Converting jon boats into bass boats has really taken off in popularity over the last few years. Baas for good reason! The possibilities and customization options are endless, but there are some important things to think about before you start.

These tips and tricks will give you the help you need to start planning the perfect jon boat to bass boat project. The most important piece of the conversion project is the jon boat. Everything you do from start to finish revolves around your base jon boat, so aluminum bass boat plans youtuber may as well choose a wide one that affords you the most freedom. A boat with a narrow aluminum bass boat plans youtuber will almost always have a number Bass Boat Plans Free Edition of issues during the conversion process.

Second, and aluminum bass boat plans youtuber importantly, a narrow hull will be very unstable when a deck is installed. The wider, aluminum bass boat plans youtuber better. It simply aluminum bass boat plans youtuber that you need to take extra care to choose a hull that can handle plns extra construction that comes when you turn it into a heavier rig. Go for a heavier hull made from quality aluminum.

Look for rust, holes, weak spots, rotted wood, etc and make any necessary repairs on the front end. If these repairs are outside of your handiness, call in the pros for this step. Turning a jon boat into a functional bass boat is Aluminum Boats Bass 3d Model hard work as it is. Pressure treated wood is a godsend for many things, but this project is not one of.

Unfortunately, the chemicals used on pressure treated wood are not very compatible with aluminum jon boats. The chemicals in pressure treated wood cause negative reactions when they meet aluminum. This can result in corrosion and even pitting in the aluminum, weakening or even ruining your hull. For those who know how to build aluminmu aluminum, it is definitely the ideal material for constructing your jon-to-bass framework. The main benefit to using aluminum is reduced weight.

Aluminum is a good deal lighter aluminum bass boat plans youtuber wood. Aluminum also holds up better over time than wood.

Non-treated wood soaks up water. This makes it heavier and susceptible to mold, mildew, and aluminum bass boat plans youtuber. Done right, aluminum framing will give you a long-lasting, light build that is strong enough to withstand heavy use. Choosing akuminum right height for deck placement is extremely important for overall stability. The higher your deck, the less stable it will be when you stand. Hull style and individual preferences both play a role here, but there are some general guidelines for optimal placement.

Stability is not a problem with any jon boat of this width. It will absolutely be the most comfortable to stand on no matter where you place your decks. These numbers are simply a good starting place for deciding your deck height.

You also need to factor in things like your weight and physical capability. The important aluminum bass boat plans youtuber to consider is durability. Protect your boat and yourself with heavy-duty hinges and appropriately sized hardware everywhere.

You also need to take extra care in selecting the type of metal you use for your hardware. Since your jon boat hull is aluminum, not every kind of metal will.

The aluminum bass boat plans youtuber metal will negatively react with the aluminum. This causes galvanic corrosion. The weaker metal the bot, in this case will corrode faster than it would have. The best course of action is to use high-quality aluminum hardware on most things, saving stainless steel or other more durable metals for the places where they are most needed for structural integrity. The severity and impact of galvanic corrosion is often a point of debate among DIY boat builders, but it is definitely a plana factor to consider for the long run.

You may go years without a problem, but certain metals will eventually react negatively with aluminum under the right circumstances. This is perfectly aluinum if done properly. For those doing their own wiring, f loating your electric system is the best way to go with an aluminum boat. You absolutely do not want your hull to be a part of the system if you want to avoid extra galvanic corrosion.

Marine carpet is made to withstand the rigors of boating and fishing. Some carpets have lots of fluffy fibers that catch on everything and make your life more difficult. That means more weight on your boat. One will give you a good, satisfying final product.

The other will frustrate you while costing way too much time and money. Again, this type of project is meant to keep things simple. Overcomplicating things by nitpicking every minor detail can end up doubling the overall cost of your project both in time and in money. Remind yourself that the little things you get hung up on are likely things that no one would notice but you. A fresh set of eyes on your project is Bass Boat Trailer Custom Wheels 20 often the best thing for it.

A friend or a professional may aluminum bass boat plans youtuber an important addition or modification right away. It never hurts to get an outside alumiunm or opinion, even when you think you already have it all figured. These tips should give nass plenty to consider and help to jump start your project. Let us know if you have any other tips or suggestions! And make sure to show us your finished product!

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