Mirrocraft ������ � �������� ���� Mirrocraft by Northport Deep Fisherman. This Mirrocraft by Northport outboard utility has a aluminum hull, is 14 feet long and 63 inches wide at the widest point. The boat weighs approximately pounds with an empty fuel tank and without any gear or passengers. The maximum horsepower we have listed for this outboard boat is 35 hp. The , Deep Fisherman is a 14 foot outboard boat. The weight of the boat is lbs. which does not include passengers, aftermarket boating accessories, or fuel. The max rated horsepower of this boat, as listed by the manufacturer, (according to records we have) is 35 hp. ???????????????,??;???????????????????????????????????????????????.
Main points:

However creation your mirricraft engine vessel will yield we with an critical happiness. miles of forest as well as engulf. Try to find out their Aluminum Boats East Coast Quote contacts.

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Joined Jan 14, Messages Hey, don't know if there are folks checking into this forum, but I came across it and decided to show off my boat.

My dad bought this Mirro new in , and it had been setting for over 20 years before I rescued it last fall. But she's solid with no leaky rivits, and I can't wait to have her back on the water.

Picture Silvertip Supreme Mariner. Joined Sep 22, Messages 28, I spend a week fishing in Northern Wisconsin at a resort whose rental fleet is a bunch of old MirroCraft 14 foot aluminum boats. I'm guessing that they date to the late sixties early seventies. So they are obviously durable. My previous boat was a MirroCraft Pro Striker walleye boat and it is still in excellent condition but it now lives with my daughters family.

OK, any guesses here. It is a footer with a Holsclaw trailer and a '72 evie on the back. Mystery Mirro. There are some numbers on the dash, I will post them soon. Joined Aug 23, Messages Re: 12' foot Mirrocraft aluminum boat mod I do have a question for anyone that may have an opinion.

I am not sure what to do with the sides of the boat, the inside sides if you will. Originally I was going to run carpet all the way up, but since I did not make a casting deck, I would now need to run the carpet from the floor up to the gunnels and the lower ribs would be tough to get the carpet around and I don't think it would look too good. This is the impasse that I am at. Check out Huron Angler's thread, he used the bedliner Aluminum Boats Vancouver Island Lyrics material and indicated that he would Aluminum Bay Boats For Sale In Louisiana Lyrics not do it again on his boats.

I know how you feel about the casting platform, I really like them but the COG on my 14' Klamath will not allow for one either. Cheers, Kyle. Re: 12' foot Mirrocraft aluminum boat mod KD Fisherman said:. Joined Aug 12, Messages 5, Re: 12' foot Mirrocraft aluminum boat mod Wow, you are pretty handy with the wood there nice. I like the 3 doors on the seat, that is pretty slick, seems to be coming along nicely.

Building your own boat is really cool, when I redid mine I changed the lay out of both casting decks to suit how I use the boat, no matter where you look on it you can say "I did that myself" it is really neat. I have a 16' Sea-Nymph "bass" boat I catfish ,2 livewells,2 casting decks ect that I stripped to the hull and rebuilt, prior to finding this site so it never occured to me to take pics. Nice build keep the pics coming.

Re: 12' foot Mirrocraft aluminum boat mod abf said:. Re: 12' foot Mirrocraft aluminum boat mod The deck is coming along nicely. That will sure make fishing more enjoyable. What thickness and grade of plywood are you using for the deck? Nice work on the progress so far. Fishpoop Petty Officer 3rd Class. Joined Jul 8, Messages Re: 12' foot Mirrocraft aluminum boat mod Nice work so far! Are you going to secure the floor somehow or are you going to let it loose floating so they can be removed?

I'm thinking of doing something similar. I'm working on a 13' feathercraft skipper that is kinda like your boat. I'll be posting pictures of my rebuild when I'm finished hopefully within the next two or three weeks.

The deck is coming along nicely. Fishpoop said:. Nice work so far! Re: 12' foot Mirrocraft aluminum boat mod Well I'm done with the carpeting at least for the moment.

I still haven't decided if I want to build another platform for the trolling motor and carpet it. For now here are some pics of the hatches that I finally decided to go with. Re: 12' foot Mirrocraft aluminum boat mod Very nice. Joined Mar 26, Messages 23, Engine Make:. Engine Model:. For Sale By:. Hull ID Number:. Seller Notes:. All sales are final. Upon winning the item, the Buyer is responsible for: Paying the deposit within 72 hours. Paying the remaining balance in full and picking up the item within 14 days.

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