Our customer support team quite aluminum boat trailer tongue weight quarter receives questions from customers concerning their tongue weight when towing a boat as well 20 Foot Aluminum Boat Trailer Weight Quartet as questions about aluminum boat trailer tongue weight quarter or not alumonum can submerge their boat trailer hitch in water while launching the boat.

All of this contributes to why the tongue weight usually reads low when towing a boat. Another important aspect to keep in mind with boats is that they hold water. For all those questioning whether or not you can submerge your Weigh Safe hitch into water when launching your boat� YES you can!

Our hitches are fully capable of being submerged in water. Remove your Weigh Safe hitch from your tow vehicle, trai,er the slider from the draw bar and rinse with a light soap and water. And as a constant reminder, make sure to never tow a boat that exceeds your gross vehicle weight rating GVWR and take the proper steps and precautions prior to hitting the road. As always, know before you tow. A day of boating is only fun if you make it there safely.

Oh and our Steel Weigh Safe hitch is coming very soon!! Stay tuned!

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The straight shaft places the engine more toward the front and the axle position on the trailer may have to be moved forward as well to achieve proper tongue weight. Secondly, additional clearance is needed for the shaft to clear the trailer frame. Most shaft drive boats up to 24 feet will fit on our standard aluminum trailers. Jun 01, �� For example, if the gross weight of trailer, boat and gear is 1, pounds, the weight on the tongue should not be more than pounds, nor less than pounds. (Some auto manufacturers say that tongue weight should not exceed pounds when using a weight-carrying hitch with full-size cars). Measuring Tongue Weight. The answer? Anywhere between 9 18 Ft Aluminum Boat Weight Full and 14 percent. This means that if your loaded trailer weighs a total of 6, lbs, your ideal tongue weight would be between and pounds. How to Determine Tongue Weight Adjustments.

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