Mar 26, �� +1 on Aluminum hated the chrome on the bass boat. Tried everything from heavy wax, wd40, to spray grease for winter storage still no help, they rusted. Chap has the functional galvanized but ugly rims. They loose air faster than any of the Aluminum Boats With Trailer 3d Model other trailers, lawn, boat, RV. Will replace them at the end of this season with new rubber. Aug 22, �� Re: GALVANIZED OR ALUMINUM TRAILER & SALT WATER The galvanising 14 Foot Aluminum Boat With 25 Horse Dvd is porous and the trailer will eventually rust if you dip it in saltwater. Aluminium will never rust but I am a bit dubious about their strength and they probably cost a fair bit myboat158 boatplansted Reading Time: 4 mins. Jul 03, �� Galvanized trailers are steel dipped into zinc. Have seen galvanized boat trailers. I won�t weld on galvanized metal or cut it with a myboat158 boatplansg like zinc sickness. There are many types of aluminum and trailers, like boats, are an aluminum alloy. Pluses and minuses to the alloys.

What brand of brakes? Small Aluminum Boat trailer with hot dip galvanized for sale. Most Aluminum Boat Trailers For Sale Used Price I see are going to the aluminum dual axle instead of the old style galvanized. My father owns a Loadmaster brand double axle trailer for his 20' Edgewater. But your wallet is lighter .

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