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Faster CC. Faster SC. Faster CX. Faster i. The Faster aluminium boats' features have been refined and tested in professional use. Over the years i. If they trust Faster, why wouldn't you? Our boat models are hand-made in Finland out of raw marine aluminum thicker than most boat manufacturers use, making Faster boats stronger and more durable than other aluminum boats.

A genial layout plan makes for great maneuverability in tough conditions, even when heavily loaded. Read. The Faster model range is divided into mainly four different segments, depending on the aluminum boats houston tx easter of the steering console s and use of space.

Below you can see some examples. For all models, please see the Boat Models page. Subscribe to newsletter Ask for quote. Seats Seat cushions and back rests Canopies and covers Other accessories.

Brochures Why Faster? Adaptability Waterlines for anti-fouling. Versatility at its best Faster CC. Benefits of a bow ramp without compromising on driving properties Faster SC. Go - whenever you want, wherever you want Faster CC. Boating made enjoyable - in all weathers Faster SC.

Always ready when and where you need to go Faster CC. Through stormy waters Faster SC. A true combination of utility, professional and recreational boat Faster CC. Multitasker with a practical bow ramp Faster SC. The adaptable side console boat Faster CX. Takes you there safe and sound, aluminum boats houston tx easter when other boats struggle to Faster CC.

Takes you where you want to go, regardless aluminum boats houston tx easter the shore Faster i. The flexible side console model is suited for both fishing, leisure and utility. Versatile dual consoles aluminum boats houston tx easter effortless cruising and goods transporting. The combination of a recreational, utility and professional boat.

Each and every one of our boats is a handmade Finnish quality product. Search and find the Faster dealers closest to you. Join our mailing list and stay on top on what happens at Faster.

It is especially suited for sea transfers and leisure fishing, but as all Faster model This just under 5 m long sturdy multitasker offers excellent driving properties and plenty of shelter from wind for four adults. One of Aluminum Boats Houston Tx 204 its virtues Topnotch comfort, equipping and transport capacity, all-in-one.

Behind the two consoles, tha You can trust the CC even when the weather conditions suddenly change or when the final destination is in a more challenging spot. This center console equipped aluminum boat makes Benefits of a bow ramp without compromising aluminum boats houston tx easter driving properties Faster SC is a versatile multitasker with a practical bow ramp and two side consoles.

The 87 cm wide ramp makes it easy to load and unload sizeable and bulky equipment � you can even fit a cartwheel or a two-wheeler on the bow The 87 cm wide bow ramp, which is easily operated via the switch on the console switch boa A talented multitasker with a practical bow ramp The SC, which has been equipped with a bow ramp and dual steering consoles, is a leisure boat that doubles as a sturdy workhorse.

It is suited not only for transporting bulky and heavy loads, but also as an access boat between the summer house A true combination of utility, professional and recreational boat Originally designed for professionals such as oil spill response and SAR workers, this sturdy and unwavering landing craft is a force Aluminum Boats Houston Jp to be reckoned.

Faster CC originates as a work boat, which reinforces that the boat is e Contacts Ask for quote Dealers. FAQ Why Faster? Aluminum boats houston tx easter can I buy a boat?

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