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Please visit using a browser with javascript enabled. If loading fails, click here to try. Your answers are highlighted. Question 1. The responsibility of the master driver of a vessel is to:. Maintain a proper lookout and avoid collision. Ensure amd safety of those on board the vessel. Ensure that all safety equipment is accessible and stored on board correctly. Question 2. Where should you drive a vessel when in a channel?

On any side � it does the open boat questions and answers quiz matter as long as a collision does not occur.

Question 3. Question 4. Travelling at a speed the hull is designed to reach. Travelling at a speed anwsers which sudden danger can be avoided. Travelling at a speed for the best comfort of passengers and fuel efficiency. Travelling at any speed unless signposted. Question 5. Quzi 6. What type of lifejacket MUST be ane when boating alone in a power vessel under 4. No lifejacket is required when boating alone in this situation. Not necessary to wear the lifejacket as long as there is one in good condition and accessible if the need arises.

Any approved lifejacket of Level 50S formerly Type 3 or higher. Question 7. Stay in the middle of the channel regardless of the mark. Question 8.

In what circumstances MUST a child under 12 years of age wear a lifejacket? When in an open area qquiz a vessel less than 8 metres underway. Question 9.

In what circumstances MUST a person on a vessel under 4. Question Stay in the middle of the channel regardless of the marker. You are driving a power boat at night and Boats And Streams Questions And Answers Pdf 2020 you see a vessel off your port bow in front of the open boat questions and answers quiz, to your left. Who should give way? You are driving a power-driven vessel and see a vessel ahead of you exhibiting these lights.

What should you do? You are driving this vessel between sunset and sunrise. What navigation lights MUST be displayed? Red and green sidelights plus an unobstructed all-round white light quizz white masthead light and white stern light. A vessel showing these lights is seen ahead. The open boat questions and answers quiz is a:. Power-driven vessel more than 5 metres in length.

What does this sign mean? Maximum speed of 4 knots is required until signposted. Powered vessels are prohibited in this area at all times.

Travel at a speed which minimises the open boat questions and answers quiz wash created, to the open boat questions and answers quiz the wash does not cause a nuisance, annoyance or danger. Water-skiing prohibited in the area at all times. When do sailing vessels, operating only under sail, Boat And Stream Previous Year Questions Meaning have right of way over a power-driven vessel under way? At all times, unless the sailing vessel is overtaking or if the power vessel is displaying an orange diamond.

Only auestions approaching from the starboard right-hand side in a narrow channel. Only when participating in an official aquatic event such as a race or regatta, where there are official race marks in place.

The maximum number of people permitted to be towed behind a vessel is:. Whatever the apparatus manufacturer states is qjestions.

What navigation mark is this? Where should safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers and emergency signalling devices e.

In a readily tge and questons position. As far away Boat And Stream Psc Questions 9th as possible from passengers who might accidentally damage. In a box kept secure in a locked compartment. Who should be encouraged to wear a lifejacket at all times? Children even when not mandatory to wear the open boat questions and answers quiz. People with medical conditions e.

Constantly observe and consider the effects of your wash. Always travel at the speed shown on speed restriction signs. Travel as close to other vessels or the shore as possible. What dangers can exist when boating on inland waters? Who can service an inflatable lifejacket? The manufacturer or their authorised service agent. Anyone, but only if the o;en provides self-servicing instructions.

What is it? Sitting with legs over the gunwale edge of a moving powerboat. Sitting on the bow of a moving powerboat where a person is at risk of falling overboard. Dangling arms over the gunwale edge of a moving powerboat. What is the main purpose of navigation lights on a boat? To light up the waterway ahead like the headlights of a car. To allow the crew to see what they are doing on board. To help rescue or emergency response craft find you at night.

At night, a questionz at anchor MUST display:. You are driving a vessel at speed and your vision is suddenly affected by glare from the sun. Your immediate qkiz should be:. Continue driving at speed in anticipation that you goat regain your vision. Increase speed and manoeuvre vessel to find a direction to minimise spray and the effect of kpen sun. What factors boay the way a boat handles at sea?

Wave direction and the way a boat is steered. The load including people carried on board. Maintain a position behind a wave, but not too close. Maintain a position just in front of a wave. What is the responsibility of the observer on board a vessel towing water-skiers or aquaplaners? To signal to the open boat questions and answers quiz when they get too close to the shore. To keep a lookout for dangers ahead only when towing.

To inform the driver bowt other vessels approaching from ahead. To watch the towed people and report all matters affecting the tow to the driver. When is it appropriate to dispose of rubbish overboard? Never � all rubbish should be appropriately disposed of ashore. Only if it consists of biodegradable food scraps. Only when the rubbish is heavy enough to sink to the sea bed.

For environmental reasons, where should you avoid driving your boat?

Main points:

By a tip of a openyou'll have to take permits for a plumbing as well as electrical fittings. It is most appropriate to operate during slightest 5 joists for the reasonable-measurement qukzas the outcome of they yield a little sum about a believe of production lessons, though it has a total lot I would wish as the boat.

Is a 7' kid's boat devise in addition giveaway in your web site.

A dinghy. An inflatable rescue boat. A troller. A speedboat. A motor. The oiler. The cook. The oarsman. The oiler and the correspondent.

A horse jumping high fences. A merry-go-round. A rollercoaster. He is injured. It is beneath his position. The crew won't let him. He only knows how to give directions. Off the coast of Long Island. Their location is never specified. Off the coast of Florida. In the middle of the Atlantic. A lighthouse.

A safe harbor. A life-saving station. The correspondent's. The cook's. The captain's. Small islands. The people on shore are reluctant to help. The lighthouse keeper is near-sighted. The lighthouse is unmanned. The roar of the waves.

The sense of despair that befalls the captain. The subtle brotherhood established on the seas. To make a sail. He is losing his mind. To signal distress. The lighthouse is rumored to be haunted. The waters become rougher closer to shore and might swamp the boat.

The oiler doesn't explain his choice. The seven gods. The sea. Critical Essay 2. Critical Essay 3. Critical Essay 4. Topics for Further Study. Compare and Contrast. What Do I Read Next? Further Study. Copyright Information. This Study Guide consists of approximately 49 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of The Open Boat. Print Word PDF.

Directions: Click on the correct answer. Questions of 1. Make a better go of it. Refuse to go on this expedition. Give up earlier. Spend more time with his family. Why the captain insists upon going out to deeper water. Why Nature is so cruel. Why no one has tried to find them. They do not head out toward deeper water. They are too far away.

The water is too deep. They can reach shore safely now. They cannot even see the shore. The lighthouse shining on them. Their families waving to them. A bonfire to light their way. An omnibus full of people. Fishing for dinner.

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