Aluminum Boat Trailers | AlumaTrek | Boat Trailers Built to Last Aluminum Trailers At Magic Tilt, we make the most complete line of Aluminum Trailers in the industry. This product line diversity reflects the many unique boating conditions that our dealers serve. Benefits of Aluminum Trailers include: Excellent corrosion resistance Lightweight � tempered I-beams Sharp looking We view trailer construction in three different parts: frame, boat support and. Tandem Axle Aluminum Pontoon Trailer A great fit for coastal waters, this aluminum model stands up to salt and prevents corrosion. It will fit midsize pontoons up to 22? in length and is great for the long haul given its multiple axles. Reliability is also built in with smart lighting and wheel bearing systems. Boat Length Under " �" �" Over " # of Axles on Trailer 1 2. Filter Results Showing all 9 results Material Steel Aluminum. Carrying Capacity lb and Under � lb � lb Over lb. Tandem Axle Aluminum Pontoon Trailer View Details.
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Galvanized Steel Pontoon Trailers Standard Features: Quality Construction � Trailers are constructed of hot-dipped galvanized mill channel steel frame.

Heavy-Duty Caster Jack Stand � A caster jack stand is used to level the trailer once unhitched and assist in hitching. Sleeved Bunks � Bunks will be made from pressure-treated lumber and covered with plastic skid sleeves. Safety Chain � Keeps the trailer attached in the unlikely event your trailer separates from the tow vehicle while in transit.

Value-added Assembly � All trailers include fenders, lights, license plate bracket, and 20 Foot Aluminum Boat Trailer Jack safety chains. Heavy-Duty Caster Jack Stand � A heavy-duty jack stand is used to level the trailer once unhitched and assist in hitching.

Standard on larger trailers. Optional Features Loading Guides � During recovery, loading guides help identify the left and right sides of the trailer that is underwater.

When backing the empty trailer down the ramp, they help to identify the rear of the trailer when the trailer itself is not visible. Boarding Ladder � Boarding ladder built into winch post. Stainless Steel Bearing Buddies � Provides the best protection for your trailer during transit. Hydraulic Brakes � Available for larger trailers to provide additional braking power for heavier loads.

Modified for You � We will be more than happy to modify a pontoon trailer just for you if our stock trailers do not meet your needs. View Trailers. You just need to rely on our trusted Aluminum Pontoon Boat Trailers to get out on the water.

Our Pontoons Trailers come standard 14" radials, vinyl wrapped bunks to protect your aluminum pontoons, and a pontoon bow stop and ladder.

Find out more about how our multihull boat trailers can get you where you need to go. Our custom aluminum bow stops and tunnel guides are designed for your boat. Each trailer is built using your boats specs, so launch and load with ease on an AlumaTrek.

Come see how our aluminum airboat trailers can get your blow boats going. Our Aluminum Airboat Trailers are rugged and built to get you there. Included Aluminum Boat Trailer Accessories Top in our Standard Saltwater Package. A standard feature on all of our trailers. Aluminum Bunk Brackets on both front and rear bunks reduce the chance for rust and deterioration.

This allows our trailers to maintain their structural strength making our trailer outlast any steel galvanized brackets.

All of our trailer come standard with LED Lights with a sealed wiring harness with an integrated sound that is run the entire length of the trailer. So your trailer is grounded to the tow vehicle instead of the trailer. With the harness and ground being sealed it prevents corrosion from disrupting the lights ground, so you have working lights every time. Ensure your lights last through the seasons with an AlumaTrek boat trailer. Our entire wiring harness is sealed with 3M marine grade heat-shrink wiring connectors.

Sealing the harness extends the life of our LED lights by preventing the corrosion that causes flickering, dimmed, and inoperative lights. Equipped with a 4-Way Corrosion Protection. Galvanic Action : Zinc corrodes to protect steel. Radial Tires come standard on every trailer, there are no economic bias ply trailer tires here. Giving you peace of mind when towing knowing you have a quality tire better suited for highway usage.

This is because Aluminum Boat Trailers Vs Galvanized With they tow better at higher speeds and last longer than a Bias Ply Tires. They also shed heat better, reducing the risk of blow-outs on long hauls. If you are interested in more information or would like to discuss your options please contact us and we can discuss your custom build. Please fill out our form or give us a call to talk to one of our representatives. Message received.

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