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radio control model boat kits | eBay ship model kits - All the model kits and accessories for Model ships are at hobbies (modelkits).com. Fast delivery, large choice, secure payment. Nov 02, �� The poster reported their Crane wifi radio working with Serviio, dated Tue Jan 31, The model 2 Crane radio came out after that date, so presumably someone was able to get this to work on the model 1. I too have had great success with the Crane Wifi2, but not so much with the original model 1 other than playing audio files but not streams. Ed: the Sangean x is a highly-regarded radio, but there is an important difference in that radio compared to the PL, according to reviews. Although I do not own one, I have seen many reviews stating that the x does not have great sensitivity on the SW bands with the built-in .

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Tecsun just is unable to meet the expectations I have in the year In the year I would expect an more SDR-like portable and not a receiver which is imitatating year old technology and design again and again and again.

I believe the PL is highly over rated. I am seriously thinking of purchasing the PL but have read all of these reviews. Is there anyone who can answer these questions for me? For instance if left toggled on, the main tuning dial will when rotated top away from operator serve to continuously rotate through the bandwidths, and the fine tuning dial will seem to work in reverse and so on. I own a PL for more than a year now, I am very impressed with its performance, very sensitive, I have never needed the wire antenna that came with, the audio quality is excellent, the vfo is very stable for ssb reception and the filtering of the audio bandwith help a lot to get rid of adjacent stations desensing and creating qrm.

What I like the most is the long lasting of its battery, once its charged it will last few months depending of how often you use it. This bug is in all the receivers. The Chinese wrote back that there was a change in the hardware and the software is the same. Therefore, an error occurs. At the moment Ido not know about the new version, which will remove the error.

I regret that I bought was this receiver, the previous version of was without this defect. It is a serious manufacturing defect.

Knob described as fine tuning in SSB mode works in the opposite direction. Change the display frequency is correct, however, the actual frequency varies in the opposite direction. This happens until the 00 � equalizing the received frequency of the displayed frequency. The defect relates to the production batch from October Production batch of May is working properly.

I am kind of appalled by how many think this thing to be well built, its the cheapest plastic I have ever seen used in electronics, oh well I guess so very many of you never had the opportunity to own one of the good radios from Grundig, Sony or Sangean back in the day when none of them were made in China. At any rate the radio I have changes bandwidths every time you change over from MW to SW, or SSB, and I do mean every time, sometimes its changes bandwidths between frequencies!!!

I tried resetting the thing a number of ways all to zero effect, essentially you have to check bandwidth every time you flip over, its clearly a firmware issue, and it is not amusing to say the least. Mine is It could be a great little set, but they simply are engineering in to much bling and not nearly enough practicality, especially lacking is quality of construction.

I also get bizarre issues when using an outboard antenna which really gets the thing ripping through bandwidths�. I will never buy a Tecsun product again, its just junk, and its to bad because if they had focused on quality rather then units shipped it could have been a very nice radio.

My speaker rattles, it has terrible button bounce, firmware issues, along with truly cheesy build quality. I was going to try the eton Executive Sat Grundig unit but that is just a rebadged Tecsun or Degen or whatever, and it will last about a year or so and then fail, or come already pre-loaded with fail. I have this nice Little Receiver in use for two years. Once a month I am loading the battery over night. For travelling I would recommend some loadable back-up battery like the ones for a smartphone or a mobile.

You can choose the size that fits to You, and it should be found in almost every shopping-hall. By the way last weekend I measured a voltage of 2V between the earth and antenna at the plug. Has anyone done an experiment with this � a simple plug in active antenna or so?

And are there firmware-updates mine is or has someone hacked the device? May the wave be with You Dirk. Sounds like a great radio, but it sounds like a lot of futzing with batteries. If any of you have ideas for what you would like the next model to have, put them in the comments. I am going to put a post on my blog: swcheap. Any chance Tecsun will release an updated with a proper sync lock with its own button? If so then I will buy. I have owned this radio for four months and I am very pleased.

The audio on this receiver is excellent and is clearer than my giant Grundig Satellit although not as loud. If you are thinking about purchasing a mid-priced shortwave receiver, then this radio is an excellent choice, however, just be aware that the hidden synchronous detector is completely USELESS as it only holds on to the strongest stations. I have really come to appreciate this site since discovering it last week.

One quick question on the PL Can the radio be powered by AA batteries in a pinch or must the rechargeable A be used? I am trying to standardize on AA alkaline or rechargeable battery size. Hi Steven, Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, the only internal batteries that can be used are the A�the PL uses one at a time.

I have two batteries and keep a spare charged at all times. The good thing is the battery life is quite good. The C. I contacted the sellers in California,Kaito, and they had me ship the defective one back, and sent me a replacement. This radio lasted about 5 minutesbefore shutting down. This was late November , Sent it back, and that replacement lasted about 5 minutes. That was December. Sent that one back, and that replacement, again, lasted about 5 minutes, before losing sound and then shutting down dead.

I give up. Ever heard anything like this? Sounds like a linear power adapter breaking, which would have nothing to do with the actual radios but would cause the adapter to output a significantly higher voltage than 6 volts. The photos are posted in the PL Yahoo group. O DSP Chip. Could you send me a link to your photo or an attachment. Need to sign up to the new one. Many thanks! If you not already tried, use a small paper clip or a sharp end of a ROUND toothpick and insert in the reset hole.

Good luck. If you not already tried, use a small paper clip or the pointed end tooth pick. Insert gently into reset hole of the radio. Good Luck. I received tecsun pll as a gift, still in box and will not power on. How do I reach customer service for a replacement or repair?

Wish I had better advice, but Tecsun is based in China and to my knowledge the warranty is only valid within your country if you purchased from an authorized retailer. If it was purchased directly from a supplier in Hong Kong, they will often honor a warranty and replace the unit if you ship it back to them. I bought a C. It is rated at mA, more than enough to handle the PL I am happy to say that it works very well on the PL and does not introduce any noise in any mode , even when the PL is recharging the internal Battery.

All in all, it is very well filtered, and thus quiet. I can highly recommend it for use with the PL Ive noticed a rattling distortion type of sound when using SSB. Its only intermittent and reduces slightly when changing from dx to local.

This sound doesnt happen any other modulation. Have you got any ideas. I recently purchased a pl with a USB cable. My question is, can I use my lap top to charge the battery? Wonderful sound, but with a defect in the FM band. Above Mhz has very little sensitivity to the point of not listening to an FM My favorite is the frequency of FM DX. Sony is robust and there is no variation in sensitivity between MHz. Their only problem is that he does not reject spurious signals and images.

I live very close to FMs and can not use it to DX. The FM band is making spurious signals with Sony. Not so with the PL, which is wonderful in rejection. I am new to SW and am awaiting my PL My research before buying led to Tom on Youtube and various websites. Through his recommendation I chose this model for its audio quality; Chose Anon to purchase. Watched many of his videos and must say his explanations are great balance between newbie and expert jargon.

When arrives I will be able to jump in with much advance knowledge. I mostly listen to MW broadcast stations on my PL Pingback: Weak signals: Which radio recording sample do you prefer? Do you have any further information on the mandatory squelch that would not go away as talked about in an earlier comment? Or was this only for the older firmware version.

Had some time to check MW AM performance. This radio has even more ghost image problems than the PL I have had 3 or more ghost images for every strong BCB transmitter in the area, and there are at least 4 where I live. The attenuator switch does not affect the ferrite rod antenna, so no joy there. I live in an area that has no blowtorch stations, save one that is strong due only to proximity. Comparing side by side the PL FM sensitivity with this two other receivers, I have found the PL39x receivers seems to display always higher levels of signal than the PL That surprises me a little.

Excellent review. With the price of the Sangean x coming down it seems to be direct competition with the Tecsun PL Has anyone compared the two radios?

I think I will end up needing to decide between the two. I wonder if the bandwidth changes seen on SSB tuning is just operator error. Else you will adjust bandwith, not frequency. I have not verified this, though. Thanks for your review and your website in general. I find myself here more and more often!

I just purchased the PL from Kaito and got firmware version You can feel the power of the bass output when you hold it in your hand and the treble is clear and non-fatiguing and intelligibility is good. FM is rich and lush.

FM selectivity is also quite good. The first can be controlled via key 9 as you noted. It renders the excellent selectivity of the FM nearly useless. Well, I suppose this is directed towards those with no experience with analog and maybe that is their perceived market. I am hoping someone can figure out a way to mod the radio, but I fear all those good digital features are tied together with the bad.

I wonder if your firmware vers is different from mine? Also, I discovered another hidden feature, when powered off, hold number 4 down, and you can adjust the battery level meter between 3. In addition, I noticed by holding down number 7, it actually adjusts the speaker volume of FM, not just line level.

This is a nice thought as often FM is much louder than AM on some radios. Also, couple more little things: 1 I did not get the cool zippered case. Mine is just like the one that comes with the PL, except cheaper corners not even sewn. I have found that Anon-co has more responsive and personal customer service than Kaito, even if it is only over email. They offer a one-year warranty, so you have to weigh the cost savings from buying overseas against the risk that you will have to mail a defective unit back.

If you buy radios often, you will win this game in the end by going with the lower cost. Also, Anon-co promises not to send you a returned unit. Amazon does this, resulting in complaints that people have to order 2 or 3 to get a new one. Like radios themselves, no one vendor is perfect. Pick one and roll the dice�. If you deal with Kaito directly rather than through Amazon I have had good luck with them, they are trying to do the right thing.

However the big deal with the is to make sure you get firmware Kaito and their customers got royally screwed by Tecsun sending them the version. Thank you. I do a lot of broadcast listening, so audio quality is important. I think you solved that for me, and I appreciate it! After much interest in this model pl and reading the reviews here and the Yahoo group I took the plunge and ordered from Anon-co and am now waiting for the Fedex person to dingle my chime.

With all the info gathered I should be well on my way to trouble-free dxing. Maybe then you can compare the Tecsun pl to the old Sony icf !? How does it compare it to the Sony icf gr? I bought a PL not long after it was put on the market. I have never hated a portable more. I have never been able to listen to any band at a decent volume without the cabinet rattling, rendering it unlistenable. I own five Tecsuns, all pretty good esp. One would think that these problems were addressed in later productions but two friends who bought the PL two years after I did complained about the same things.

I like that you have more control over the settings but at that price I think I will pass on the PL I am more interested in the new Redsun, once they sort the SSB issues! Thank you for th excellant review. How did you select the 5 or 9 khz filter in SSB mode? Thanks for this comment�that was a mistake on my part.

Just corrected it in the copy. The 4 kHz filter gives great fidelity on SSB when properly zero beat. Thank you for the reply. It is bad enough that the sync detector loses lock easily enough, but even when it is engaged, the high fidelity of the signal is destroyed by the 4 KHz filter limitation.

Listening to the 9KHz filter in AM is fantastic, and everything you could want in a radio sound. Very disappointing. I often listen to MW. I returned my first PL because it had a powerful spurious signal blanking out a section of the MW band at around it wandered some. I thought that was an individual defect. The replacement PL had better sound on MW than the first one, but still had that spurious signal blanking out part of the MW band. I gave it away to a gentleman who wanted to use it for SW only.

The last I heard, he was very happy with it. Does your PL exhibit this spurious signal on MW? Does the PL exhibit anything of the kind? You would think that such an obvious problem would show up in reviews, but nobody mentioned it that I noticed. If they all do that, I would think someone would mention it. I just checked and did not noticed this on the PL Perhaps others will comment. You can also get it from the contact page. Awesome review. Is there some way you can sharing this so it can be printed out for writing notes and highlighting?

There is a website I have used in the past for this sort of thing. It formats pages for good print copy. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. But what does the PL actually deliver? Performance: First impressions To begin with, please note that my impressions of performance band-by-band, below, is based on a little over one week of listening. Filters First of all, what truly sets the PL apart from any other shortwave portable currently on the market is its selection of bandwidth filters.

On AM, for example, the listener can choose between the following bandwidth settings: 9. Listen for yourself: To be clear, though, the bandwidth functionality is not without its quirks. But, all in all, when it comes to selectivity, the PL is truly a winner. Hidden features The new PL ships with a number of hidden features that are, curiously enough, not documented in the operation manual nor indicated on the radio labeling at least in this first production run of radios.

But go ahead; listen for yourself: though this video was shot informally with an iPhone, you can still hear the difference in fidelity between the Tecsun PL and the PL Nighttime listening on AM is on par with the PL in many respects, but I believe I prefer the PL for this, as it features slightly better nulling and more intelligible audio.

Tuning The PL sports both broad tuning and fine tuning controls on the right side of the radio. PL vs. PL Which is the better radio?

Summary Every radio has its pros and cons, of course.

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