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Strip Cedar Planking (including strip planking with Balsa). Strip Cedar is a method commonly used today for kayaks and canoes but as one of the main advantages is that practical any shape can be created, some very interesting multihulls have been built with the same concept. The fact that it uses wood along with relatively simple techniques and tools, permits builders of minimal skill to have success.� The Construction Process As is typical of almost any home boat project, one starts with constructing a building baseframe (some call this, a strongback) on which transverse templates are positioned. These are made of any rigid sheet material like chipboard, melamine panels or plywood etc. Chapter 1 General Discussion About Strip Planking General Problems Associated with Strip Planking What Hull Shapes can be Used? Possible Changes to the Hull design. Chapter 2 The Building Jig General The Building Jig The Strong Back The Moulds Mould Spacing Setting Up the Moulds. Chapter 3 Internal Hull Structure General Internal Stem/Stern Post Transom Hog (Internal Keel) Floors & Frames. Chapter 4 Materials for Strip Planking The Planking Square Edged Cove/Convex (Bead and Cove) Tongue and Groove (Speed Str. Strip Planking Boat Construction. Definition of Strip Planking, ANCIENT and NEW. Strip building of boats has been around for a long time. In the past large boats were carvel planked with heavy boards attached to solid ribs using sturdy fasteners or wood dowels. Caulking of tar and fibers was driven between the planks and when the boat was launched the boards swelled, came closely together and formed a mostly watertight hull. As the boat was sailed the planks worked and moved with the humidity level and the stress on the hull. Carvel planking in this tradition is rarely done now. Large Yacht ge.

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Strip Planking Boat Construction Dataset