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In still water, a boat can travel at 5 km/hr. It takes 1 hour to row to a place and come back. If the velocity of the stream is 1 km/hr, how far is the place? Answer: C. Solution: Speed of the upstream = speed of the boat - speed of the water current Speed of the down speed = speed of the boat + speed of the water current. Let speed of the boat be x and speed of the water current be y. up speed Speed Of The Boat In Still Water Formula Worksheet = x-y down speed = x+y up words distance = down words read more. If the speed of a boat in still water is u km/hr and the speed of the stream is v km/hr, then: Speed of Speed Of The Boat In Upstream Function downstream = (u + v) km/hr. Speed of upstream = (u � v) km/hr. If the speed downstream is a km/hr and the speed upstream is b km/hr, then: Speed in still water = 1/2 (a + . Conclusion:

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Speed Of The Boat Upstream Java