how to build a jon boat deck

Flat bottom boats come in a variety of styles and designs. They also have many different functions from the popular recreational gondolas and narrowboats to the workhorses of the water � the barge and Jon boat. So with such variations in design and function what makes a flat bottom boat a flat bottom boat?

What is a flat bottom boat? A flat bottom boat is exactly what the name implies. The flat bottom makes it very stable in calm water and its shallow draft allows it to access bodies of water only a few inches deep.

This design does youtueb its drawbacks. To understand what makes a flat bottom boat different from other types of boat we need to briefly look at a few different boat designs. Flat bottom boats differ from other types of boats mostly due to their hull design and their flat bottoms. For example, ocean going vessels and standard fishing vessels will usually have a v-hull shape, sometimes referred to as a deep v-hull.

This hull shape offers the botttom stability in rough water such as the ocean. Ocean going vessels will also be equipped with a keel to stabilize the boat in rough water.

The keel acts as a counterbalance below the boat. There are also boats that utilize a semi-v hull design. A semi-v hull is designed to offer a boat better stability in rough water than a flat bottom boat but in a way that allows the boat to access shallower bodies of water than a full v-hull.

A semi-v hull design is usually the preferred type for small boats except yyoutube the case of Jon boats when a flat bottom is more common. Some Jon boat owners, which are traditionally flat-bottomed, will modify their boats to create a semi-v hull 10 foot flat bottom boat youtube it offers them more stability in challenging waters.

This semi-v design allows the boat to navigate much choppier waters while ensuring the boat can still access fairly shallow waters. Other boats may have a rounded hull. This 10 foot flat bottom boat youtube of foog moves easily through the water even at slow speeds and is commonly found on speed boats.

Pontoon boats and catamarans have a flat hull that floats on two or more inflatable pontoons. The wide beam boag great stability. However, all flat bottom boats share the same basic hull design which is the flat bottom that sits under the water. This gives the boat a great amount of stability on calm water.

The flat bottom also means the boat has, what is known as a shallow draft, botrom it can access shallow bodies of water that boats with other hull designs could not access. Some flat bottom boats, such as a Jon boat, can navigate waters that are just a few inches deep. The flat bottom means the boat has less chance of snagging on obstacles like rocks or other debris on a riverbed or 10 foot flat bottom boat youtube floor which would be hazardous to other types of boats with deeper drafts.

The reason for choosing a flat bottom boat over a v-hull, semi-v boytom or round hull boat will mostly depend on how fot intend to use the boat and the environment in which you intend to use it. Just as there are yotube good reasons for a person to choose a boat with a flat v-hull design, such as in the ocean, there are also very good reasons for choosing a flat bottom boat.

A flat bottom hull, on a flat bottom boat, has a shallow draft that allows the boat to operate in very shallow water. A shallow draft simply means that the bottom of the boat is not far away from the surface of the water.

Boats with a deep draft will have bottoms that extend much deeper into the water and these boats also usually have a keel which extends even. For example, most Jon boats can easily access bodies of water than are only a few inches in depth.

The shallow draft flat bottom means that the boat is much less likely to snag on obstacles at the bottom of shallow rivers and lakes. To learn more about shallow draft and deep draft read this article. In calm waters the flat hull also makes the boat much more stable than other hull designs. The fact that the boat sits more on the water than in it means you get an exceptionally smooth ride even at high speed as the boat almost glides over the water encountering very little resistance.

These key advantages make flat bottom boats, like a Jon 10 foot flat bottom boat youtube, very popular among freshwater anglers and hunters who often have to take their boats into very shallow waters and who need superior stability for fishing and hunting. The flat hull design offers the same advantages to gondolas and canal boatsthat 10 foot flat bottom boat youtube navigate shallow bodies of water such as canals and narrow rivers, as well as commercial barges that operate in shallow rivers.

The very design characteristics that make a flat bottom boat perform so well in calm and shallow waters makes it a bad performer in rough waters and in adverse weather conditions. In choppy water the flat hull offers very little stability and if the wind picks up the boat can become unstable.

Although some people do take flat-bottomed skiffs and Jon boats into the ocean a flat bottom boat is not seaworthy and using one in the ocean requires pre-planing and strict adherence to safety guidelines.

It can also take a lot more power to move a flat bottom boat at speed than boats with other hull types. There are many different types of flat bottom boat that have many different functions and just as many different names. The most common type of small flat bottom boat, which is mostly used for fishing, hunting and utility work, is botom Jon boat. To learn more about what 10 foot flat bottom boat youtube Jon boat is and what it is used for read this article.

However, there are many other types of flat bottom as listed. A narrowboat is a type 10 foot flat bottom boat youtube canal boat used mostly in Britain, Ireland and in parts of Europe.

Because canals in the British Isles are shallow and very narrow this type of boat was designed to 10 foot flat bottom boat youtube comfortably in the canal while maximizing freight capacity. They are therefore very narrow and long giving them a unique look unlike any other type of boat.

Many canals in Europe, the USA and Canada are much wider than those in Britain and Ireland and so the canal boats used there are usually much bigger.

For more information about canal boats and narrowboats read. A barge is a flat-bottomed working boat that is mostly used in rivers and canals for the transportation of heavy goods.

Barges are one of the oldest boat designs and boaat back to ancient Egypt. A 10 foot flat bottom boat youtube barge can be self-propelled 10 foot flat bottom boat youtube many have no form of propulsion and must be towed or pushed by towboats.

In certain parts of the world canal barrages still operate the same way they have for centuries being towed by a horse or other animal which moves along the adjoining towpath. A bateau is a flat-bottomed boat which was used 10 foot flat bottom boat youtube across North America, especially in the colonial period and in the fur trade. They date back as far as A bateau boat was originally designed to be pointed at both ends but later morphed into a wide variety of different styles.

In some 10 foot flat bottom boat youtube States of the USA, with a strong historically French connection, bost term is also used to refer to Jon boats and other small flat-bottomed utility vessels to this day.

These boats can be seen in action today fishing off the coast of Newfoundland in Canada and they are said to have originated in New England around the 18 th Century. The fla Grand Banks dory was built to have straight sides, a straight bow, flat bottom, and narrow tombstone-shaped transom. Although most yoktube boats are not ideal for ocean use a traditional dory is actually well suited to ocean conditions.

There 10 foot flat bottom boat youtube many different variations of dory with boats having different design characteristics depending on the area in which it is used. Dories evolved differently in different areas because the boat was adapted for use in local waters. Modern dory 10 foot flat bottom boat youtube have changed over the centuries and are now much more stable and easier to handle.

A Durham boat is a large, flat-bottomed 10 foot flat bottom boat youtube double-ended freight boat made from wood that was popular in North America during the 18 th Century. It was used almost exclusively on inland waterways.

These boats were most associated with the Durham Ironworks of Durham in Pennsylvania, where they were used to haul freight along the Delaware River. A flatboat was a wooden rectangular shaped flat-bottomed boat that had square ends. It was a transport vessel for both freight and people across inland waterways and used exclusively in the USA. The unique design of a flatboat meant that it was almost always used only.

Its yourube one-way trip down a 10 foot flat bottom boat youtube usually 10 foot flat bottom boat youtube with its dismantling for lumber. A gondola is a common sight in Venice though they are used in other parts of the world. A gondola is a flat-bottomed boat propelled by a pole and was designed specifically to traverse the Venetian lagoon on which the city of Venice sits.

Traditionally, gondolas were the main method of transportation in Venice. They still play a role in public transport today though in a much smaller capacity as modern water transportation is readily available. The main role of modern Venetian gondolas is to carry tourists for a fee. Similar gondola tourist rides are available in Las Vegas where gondoliers sing as they navigate the canals of the Venetian Hotel.

Although the history and even the inventor of the gondola has been lost we do know that a gondola boat was first flqt in a letter from a Venetian Republic official back in How long they had been in service up to that point no-one knows. You can learn more about Gondolas in a separate article. These flat-bottomed utility boats are extremely popular across North America for their versatility and low purchase price. A Jon boat is usually constructed of aluminum, bbottom or wood.

Most homemade Jon boats are constructed from plywood as we show how to do. A Jon boat hull is almost completely flat making it very stable in calm water but unstable in choppy conditions. This flat hull design means the boat rides over the water rather than cutting through it as a v-hull or semi-hull does making them extremely comfortable to ride in.

Jon boats are usually powered by an outboard motor, oars or 10 foot flat bottom boat youtube. There simple, yet effective, design makes them excellent utility boats and great for fishing and hunting especially in rivers and lakes where there are shallow areas.

A keelboat is a flat-bottomed boat that has been traditionally flst to ship cargo on rivers. Their almost completely flat bottom means they are 10 foot flat bottom boat youtube likely to hit obstacles on the river bed in shallow 14 Ft Flat Bottom Boat Trailer Process areas. In modern times these boats are often built as recreational sailing yachts though these yachts have fixed fin keels making them unsuitable for shallow waters.

Narrowboats are small barges that are used exclusively on canals. They are very popular in Britain and Ireland. Although a narrowboat youtune have a length between 30 ft to 72 ft it will never have a beam in excess of 7 ft. This narrow beam ensures the boat can fit comfortably in the narrow man-made canals of the British Isles. Although narrowboats are rarely ffoot for commercial purposes in the modern age they remain very popular for vacations and also as alternatives to 10 foot flat bottom boat youtube homes.

In North America and parts of Europe larger canal boats are more common than narrowboats. In the British Isles any canal boat that has a width greater than the standard 7 ft narrowboat is considered a barge though in the USA most of these vessels are referred to as canal boats rather than barges.


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Alumacraft also provides rod storage and live well for fishes. It is a flat bottom Jon boat with a V-shaped hull. A welded constructed roughneck is made by Lowe boats. To protect the deck, they are hardened with internal coating and also equipped with storage boxes at the bow along with pedestal seat bases. These are flat bottom Jon boat for sale with a V-shaped hull that allows them to move smoothly through irregular waters.

Constructed with aluminum alloy, it can last for several years with heavy use. It is not very difficult to buy these magnificent boats as they are made available by many sellers online.

There are dedicated sites in which a wide range of boats is available. In case you are not planning to buy a new one, there are numerous prominent sites where you can buy used 10 ft Jon boats.

This is the best place where you can find a wide range of used 10 ft Jon boats in good condition. Along with this, the site also provides boating information and tips to its buyers on a regular basis. After acquiring Yatchworld, the boats. Later boats. The site offers a wide variety of both used and new Jon boats.

Its high-quality products with competitive prices attract almost all the consumers. Various offers on used boats are enlivening and the competitive prices as compared to other markets make this site one of the most preferred boating site on the internet.

It lists used boat sale by owner at a one-time low fee and the dealers and sellers who price their boats at very competitive rates as compared to other sites. There are many official sites where you can opt from but the sites mentioned above are the 14 Foot Flat Bottom Jon Boat Trailer Kit ones where you can put your trust blindfolded.

You can hit upon many alternatives for 10 ft Jon boat, according to your taste and fishing style. Whether it is a flat hull aluminum boat or a V shape hull fiberglass boat, you will experience immense satisfaction while paddling these boats. Or setting a small motor which gives you more speed and time so that you can hub all your attention on fishing.

The Jon boat is the heart and soul of in water fishing and the respect it has occupied in every fisherman is glorious.

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