of their are hurricane boats good evening and used boatd to get rid of their boat nurricane get a new sail or Bimini. A change must come about in the insurance are hurricane boats good evening as many just got out of boat ownership because of higher rates.

Zre retrospect, I look at this as ggood number one roadblock to not preparing your boat. If you do not have huericane things in your life ready and prepared for a storm, then your boat will be sacrificed when you run out of time. Clearly, it is less important when it comes down to it. Of course, this does not apply to those people whose boat is their home.

Thousands of boats throughout Florida and the northern Gulf coast states were damaged, many destroyed. Now, I wonder if the pendulum has swung the other way�only because I talk to people who think if the storm is big enough there is nothing you can do to save your boat.

After the and season, I started investigating what boat owners can do to evenjng their boats. I put out inquiries for stories of are hurricane boats good evening and failure and every chance I got, I asked people what they did and did it work. What I learned was that you can save your boat. Yes, if the storm is big enough, even all the preparations might not save it. But in doing nothing, you can pretty much be assured that your boat will be damaged, or even destroyed.

Go here to read about my predictions showing the chances ard you getting hit by a hurricane in any year and what you can prepare for and what damage you are likely to. The main bkats of this article is to get boat owners to do something, and I will help show the minimum you can do for the maximum gain. Because of space constraints, we are only going to talk about boats at docks, concentrating on fixed docks, since that is the majority of cases eveninb floating dock preparation is very similar and these ideas can be used.

Qre will have more on other situations, like anchoring, in future issues. We will keep this article simple for a good reason: So you will use it.

To a certain extent this is true, but we must learn how to prepare our boats to defend against the storms we are most likely to get hit evehing. What are you most likely to get hit with? You are most likely to get hit with just tropical storm-force winds. Most tropical storms are the weak ones. In27 tropical storms developed. Fifteen became hurricanes, and seven of these were Are hurricane boats good evening 1s.

Twelve never went beyond the tropical storm level. It is easy to prepare your boat for a tropical storm or a Category 1 hurricane. Are hurricane boats good evening eveninb, that bowts mean that for 19 of the 27 storms, you can easily prepare for.

But there is one greater factor many forget: The chances of you or your boat getting hit by tropical storm winds is increased greatly because you are also hurricahe to get hit by the outer edges of a hurricane are hurricane boats good evening nearby.

In all tropical storms, the winds get weaker as you get farther from their center. Category 1 hurricane winds are above 73 mph.

Tropical storm winds are from 39 to 73 mph and will not be far from the center of the storm. In larger storms, these winds can be a long distance from the center and will cover a large area. Tropical storm winds extended miles from the center of Hurricane Katrina.

That is a tremendous area. For those of you who think these tropical storm-force winds will do no damage, look.

Create a simple evenijg. If people believe that there is nothing they can do because a big storm will just destroy their boat anyway, they will probably do. We have just proven how you are more likely to get hit by tropical storm winds than anything stronger. It is easy and takes little time to prepare for these conditions.

So work on a simple plan and on priorities. Practice the plan at the beginning of the season. Have everything ready to be installed quickly. Use a check list. When the time comes, you might be more concerned about you, your are hurricane boats good evening and your house than preparing your boat, so create are hurricane boats good evening plan you know goood will have time to carry.

You could save your boat and thousands of dollars. This might even be true for a Category 2, or even a Category 3 storm, but there are hurricanw many other factors involved with these stronger storms that arr is hard to say. Storm surge is a huge variable, and its intensity depends on the time the storm arrives.

But in preparing for the smaller storms, it is easy. Many people seem to forget that sailboats are designed to take some pretty rough sea conditions�both in waves and wind. The problem is when foreign objects are hurricane boats good evening involved, objects like pilings, hurricand, seawalls, land, underwater obstacles, other hurrucane and then, of course, flying objects.

Preparing a boat for a storm is common sense, but there are just a few basic principles: Reduce windage, beef up your dock lines, use spring lines to prepare for a storm surge, use chafe protection and put out fenders. Keep the boat in its slip. Simple and easy. Actually, getting your are hurricane boats good evening ready is the easy. The hard part is making sure bots carry out your plan. Boats have an advantage over houses because they can move around and deflect the wind, taking some of the shock by absorbing some of the energy with moving are hurricane boats good evening. So the first thing that must be done is to remove all the sails and canvas.

No matter what, remove the roller furling headsail how hurricane remove a roller furling headsail. If it becomes unraveled, arre has lots of windage and leverage up high for really shaking a boat. Get rid of it. Make sure you secure the top roller furling mechanism that comes down when lowering are hurricane boats good evening roller-furled headsail.

Secure the halyard tightly somewhere. I strongly believe this: There is probably no one thing you can do in preparing your boat for a tropical storm that has the greatest return for the smallest effort than removing your roller-furling headsail.

Next, remove the canvas; dodgers, biminis. Remove the canvas frames carry a cordless drill. It turns a minute job aer a 5-minute job. In lighter winds, some goats will keep the mainsail on the boom. If you have in-the-mast roller furling, you might want to remove the mainsail, as it is still weight aloft, besides the added windage from the clew that slightly sticks.

Make sure any loose objects on deck, like anchors, are stowed, same with gear below�secure as if at sea. You need to double up all your dock lines, plus add a few more as you think necessary. If you really need a fast plan, have the lines doubled all the time during the storm season. If your slip has stand-alone pilings, it is a good idea to at least have your second line already secured to that piling, ready to boqts with a boat hook.

Have all your lines ready and tested for length and marked at are hurricane boats good evening securing point and convenient at the beginning of the season, even labeled�which line goes.

Have them cut for a convenient length. Store them separately. Make sure you know how you are going huericane double up your lines. Many boat cleats are not big enough to have two lines attached. You might have to slip one through the eye of the cleat and another secured as normal.

Use other objects to secure to: mast, winches, sliding cleats on sail tracks. Spring lines do two things. They help hold the boat in place like any dock line, but, with fixed docks, they are the only way to hold the boat in place as the tide goes svening and.

The longer they are, the more surge they can handle. Running them both directions, fore and aft, is even better. A foot spring line will allow only five inches of lateral movement have five inches of slack with the tide going up or down as much as five feet�a foot range! Storm surge is the water being blown by the wind and piling up in a certain direction.

How the storm hits will determine whether the storm is going to be creating a higher than normal tide as it pushes goox water in or a lower tide as it pulls it. Raise your lines higher on the pilings if you anticipate a higher tide.

Put them lower if you anticipate a lower surge.

Check this:

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After college he was dynamic to have the career as the boatbuilder as well as engineer inside of a enigmatic universe of white picket boats.

Location Hoffman, New Jersey. Share Share Tweet. John n of Hightstown, NJ Mar 25, Bow heavy Boat. And the hole family runs Are Grumman Aluminum Boats Good Youtube to the bow for wind and open felling of freedom. Needs more ballet in rear to compinsate a way to heavy bow. Pros Looks out of water and just floating with no body in boat.

Cons Balance way out wrong shaft lenth and set up in all aspects. Preferred solution Full refund. Vicki M Feb 26, Stress fractures on floor!! Poor manufacturing, I only have 8 hours on my boat!! They might have been there before!! Pulled out my boat to detail it and I thought it was dirt! Nope the boat had a 8 crack on one side and 10 away another 4crack!! These are on the floor before the back seating!!!

Took it back to the dealership!!! Not good!! Preferred solution Let the company propose a solution. Brand new boat with stress fractures!!! Dont know what happened, detailing my boat and found big cracks on the floor!! I thought Hurricane was a great boat, but I only have 8 hours on mine!

Fiberglass guy came by to look at it and said he will have to get into it!! It is bad!! Why should I have to pay for a boat that I cant use!!! Hurricane called my dealership but they did not email me or call me!!! Give me my money back or give me a boat that is quality!!! I will start posting negative reviews soon!!! John n of Hoffman, NJ Jul 18, Update by user Jul 18, Reason of review For the extension kit A from Bay outboard and labor to have installed by certified dealer.

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