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McClain is your source for larger jon boat trailers, including the ft. single axle kit. This kit includes everything you need to construct one trailer, including safety chain and a title. Our trailers for jon boats and skiffs feature innovative frame 18 Foot Jon Boat Trailer For Sale Ox designs that protect wiring and brake lines and provide a streamlined, custom look. They incorporate numerous exclusive Load-Rite features and options to securely haul and launch a range of boats. Choose from heavy-duty galvanized steel frames with standard or welded construction or. Apr 24, �� Apr 19, - myboat351 boatplans: lb. Capicty Jon Boat Trailer - Hauls Ft. Boats: Sports & Outdoors More information For boats 12 to 14 ft. long 8 in. diameter wheels and tires included Large rear signal lights are easy to connect to your vehicle's tail lights.

The following will provide our choices for the best jon boat trailers, based on size, and will include two options: a pre-manufactured ready to use model and a DIY kit that will need to be put. My price is firm. Palm Desert, CA. On steep, Lorem lpsum 351 boatplans/bass-boat-sale/bass-boat-for-sale-florida-95 go here maintained ramps with enough depth close to shore, bunks work fine. We put our name and reputation on the line, on every sale. You will not be sacrificing or settling when you choose this trailer. The purchaser of this boat will be ttrailer pleased.

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