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Login New User. Sign Up. Forgot Password? New User? Continue with Google Continue with Facebook. Sst class 10th ncert notes llc Male Female. Create Account. Already Have an Account? All you need of Class 10 at this link: Class European powers assumed that their civilisation was the most advanced, and that it was their humanitarian concern to spread it around the world, even if this was done by force.

They were aware that Western education might instill Lorem lpsum 317 boatplans/pontoon-boat/fishing-off-a-pontoon-boat-2019 fishing off a pontoon boat 2019 sst class 10th ncert notes llc and a desire for independence. He performed miracles and helped the poor; condemning unnecessary expenses, gambling, intoxication and the sale of child brides. Interestingly, he was declared sane inbut was exiled to Laos after the doctor treating him also became his follower.

Question 2: Explain the following:. Only the wealthy Vietnamese could afford enrolment in these expensive schools, and to add to that, very few would pass the school-leaving examinations. Considering the gravity of the situation, the government decided to control the intensity of the protests by sst class 10th ncert notes llc an outlet�making the school take back the students.

Sewage from the old city nots drained out into the river or overflowed in the streets during heavy rains. The large Ncert Solutions For Class 10th Sst Geography Chapter 1 sewers now became a protected breeding and living space for rats. Dst 3: Describe the ideas behind the Tonkin Free School. To what extent was it a typical example of colonial ideas in Vietnam? The ideas behind the Tonkin Free School were predominantly based on policies of westernisation.

Students were taught science, hygiene and French, and were encouraged to adopt Western sst class 10th ncert notes llc of dressing. This school was a typical example of colonial ideas in Vietnam on account of the aforementioned. It rejected traditional Vietnamese education and lifestyle, wst promoted western ideals and living.

How were his ideas different from those of Phan Boi Chau? He accused the French of not following their own national ideals, and demanded for the setting up of legal and educational institutions alongside the development of agriculture and industries.

Hence, their ideas had at their roots this fundamental difference. Even when the latter gained independence inthe rulers swt the use of Chinese governance systems and culture. Chinese language and Confucianism were followed by the upper classes in Vietnam. Inwhen the Chinese Republic was set sst class 10th ncert notes llc, Vietnamese students sst class 10th ncert notes llc suit in organising the Association for the Restoration of Vietnam.

Vietnamese men also kept their hair long�a Chinese tradition. Question 2: What was the role of religious groups in the development of anti-colonial feeling in Vietnam? Religious groups played a very significant role in nltes development of anti-colonial feeling in Vietnam. Christianity looked down upon their reverence for the supernatural. The Hoa Hoa movement in drew upon popular religious ideas of the nineteenth century, and its leader Huynh Phu So was a famous entity.

These groups were not in tandem with political parties which tended to look down upon their activities with discomfort. Nevertheless, religious movements were successful in arousing anti-imperialist tendencies in the Vietnamese people. Question 3: Explain the causes of the US involvement in the war in Vietnam. What effect did this involvement have on life within the US itself? US policy-planners feared sst class 10th ncert notes llc spread of communism to other countries in the area.

This involvement in the Vietnam war affected life within the US itself because of widespread public dissent. Only university graduates were exempt from sst class 10th ncert notes llc service in the army and this caused even more anger amongst the minorities and Class 10th Ncert Notes Geography Pdf working-class families.

Question notds Write an evaluation Lorem lpsum 317 boatplans/boat-plans/aluminum-bass-boat-plans-50 bass boat plans 50 the Vietnamese war against the US from the point of. The chapter already gives you a detailed account of the Nationalist Movement in Vietnam.

Try looking for this material in your Lorem lpsum 317 boatplans/boat/rigid-led-lights-for-boats-01 click to see more. Try to understand and analyze the reasons that led to the war and the kind of impact it had on the people, i. This research will give you a better perspective to attempt the answers to such questions. Question 5: What was the role of women in the anti-imperial struggle in Vietnam?

Compare this with the role of women in the nationalist struggle in India. Women played a crucial role in the anti-imperial struggle in Vietnam. Women who rebelled against social conventions were idealised and rebel women of the past were likewise celebrated. Trieu Au was a popular figure in nationalist tales.

In the s, women were represented as brave soldiers and workers. They assisted in nursing wounded soldiers, constructing underground tunnels and fighting the enemy. Compared to this very direct and active participation of Vietnamese women in the anti-imperial struggle, India women did not play a very dynamic role in the nationalist struggle nofes India against Great Britain.

Lorem lpsum 317 boatplans/wooden-boat/divya-bhatnagar-famous-role-zoo Read article followed Gandhian ideals of boycotting foreign goods and picketing liquor shops, but mainstream politics was controlled by men; although women like Sarojini Naidu, Kamla Nehru and Kasturba Gandhi were keenly involved.

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This makes studies more organized. Whereas in Political Science or Civics we learn about federalism, democracy, diversity, etc, and in Economics we get to learn about the various sectors of the economy, money or credit system, growth or development, etc. Image to be added soon. Download the subject-wise as well as chapter-wise books and solutions to start preparing for your upcoming board exams in an easy and effective way. Chapter 6.


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