Jon Boat vs Bass Boat, Which is Best For You? � Flat Bottom Boat World TRACKER riveted and welded jon boats are built tough to fish, hunt, bowfish, and work. Quality construction and versatility define 10 Foot Jon Boat Bass Pro Water our flat bottom and mod v bowfishing and hunting boats. Mar 18, �� Check out my fishing videos for more content! Please Like and Subscribe! Tight Lines!Lowe Having money and being in college usually doesn't exist simul. Trailers for 18 Foot Jon Boats. As with those boats under 12 ft. there are specific issues when purchasing a trailer for larger jon boats, those over 18 ft. At this increased size it become more difficult to obtain DIY kits, probably because shipping becomes cost prohibitive. This means that you are limited to manufactured models.

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Model Jon Boat. This 14ft Basstracker Jon Boat is a model and works great. Has been heavily used but no major damage or rust. The boat has a floor installed but the floor in the rear needs to be replaced. The bottom of the boat is in good shape. This boat also includes a 5HP Craftsman Outboard purchase just last year and runs great. Also includes a Minn Kota 55lb Trust Trolling Motor, a deep cycle 60amp battery and Minn Kota battery center, a fish finder that works great, seat, 2 gallon gas can, anchor, fire extinguisher, and extra accessories.

Great Boat for beginners and lake fishing! The Trailer is a Basstracker Trailer. Works great but has rust and needs a new trailer light. Does what it's suppose to do! Both items have titles! If you have any questions please ask. Local pick up only!! Make USA. Model Tracker 10 Topper. Very nice tight aluminum jon boat 14" with nice trailer. The Alumnicraft boat and Adventure galvanized trailer both come with clear titles. Just in time for duck season. Seats for posts not shown and electric trolling motor needs a prop.

Reason for selling , I no longer have a use for it. Its a nice little boat with trailer. Make MFG. Used 14ft MFG fiberglass boat. Works great, just looking for something bigger!

Includes all accessories such as vests, anchors, fish finder, etc. Purchased used last fall. New impeller in motor. New wiring.

Payment: Will accept paypal, or cash. Make Alumacraft. Model Xpress. Includes: 14ft 50in bottom, 68in top 3 person welded Xpress Jon Boat, tan, red carpet with two grey fold down, swivel seatsHaul Rite Galvanized trailer with new tires9. Boat used for fishing and crabbing. Model MFG. Model V All was purchased brand new by me. CASH only!!! Very Sharp!!! Belleair, FL. Hey, that rhymes! Sorry, I'm easily amused.

Looks like a dandy to me for bucks. There's really not a whole lot to them. Anywho, I just looked through two or three days' worth of CL in your neck of the woods and saw several that I think would be fine, and that was without considering complete rigs, which you could easily part out and recoup what you spent.

Joined Aug 9, Messages That does look like a nice one and galvanized to boot. Slord I have also seen people add bunks and a winch to a regular old flat bed garden trailer. I was thinking I could use a Harbor freight utility trailer that I would build myself, but its not for boats so I would need to unload the jon boat every time i am at the water. Anything that makes it harder to use a boat means you use the boat less.

Thats something I heard anyway. When I said a nice trailer I only meant it had to look sturdy and do its job. It would be nice if the trailer had one of those wheel things on the tounge, as well as bunks so the boat isnt damaged. Though I have heard its hard to sink a jon boat. Did you look at the trailer in the link? It has everything you say you're looking for in spades and it's cheap.

What am I missing? I saw it yes. I was just replying to the question on what I was looking for. Thank you for the link. Its a place to start. Wont let me edit my last reply so I will add some info. The owner of that trailer didnt say how long it was.

I never pulled a trailer before so smaller is better, as long as the boat isnt hanging off the back. Google Earth shows the sellers town being farther than I would want to go as there is no interstate heading in that direction.

Its almost all the way to the marine dealers on the ocean. Well, not quite, but once you go that far whats another 80 miles Sorry for being picky but I am about as poor as a church mouse so I have to really love something before i spend a lot of money on it. Slord said:. Sorry for being picky but I am about as poor as a church mouse so I have to really love something before i spend a lot of money on it.

Joined May 29, Messages Are there no boat dealers near you? Not the big chain stores but a small dealer. Go see what they 14 Foot Jon Boat Trailer Ex have and possibly get them to order one that will fit your needs. If you like a particular brand of trailer, go to the manufacturer's website and use their dealer locator to find the closest dealer.

Lots of stolen trailers in states that don't require them to be tagged. If you're required to have the trailer tagged you better make sure they have the Bass Pro Jon Boats For Sale English title. Home Cookin' Fleet Admiral. Joined May 26, Messages 9, OUrs have new and used trailers. And nothing is easier to tow than a 14' jon, so just about any condition will do. Alwhite00 Master Chief Petty Officer. Joined Apr 14, Messages What exactly is your budget?

Joined Jul 15, Messages A buddy of mine got rid of his trailer,he slides his 14' Jon boat in and out of his pickup. There was a smaller dealer in Macon but they went out of business.

There is a place in Perry but the reviews online are all bad. Might still go there and see it for myself today. The boat trailer kit from harbor freight is " total. That's less than 13 feet so the boat would hang off the back by at least 1 to 3 feet. Would that kill me, probably not, but it looks funny IMO. In less than an hour I could have the trailer and boat from academy if all else fails.

It really does look spindly though. And it has no tongue jack and if I remember correctly no roller either. I have a car with towing max, so no truck to put the boat in.

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