Boat Trailer Guide On Kits and Posts in Aluminum and Galvanized Bushings, Bolts and all kinds of Mounting Hardware. For Tandem Axle Trailers you may need to replace your equalizer bar if it's looking rusty or worn out. Trailer Leaf Spring Hardware comes in 9/16 and 1/2 inch diameter, 1/2 is typically used on Saltwater and Freshwater Boat Trailers, while 9/16 is more common on Utility Trailers and Land Trailers. All the parts needed to repair and maintain your trailer including Spring Hangers-Trailer, Springs & Trailer Suspension, Springs & Trailer Suspension from myboat264 boatplans Boat Trailer Parts. Trailer Jacks Tie Downs Bunk Components. Guides Hanger-Spring Front/Rear Aluminum Hd, Four 3/8" Mounting Holes, 1/2" Spring Bolt Hole. SKU. Hanger can be configured to work as either a front, center, or rear hanger on tandem- or triple-axle applications. Can be used on single-axle trailers as a front hanger only. Designed to suspend your .. springs Hanger suspends spring or equalizer from trailer frame Fits /4" wide double-eye springs with 9/16" diameter eyes Works with 9/16" diameter bolt (sold separately) Specs: Overall.

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Two important factors with using this system if you are not currently using it. Second, if you are not replacing your trailer axle, switching to Leaf Spring Sliders may change the location of your Leaf Springs in relation to your Axle. The Spring Sliders will more than likely change where the Springs will need to mount. If you have any questions about this, please contact us for further assistance. If you are also replacing your Axles with us, then we can help you determine where your new Leaf Spring Assembly will be mounted.

If this is an exact replacement, then little will change about your suspension system. Sometimes the Fender Brackets appear slightly different on newer designs than how they were made Aluminum Bay Boats For Sale In Louisiana Lyrics 10 years ago, but the function remains the same. If you are wanting to use this item, then you must make sure you use the appropriate Leaf Spring moving forward. Using a single axle Double Eye spring slider suspension system means you must additionally use Trailer Leaf Spring Shackles to complete your system.

You can look at the photos with this listing to verify. Or, just know that the Narrower Hanger goes towards the rear of the boat trailer, as you will mount your Leaf Spring Shackles to the outside of this hanger, in order to mount the back of the leaf spring. Stock Kit includes all suspension components needed to attach a lb. Stock Kit includes all suspension components needed to attach QTY:2 lb. Light Duty Single axle kit with hangers for slipper style leaf springs.

Single axle kit with Short hangers for double eye leaf springs. Single axle kit with Long hangers for double eye leaf springs. Single axle kit with hangers for slipper style leaf springs. They bolt, or u bolt to your frame, securing your trailers suspension assembly in place.

Each listing is for a specific Leaf Spring Size and purpose. Overall Length 68" - Mounts 64" Trailer Fenders. Overall Length 68" - Mounts 60" Trailer Fenders. Overall Length 38" - Mounts 29" Trailer Fenders. Overall Length 25" - Mounts Top Sellers.

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