Boat Trailers � Hi-Tech Marine Load Rite trailers give you the best of both worlds. Our heavy-duty galvanized and aluminum framesuare some of the toughest on the market, with exceptional durability and corrosion resistance, while our advanced components secure and protect your craft at every phaseuof operation. Benefits of Aluminum Boat Trailers. Lightweight; Great corrosion resistance; High aesthetic appeal; Each trailer comes with the Tredit Advantage Program, which includes 24/7 emergency service, vehicle theft recovery incentive, lost/stolen key service and more. The boat�s trailer is a forgotten component that often corrodes first. It contacts the water each time the boat is launched and then removed from the water. The saltwater splashes up into the undercarriage of the trailer, causing a great deal of corrosion damage that can prevent your trailer from going anywhere.
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Hot-dipped galvanized steel provides exceptional strength and durability, resisting corrosion in challenging marine conditions, including salt. Single axle trailers are suited for boats up to about 20 feet in length.

Your Load Rite dealer will help you select the appropriate configuration for your trailer. Tandem and tri-axle trailers are suited for boats of roughly 20 feet and up. Boat trailers have to tackle some of the most punishing conditions out there, from salt water immersion to mud to year-round weather. Load Rite trailers give you the best of both worlds. LED Trailer Lights. Bias Tires on Galvanized Rims. Aluminum rims are available as an upgrade. Four board adjustable set up with galvanized brackets, pressure treated lumber, and marine 16oz carpet.

Torsion and Spring Suspension is available. Standard shipping and fabrication times that are listed may not apply, but we are working to ship your orders as quickly as possible. Please note that we are working as quickly as possible to fill and ship the orders. Fortunately, there are coatings available to prevent corrosion on the boat trailer. There are a few specialty compounds created to repel salt from the boat trailer while it is in contact with the salt water.

Some salt repellants come as a wax-like material that is applied every two to three months. A thick coating is said to last six months. Bob Stearns of Trailer Boats Magazine suggests coating the vulnerable parts with lubricants that are normally know to loosen rusted bolts and quite squeaky hinges. The spray lubricant also creates a coating that protects the parts of the trailer by repelling the saltwater.

It must be applied before and after a trip into the water however. Galvanized steel and stainless steel components are already resistant to corrosion and are the best materials for a boat trailer.

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