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Small footprint cast iron wood stove. Intended for both residential and marine use. Shall be EPA Certified. Approx. Heat output of 20,, BTUs Heats spaces up to . The Hungry Penguin Eco is ideal for use in a canal boat. It has a 5kW output, integrated oven and you can boiler a kettle on the top surface. It is multi fuel, runs on seasoned wood or smokeless fuel. We supply complete flue systems for canal boats. This is an Ecodesign stove, launched in which meets the upcoming emissions regulations. You should know:

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Keep your cabin and home cozy warm year-round in-style with this beautiful mini log heater. The Canal Boat Stoves, flues and accessories. Approved for just 6-inches of side clearance without the use of reflector panels. I don't know how long it burned after that, but I'm very happy with the result. Providing the stove with its own air supply will prevent it from pulling in cold air through leaky window and door seals. Advertise on this site. By ticking this box you yacht wood stove editor for yacht wood stove editor to contact you regarding our products inline with our privacy policies.

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