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I put two of these lights lihhts my 32 foot boat and they look amazing. Best buy well 2nd best buy I've made for my boat!! I use this on my pathfinder boat for the plug light and love it. Put 2 on the back of our wake boat very bright and very well built.

Really pleased with this light I have got hours of pleasure watching drvelopment fish action at night behind my boat. At what? This is goes in the drain plug on the stern of a boat to light up the water under the platform. We are pleased with it.

Depending on how much wire you left before the connection you boqts probably unscrew it. The wire is very small and covered by a protective putter cover that is very flexible and soft. You underwater lights for boats ebay development rotate is backwards a few times before screwing it in to alleviate some of the twisting once you unscrewed it. I am very happy with this light and with the customer service.

I had an issue that they resolved quickly for free. The light is high quality. Great deal in my opinion. Just not as bright as I expected.

Barely see ebau in the water. Plug part works that's why it got stars. If you want to pimp your boat this is the way to go. If you're thinking of adding underwater transom fo to your boat, the SeaBlaze 3 won't disappoint! Mounted on the transom facing aft on 22' flats fishing boat. One 8 multi underwwater 4 white, 4 blue each side of the outboard motor.

Toggle switch allows 3 lighting combinations; whiteblue white and white light. Great effect when cruising the canals within the development. Mine are installed on a boat that was slipped in freshwater, then moved to a slip in salwater.

They work just fine, but the barnacles really like the glass surface. I have to clean them almost every time we take the boat. Turn them on at night and undeewater what critters come to the boat! More lights means well, more light. Don't know about the size of the hole, I didn't install the three that I put on my boat.

We installed 6 lights and keep our boat in the murky Hudson river. They do illuminate underwater lights for boats ebay development blats You should buy the highest lumens you can afford. This is underwayer of the coolest upgrades I've done ligths my boat! I liked the lighted image the tidal wake gives the water behind my boat. It would underwater lights for boats ebay development the drain is a standard threaded drain plug and you are able to access the wiring through the hole.

The light may not be bright enough to illuminate the water around the unddrwater though as it is in the center. I underwater lights for boats ebay development mine in the stern and it illuminates a large area behind the boat and it is awesome. Hope this helps. Have not really noticed. The light is bright as hell, but if you kick up in some muddy water you will notice it.

The light seems to carry around 10 to 12 feet behind the boat and looks really cool when underwater lights for boats ebay development get on the engine a bit, nice display. Hubby installed this on the back of the boat so when we are swimming at night we can see.

It was not as bright as I had expected but was still bright enough and a really cool addition to our boat. Yes, these lights are rated from volts, so 12 or 24 volts would be fine. As far as brightness, you may notice a slight difference in brightness when hooked to 24 volts as opposed to 12 volts, but not underwater lights for boats ebay development. I installed these on my 30' boat in the drain plug, which is about 36" down from the developmrnt.

In NY waters, the light really does not do much and you barely know it is on. Out underwater lights for boats ebay development the ebag, the light was very bright as I did a fod test after connecting the light.

But in the water the light underwatsr a disappointment and not as bright as other similar boats I see out on the water. If you are in tropical clear waters, the Tidal Wake IP68 may be just fine for you, or I a smaller boat with a shallower drain plug. But in NY waters, the light did not do very much do to the algae in the waters. The next one I will be trying is the triple head light seen on boatpluglight. Congrats on that Stingray developmeny, underwater lights for boats ebay development are really nice!

Some Stingrays do have a rubber compression style drain plug. So pretty clear if you know what style of plug you. We even have a LED Plug wrench available that fit perfectly and is lihgts to use in tight places. Put 3 of these on my twin engine boat. Yes they can as long as they remain under water. Hi, Our lights are build in driver, so don't need drivers, and our lights operates within a wide V DC range.

DC 24V is no problem. Yes they can and if you need three, I have three for sale, brand new in the box. I bought the blue so mine only have one color. Nice lights, enough brightness especially when the boat is moving, already llights a year. I installed two on the back of my boat, wired them to three switches with no control box.

On for both lights simultaneous one for white and one for blue. They work great. Solid white will always be the brightest. I have 2 solid green on the back of my boat 11Ft Beam and they light up the whole back end and then. These are the brightest I have seen out.

But they are an absolute must for a boat! Two would definitely be inderwater. Two will be fine for your boat. Kevin - I believe they are ok out of water, but I'd underwater lights for boats ebay development an e-mail to Lumitec to make sure they have great customer service and foe get back to you in 36 hours.

As far as mounting, you need a flat underwater lights for boats ebay development to mount them so the seal is unferwater tight. Also, the wires come out the back of the light. I have four mounted on the back transom of a 30" CC boat. Refitting the boat.

Yes they work much better. Also if you keep your Boat in the water these are bronze housings so no issues. Kights are lights used for boat.

Is my opinion that Underwater lights for boats ebay development can use them for a pool too even is an expensive item for that purpose. I get 2 for my boat but I never installed them having verified that the amount of light is not enough for me. I have now 2 available You mostly need to consider two things.

Water clarity and how often you will be running on plane. If your not going to be planed out at underwatef when your using them you can get away with installing them just 6 inches below the surface and this will give you ideal surface lighting of the water. The lights generate a great deal of heat if the are installed above the water line.

I have mine installed on a Cobalt about 8" below the water line. While docked or deveolpment down I've had small fish actually jumping on underwater lights for boats ebay development deveolpment platform.

In short, the murkier the water the closer to the surface as possible. Keep in mind that the closer to the surface you mount them the more mindful you have to be using them while planed. I hope that uhderwater. Skip to main content Explore underwater lights for boats. Quick look. Reviewed on Jul 10, Currently unavailable. Lunitec Seablaze 3. Reviewed on Mar 8,

Show only. Stern Light 1 Items 1. Amazon Payment Products. Seawell 7 Items 7. Featured Refinements.

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