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USA � Best Yacht Builders. Westport is one of the dominant players in the American yacht-building market, with a hugely popular range of tri-deck and raised pilothouse motoryachts built from composite materials. Their models range from from the ? to ? (34m to 50m) series, allowing the yacht owner to customize the interior layout without the high cost and long timescale of fully-custom construction.� Currently producing yachts at its Vancouver, WA yard between � to � (35m to 50m) in length, Christensen was bought out in and is in the process of building America�s largest superyacht facility in Tennessee, which will construct vessels up to 70m. View current Christensen yachts for sale. Northern Europe � Best Yacht Builders. The world�s leading yacht manufacturers at the moment happen to include major luxury superyacht brands such as Lurssen, Amels, and Oceanco. As per yacht crew members worldwide and the Superyacht crew agency, Feadship is the best yacht builder in the world as of now. What are the different types of Superyachts? There are a number of different types of Superyachts: Luxury Superyachts, Mega Yachts, Classic Superyachts, Charter superyachts, expedition or exploration superyachts, multi-hulled superyachts, high performance superyachts and a new trend of the more eco-friendly superyachts coming to th. From complete custom building of new yachts to refits, from application of teak decks to restoration of old classical yachts and all carpentry inside and out. Also composite building of parts, hulls, superstructures or complete yachts belongs to our specialties. Put your wishlist and ideas for a new-build or existing motor or sailing yacht Dutch Yacht Builders Enkhuizen Web on the table and have us to advise you on the possibilities, free of obligations. Latest news. � � Project Update Zaca 73 Selene, Refit Phase 1 Huisman 64 "Yonder" Checked in at VMG Yachtbuilders Happy new year from the team of VMG Yachtbuilders!.

When he succeeded, he decided he could offer the same quality and reliability to other yacht owners, and so Christensen Shipyards was born. Today, Christensen is led by two owners � who have owned six Christensen yachts � and are committed to elevating Christensen Yachts to new heights in quality and the building experience.

With nearly 1, Hansen Yacht Builders Group man-years of boat building experience under one roof, Christensen offers an incomparable workforce. Each of our boat builders is committed to honesty and transparency to ensure each boat is not only built to the highest quality, but delivered on time and on budget. Metal hulls often result in blistering, rust, corrosion and the growth of mold.

Every captain and yacht manager knows that the success of the yacht for its owner and guests relies on its crew. With more crew man-hours available to enhance the yachting experience, a composite fiberglass boat offers a distinct advantage in overall success for the vessel. In addition, the foam-cored structure of Christensen construction provides a natural absorption of mechanical and structural energy that significantly reduces shipboard noise transmission and vibration.

Our cutting-edge construction process includes large-scale vacuum infusion coupled with proprietary in-house techniques to create a strength-to-weight ratio seven times stronger than steel and solid laminate. This makes all Christensen yachts true deep water, transoceanic global explorers. The superior strength of infused composite construction is shown in the photo to the right. When balanced between two points on bow and stern inferior construction methods will cause other hulls to buckle as much as eight inches, while hulls built at Christensen have a barely measurable deflection.

Inspired teamwork is the only way to produce a world-class boat on time and on budget. The shipyard's motto is "Whatever it Takes" and every quarter an employee who best exemplifies this philosophy is singled out to receive the company's WIT Award. Shared commitment, shared values and shared profit is a winning combination at Christensen Shipyards and a guarantee of our clients will get the very best from out talented and dedicated boat builders every hour of their yacht's construction.

Full transparency is also the order of the day. Clients will never have to worry about how many hours have been spent on their boats. We offer full accounting for every dollar and every man-hour spent on the boat and are committed to maintaining an equitable balance of work versus progress payments.

We believe that transparency is key to a happy and successful building experience for our clients and their project management team. These principles guide a never-ending drive to improve both the quality of Christensen's products as well as its construction processes. The company has become a world leader in FRP vacuum-bag constriction, a process that saves time and money, and results in lighter and stronger hulls, decks and superstructures. For example, every new hull is thoroughly tested with heat guns to locate spaces where additional insulation can be added.

Christensen's use of four small full synchronized and auto-managed generators-- rather than two or three large gensets-- keeps electricity from being wasted in load banks and minimized wear and tear. The newest innovations include building our own comprehensive HVAC systems, replacing copper nickel salt water piping with composite piping and incorporating easy to repair or replace compressors. Christensen's next launch, Hull 38, will feature Christensen's first truly integrated "glass bridge" a development the company believes will vastly improve the functionality and beauty of the bridge while at the same time dramatically lowering the cost and raising the reliability of the entire navigation package.

These craftsmen create handrails, stairways, anchor pockets and myriad other stainless steel parts that are fit to precision and polished to a mirror finish. Christensen prides itself in the use of only the highest-grade stainless steel stock, resulting in exceptional finishes that will last for the life of the vessel.

Slabs of stone are brought right to our facilities for fabrication. Elegant woodwork, exquisite and elaborate stonework, impeccable stainless steel, and custom upholstery are all done onsite by our master craftsman in modern facilities, using state-of-the-art tools and machinery. By keeping as many trades as possible in-house, Christensen can maintain it's high finish standards as well as control it's production process. Using computer-driven CNC machines, Christensen can very quickly build custom components for its boats, including such built in features as exterior settees, bars, cabinets, hot tub surrounds, and Bimini tops.

While other yards outsource trades such as cabinetry, painting, piping and electrical installation, Christensen is proud to offer all of the skills and trades necessary to build a world-class yacht under one roof. Christensen has two 50M yachts now under construction and available for purchase.

Christensen also offers the immediate availability to begin an additional hull. The yard consists of , square feet of climate-controlled manufacturing space and a seven-acre marina. A dozen large shipbuilding bays located directly across from all major craft shops allowing the companies workforce to build with extremely high levels of efficiency.

Christensen's facility houses each supporting craft and trade including state-of-the-art stone shop and a world-class upholstery and finish studio. Christensen's existing shipyard allows it to build world-class yachts up to 50 meters feet in length. Nestled in beautiful eastern Tennessee, Christensen's future shipyard located in Tellico Lake, Tennessee, will consist of acres with , square feet of climate-controlled manufacturing space and will offer 13 large manufacturing and assembly bays.

This much larger yard will allow the Christensen's portfolio to expand to include yachts up to ft, while still manufacturing yachts up to 50M at the Vancouver, Washington facility. This new yard will maximize Christensen's strong stance in the global yacht market by allowing both an east coast and west coast presence for the world renowned brand.

Right Jim Gilbert on behalf of Don Burns. Please attach your resume and any supporting documents by clicking the "choose file" button below. If uploading multiple files, hold Ctrl or Cmd key while selecting files from your computer. The Christensen Difference. Yachts Under Construction Christensen has two 50M yachts now under construction and available for purchase. Hull 38 - Scheduled Launch Hull 38 Specifications PDF.

Hull 42 - Projected Launch Hull 42 Specifications PDF. Christensen Yachts. View Hull 33 "Primadonna" Photo Gallery. View Hull 34 "Odessa" Photo Gallery. View Hull 40 "Chasseur" Photo Gallery. Tellico Lake, Tennessee Vancouver, Washington. Save and Continue Later. Phone Phone. Upload file button The maximum file size is 5mb jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, doc.

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