The Boat Race - Wikipedia Whether you hit the water with fishing or a heavy-duty task in mind, this is the aluminum jon boat to help you tackle it. Get more done with the CR Jon from Crestliner. Jon boats are perfect for your duck hunting adventures and are easy to transport from pond to pond. Lund�s duck or jon boats deliver the ultimate strength, whether you�re fishing, hunting, or hauling. You can�t go wrong with a Lund Jon Boat. The all-welded TRACKER� GRIZZLY� Jon is a tough and versatile aluminum jon boat that can easily be adapted for fishing, hunting or working. The unitized stringer, transom and hull provide rock-solid construction and a smooth, dry ride. The has a thick aluminum cockpit floor plus a big front deck with a lockable storage compartment.

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A foot jon boat is a great baseline to start with when it comes to buying flat-bottom boats unless you plan on sticking to the family pond, then, by all means, re-read the description of the 8-foot jon boat. At 12 foot, your boat can handle a meaningful weight capacity and has more convenient speed to travel short distances faster than a foot jon boat. This speed can get you to nearby coves in the lake much more reliably than smaller models.

It is also very appropriate on the smaller moving rivers and streams. This is a great winch strap that is ideal for jon boats or any smaller bass boat. It is capable of handling up to pounds.

It is made with top-of-the-line components and is very reliable. Ideal For: Navigation to almost all lake locations; longer fishing trips; water sports Weight Capacity: pounds kg Crew: 3 passengers easily. Throw in a medium gear load or a child. Fast enough for most water sports. Now, this is where the fun begins. At 14 foot you can comfortably start to bring more than just one additional person.

The main difference between the foot jon boat and the foot jon boat Jon Boat Manufacturers Welded 2021 is that with the foot model, the load moves up to 3 people. Speed depends on how loaded down your boat is with people and gear. Now, this is the real deal for the four-person squad. No one gets left out of the fishing or water sports because of boat weight capacity. This boat size is great for water sports, fishing, and leisure boating.

Where this size really starts to shine is as a legitimate working utility boat. It could even function as a commercial fishing vessel on freshwater systems. At an 18 foot length, we are not talking about little boats anymore. This size has a pretty impressive seating capacity and depending on its deck and bench customization, it can handle two small families.

For example two pairs of parents and four kids. So with this boat, you can get yourself, your family and a family friend with their family out to fish or explore. Same as 18 foot models. At this size, averages are almost impossible to calculate because boats this big have highly varied configurations, purpose, and usage. Some people could use them to carry a medium sized group of people to the honey hole fishing area while others might use them to carry a smaller group to a duck hunting site.

It is all too varied but here are a couple of data points. Boats in this realm are simply too large and varied to provide accurate details for. Will you be using your boat for fishing trips on various rivers with one or two friends?

Or your plan is going out on the family pond for some bass fishing with your grandson. Ready for the pros and ready for you, the Competitor models are decked out with the features you want and need, like spacious storage, a built-in cooler, lighted livewells and top-of-the-line textured gunnels. Get out there and let everyone know you came to win with the Competitor From large lakes to your local favorite fishing spot, the Shadow series is sure to be the talk at the local bait shop.

A sleek and fearless warrior on the water, the Competitor models mix confidence and efficiency in the best way. A sleek and fearless warrior on the water, the Competitor Shadow models mix confidence and efficiency in the best way. Powerful performance with a compact design. The Competitor series redefines efficiency. The Competitor will give you a fishing experience that puts the competition to shame. Go anywhere and do everything. The Voyageur bestows all the spacious comfort of a huge fishing rig in a foot outfit.

The Voyageur is ready for you to explore and discover, all while making the bigger boats jealous. Historically setting the standard. With all the right features, the Classic provides just the experience you want.

On top of easy towing and fantastic performance, the foot outfit is equipped with tons of storage and amenities. Perfect for family getaways or going solo, the Classic consistently sets a high bar.

Its streamlined design, top-of-the-class features and effortless maneuverability allow you to do exactly what you think it would: escape. This series' easy-to-tow size lets you get on the water in a hurry without sacrificing the amenities you love.

Standard features like extra-large side rod holders, a huge lighted livewell and downright impressive storage space keep this light package in line with the heavy weights. These Alumacraft All Welds are the perfect all purpose boat and when it comes to a goose hunting boat or a duck hunting boat, the name Waterfowler Series speaks for itself as the ultimate waterfowl boat.

Built to last and at the head of the class with an industry leading aluminum boat design. Weighing a mere and pounds, these all purpose utility boats are easy to move and even easier to get launched.

From fishing to duck and goose hunting, the Alumacraft V-Series is a must have addition to your lake shore. Put the competition on watch. With 18' and 20' options, the Bay series gives you enough space to do whatever it is that you do best. Designed to execute in and around intercoastal waters, these boats offer a smooth ride and easy handling.

In case that's not enough, a shallow draft gives your experience limitless possibilities. Beyond versatile. The Pro series allows you to go anywhere you want in a fast and proficient ride. Exceptional storage space, rod lockers and one roomy livewell let you haul all you could need and more in an excessively impressive boat.

Suitable for professional and personal needs, the Pro Series effortlessly executes above the rest of its class. Bass beware. This easy-to-navigate midsize machine is ideal for bass fishing adventures. Loaded with tons of space for storage, big bow and stern fishing platforms, a large livewell, and a modified V hull, this boat offers a lot in a decidedly light package. Suitable for the pros, but built for you, prowl the waters for your next big catch.

Designed for your ease of mind. Alumacraft's superlight, easy to haul and comfortable design makes your boating experience completely hassle-free. Ready for anything, the Crappie is perfect for lakes, creeks, rivers or streams. In a Crappie, simplicity maximizes the experience. Welcome to the outdoors. The CC gives you complete control and tons of space without any hassle. Tough and simple, this center console boat is built to handle any job that comes its way.

The SC is built to serve and delivers an exceptional experience on the water. No-nonsense value is what you get with the Tiller. This sturdy, all welded build is an outstanding utility boat. Cash in on this streamlined center console. Alumacraft offers 2XB full-length twin plated hull with double strength from th bow to transom. Boats are made from marine grade aluminum.

Jon boats are coated with high quality paint with colors used by major car manufacturers, you can easily match a color to fix a small scratch.

Crestline r boats have strong reputation for high-level performance and long durability due to being handcrafted from thick aluminum and continuosly welded seams. Crestliner holds CSI Award for 8 years. Before you see these 5 cheap Jon boats make sure you this , this and this.

Find top-5 cheapest jon boats for sale below:. This jon boat is one of the cheapest and smallest. Made by Waco Manufacturing from 0. Hull is one piece aluminum. This guarantees no water will get between the hull and deck. You can easily get it in and out of your truck due to light weight of this boat. You can order optional seats, hand control trolling moto bracket. It has enough room for the tackle and even cooler.

Boat has front and rear battery storage locations, four rod holders and oarlock sockets.

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